3 October 2017

Melbourne Travel Diary

girl sitting at melbourne hotel window looking at beautiful city view of skyscrapers instagram fashion travel blogger

Melbourne has been on my bucket list since before I emigrated to Australia, so Jake and I decided to pay this iconic Aussie city a visit.

A foodie and art lovers haven, Melbourne has left me craving another visit full of Australia's best pasta, endless shopping and close-by natural wonders.

From our luxurious high rise apartment, to the Dior Exhibition, to wild penguins, here's the best bits that Melbourne has to offer...

Where To Stay: Platinum City Serviced Apartments

fashion blogger looking out of hotel room window at melbourne city night sky

High up in the sweeping city views lies Platinum City Serviced Apartments. Located in the hub of Melbourne's CBD, this cute and stylish apartment complex was our home during our four day stay in the City.

We were lucky enough to stay on the 32nd floor, which came equipped with sweeping city views that spanned to the ocean on the horizon.

After I'd grown a pair and got over my slight vertigo, the apartments large window became the perfect place to enjoy breakfast.

At night time, the window transformed into a twinkling array of fairy-light dotted skyscrapers and was the perfect backdrop for a glass of red wine and a cheese platter.

bathroom at platinum apartments melbourne 
Getting ready to see Aladdin The Musical, which was like a childhood dream come to life.
girl in hotel bed drinking coffee and reading magazine instagram fashion travel blogger

Melbourne: you are bloody cold!

fruit salad and croissant breakfast in melbourne hotel looking over city view 
Yep: I actually made this breakfast. Shock horror.

melbourne platinum serviced apartments la trobe tower melbourne cbd hotel
fashion blogger applying red lipstick in hotel mirror in melbourne hotel

I call this process de-Shrekification. On another note, how cute is this minimal hotel bathroom?

city view of melbourne cbd out of hotel window instagram shot fashion travel blogger

The best thing about Platinum City apartments in the central location. The apartments are situated in La Trobe Tower, which is smack bang in the middle of the CBD, making it the perfect basis from which to explore this bustling city.

Fashionistas: this hotel is a quick 5 minute walk from Melbourne Central, one of the cities largest shopping centres. I could even see H & M from the balcony (temptation much?)

The apartment had all the amenities needed for a luxurious city stay. A comfortable bed, rainwater shower and fully equipped kitchen.

Confession: we did not actually cook in the kitchen. Melbourne restaurants are just too darn tempting!

It even had an espresso machine! Platinum City Apartments: you know the way to a girl's heart!

Melbourne City

With a jam-packed three day schedule, Jake and I only had one day to explore the city itself. Believe me when I say that one day is no where near enough. Also believe me, when I say that I almost caught hypothermia it was so cold. Sorry Mum and Dad... I'm the worst British person ever!
girl fashion blogger in melbourne wharf wearing gingham frill skirt baker boy hat studded boots
Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you my one Autumn outfit post for the year! 

walking through hosier lane street art graffiti alley travel fashion blog
Exploring the iconic Hosier Lane

walking through hosier lane street art graffiti alley travel fashion blog

I'm much more of a nature freak than a city girl, but there was something so bustling and eclectic about Melbourne that totally stole my heart. 

We spent our city day exploring the city centre and it's most iconic locations and stopped by the stunning graffiti lanes of Hosier Lane before sipping on scrumptious Baileys hot chocolate.

I also forced Jake to shop #SorryNotSorry.

The House of Dior Exhibition

Ladies, get ready to drool! I went to see The House of Dior Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria and it was like an embellished heart eye emoji on steroids.
house of dior exhibition national gallery of victoria melbourne

stunning Dior couture dresses at house of dior exhibition national gallery of victoria melbourne

stunning Dior couture dresses at house of dior exhibition national gallery of victoria melbourne

embellished dior couture dress at dior exhibition national gallery of victoria melbourne australia

vintage 1940s dior couture s band waist garments at house of dior exhibition at national gallery of victoria melbourne
The House of Dior exhibition celebrates 70 years of Dior and displayed over 140 pieces designed by Christian Dior Couture.

There's stunning vintage pieces from 1947, the latest 2017 pieces and everything on that beautiful timeline in between. 

The exhibition explores the story of the iconic design house through time and features the iconic pieces by the seven designers who have made Dior the influential design house it is today.

Filled to the brim with breathtaking couture gowns, I was so blown away by the pieces that I literally almost cried.

Penguins at St Kilda Pier 

Talking to locals can result in fantastic travel experiences! The man working at the car rental service told us that St Kilda Pier is home to a colony of fairy penguins. Being the nature-lovers we are, we flocked to this seaside spot to watch the wild birds emerge from the ocean and waddle across the rocky shore to their nests.

sunset from st kilda pier

wild fairy penguins on st kilda pier
Above: tropical blooded creatures freezing their butts off in Melbourne temperatures. Oh yes... and a fairy penguin! 

Phillip Island

As we had rented a car, we decided to explore some of Victoria's most beautiful nature destinations. First stop: Phillip Island, a beach-fringed wonder just 90 minutes from Melbourne.

wild seal off sea rock phillip island melbourne victoria

seal colony on seal rock off phillip island melbourne victoriagirl walking along beach at pier on phillip island near melbourne victoria

We jumped aboard a seal watching cruise, which took us to seal rock, 2kms off the coastline. The rock is home to a huge colony of over 5,000 seals. Mind blown. 

It stank of rotting fish, but seeing the adorable seals leaping in and out of the water was totally worth it.

Our trip to Phillip Island was short and sweet, as we raced back to Melbourne to see a Broadway production of Aladdin. It was totally worth it and ended up being one of the highlights of our trip. Side note: the magic carpet actually flew!

