28 March 2017

Personal Style: Don't Get Caught In The Stereotype Trap

minimalist street style look outfit idea white shirt leather pants silk scarf

Personal style stereotypes, we've all heard of them. From the perfectly polished babe who only wears body-con and cleavage flashers, to the bearded hipster who laughs in the name of anything that isn't vintage.

Rather than concentrate on fitting into some sort of group, personal style is all about being you.

Being a blogger, I know all how hard it is to not fall into this 'branded' image of yourself. Since we were little girls, we have been trying to force ourselves into a mold; trying to figure out whether we were Baby Spice or Sporty Spice.

Why not be both?

Today, I'm going to discuss what it means to have an eclectic personal style and give you some of my top tips on how to avoid the style stereotype funnel.

21 March 2017

DIY Fringe Hem Jeans & Embroidered Loafers

diy fringe hem jeans and embroidered floral loafers
Go to your kitchen, grab a cheese grater and voila: a brand new wardrobe staple!

Fringe hem jeans and embroidered loafers have been on my lust list since they first popped up on my Pinterest.

Instead of forking out thousands on the must-have Gucci numbers, I opted for this gorgeous $40 Boohoo pair.

As for the jeans, well **cough cough** all it took was a cheese grater.

Yes: I'm serious.

These DIY fringe hem jeans are a reincarnation of an old pair of denims that I hacked up with a cheese grater.

Ready to make your own grate jeans? (Sorry, I had to!)

Read on for a tutorial on how to create these DIY fringe hem jeans and see how I styled mine up oh-so-street-style worthy with these floral embroidered loafers
14 March 2017

Blush Creations & Positive Affirmations ft. Oliver Bilou Giveaway

girl wearing blush floral dress with pastel grey oliver bilou bag and boots

Blush styles and positive affirmations have one thing in common: they make you feel a little bit warm and tingly inside.

It a world full of, let's be honest, freaking scary stuff, it can be all to easy to lose yourself in a sea of worries, rather than living in the moment.

Today, I'm taking advice from my Oliver Bilou* handbag:

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

Read on for my transitional blush outfit, which is topped off perfectly with my new statement handbag. Plus, I'm giving away two of these handbags to you! (Yes you!)

7 March 2017

My Boho Beach Style ft. Boohoo

boho beach style girl on beach wearing rose print maxi kimono round sunglasses 
Boho beach style is made for my balmy, tropical lifestyle. Living smack bang between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, it doesn't often get below 20°C, so fun, light layers and bright bikinis are a must!

Today I've teamed up with Boohoo* to show you a boho beach style that can take you straight from the balmy ocean, to lunch, to seaside shopping and beyond.