'The Daily Luxe' is a fashion and personal style blog by Rachel Holliday. Beachy, fashionable and always with an edge of wanderlust, the blog provides an endless source of Summer style inspiration, against the serene background of Tropical Australia and the banks of The Great Barrier Reef.

Alongside igniting a sense of wander in her readers by sharing her tropical Australian paradise, she aims to provide useful style tips on the latest catwalk and street style trends, including budget and body-shape friendly options.

Hailing from England, Rachel emigrated to Australia in 2012, resulting in her eclectic, mish-mash of European and Oceanic fashion styles. She aims to entertain with her wit, inspire with her looks and put a smile on every reader that clicks on 'The Daily Luxe'.

She believes that Summer is the key to happiness and hopes to deliver this to her readers, no matter where they are in the world.

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