Our next adventure was to the famous Great Ocean Road and believe me when I say that it's one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen Down Under!

As a matter of fact, it's so gorgeous that it deserves it's own post, so stay tuned!


  1. Splendid scenery and well captured indeed. Greetings!

  2. Omg!!! This is maybe my fave post ever!!! That city is on my wishlist for so so long and to see all those beautiful photos - I am speechless! Love that view from your room - enchanting Rachel! You looked so stylish and chic! And you and your babe look sweet together.
    Loved reading this post!! ♥️

  3. Lovely pics! ;)

  4. Your dress in the 1st pic is sooo lovely! Also, lovely sweater and gingham skirt dear!

    Jessica |

  5. It looks like you had a lovely visit! The view from the hotel looks gorgeous and so does the Dior exhibition, aahh so dreamy! Can I just have all the looks or what haha?! Have a lovely week babe! Xx

  6. I'm so happy you had such a wonderful time (minus the freezing cold). These adventures look like so much fun and ended with Aladdin (nothing really can beat that.)
    I'm looking forward to your next gorgeous post. Also, the cold looks nice on you... a bit of a change to see you wearing warmer (fall) clothing.
    Enjoy your day! ❤ Radi

  7. Awe seems like such a fun trip -- I would love to visit Melbourne one day! Love all of the outfits you wore girl!!



  8. What a lovely post! Your photos are beautiful!
    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    Xx Caroline

  9. I absolutely love going to Melbourne especially since flights from Sydney are so cheap! I hope you tried all the little cafes, and burger joints out of the tourist track. There's so many amazing places to find there!

    Bernice |

  10. Melbourne looks beautiful! Glad you guys had a great time. The apartment and that view is truly amazing! And I loved your fall outfit, that gingham skirt is so cute. I bet the House of Dior Exhibition was stunning. I would never want to love. lol Thanks for sharing with us :)

    xo, Jackie

  11. Wowww would love to visit Melbourne one day! The view from the hotel is absolutely stunning! Love your skirt btw! It's so cute :) Vivian x

  12. Looks amazing! I love that checked skirt you are wearing too. Gemma x

  13. This looks incredible!!

    Alya / moorizzla xx

  14. Amazing photo selection.
    The place where you've stayed has the most amazing view.

  15. Looks like such a cool place! I can't wait to visit one day.

    X Merel

  16. This photos are so great and loved to know a little more abot Melbourne! kiss dear
    Coco and Jeans by Marisa x My Instagram x My Bloglovin

  17. These pics are just incredible! Love to visit Melbourne one day as well!
    Happy Wednesday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  18. This looks like it was such a fun trip! I'm loving all the photos!

  19. It looks so nice and looks like you had great time! I would love to visit Melbourne some day but it seems so far from France! Thanks for sharing!

  20. I would love to stay there! Thank you for sharing <3


  21. I was in Australia years ago, but as we only had three weeks, we didn´t visit Melbourne. From the tiny bit I have seen of Australia, my heart belongs to Brisbane. But upon my return I will pay Melbourne a visit too.

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  22. You style is impeccable. I love these photos. I really want to visit Melbourne.

    xoxo Falasha
    Bite My Fashion

    Instagram| Bloglovin'| Facebook

  23. Looks like an amazing trip! Love all your photos!

  24. Amazing pictures!Such a lovely place:-)

  25. Melbourne looks and sounds so amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  26. Melbourne sounds amazing! Great photos :)

    xx Alyssa | STYLE VANITY

  27. You were made for Melbourne gorgeous Rach, this travel diary has to be the most magical and enchanting I've ever seen! You and Jake make for the cutest couple, totally heart-eyed over you both as always *goals*, and the mesmerising sight of you looking out to the city skyline will definitely have a whole host of babes booking a one way flight to Australia like a shot! :)

    Hosier Lane looks divine, can totally see why it's iconic and I'm with you on being more of a nature lover than a city girl so it makes me so happy Melbourne stole your heart and you enjoyed your time there :D Phillip Island looks insanely beautiful, that seal *gasps* what a beaut baby! I can't wait to see your post on the Great Ocean Road, you do beach bliss like no other lover! <3 <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  28. I haven't visited Melbourne before but this is certainly a wonderful way to see the city, quite literally from the 32nd floor, what a wonderful experience!

    These photographs are just wonderful and the room you stayed it is utterly gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing these pretty photographs!

    Laura xo

  29. wow! everything looks so beautiful! love it so much :D

  30. This trip looked amazing!! I love how different all your experiences were throughout your stay too!

  31. Haha, I love how you've described that Autumnal look as your 'one of the year' - so lucky to have such gorgeous weather all-year round over there! I adore travel diaries, and this one was so much fun to read through Rachel :)

  32. Looks like you had such a great time! really love your outfit choices too x

  33. I liked to know better melbourne, I loved your photos and outfits...

  34. I love that checkered skirt on you. These are great photos and inspirational travel diary. Melbourne is such a cool area. My bf goes there for his work quite often. Thanks so much for sharing babe.
    Happy weekend. xx/Madison

  35. Melbourne looks so beautiful. I had been meaning to visit since my friend moved to Australia. I am so envious of your trip to see the Dior Exhibition. The line was so long in Paris, I never made it in. Such beautiful photos!


  36. A beautiful recount of your stay in Melbourne . It's so beautiful to see other countries by what people write and if you're lucky through pictures as well. It gives the imagination a million and one things to do at once. Glad you enjoyed your stay.

  37. Sounds like you had a great trip! The House of Dior Exhibition looks amazing :)

  38. Looks like a fun trip!

  39. Wow, this looks like a great visit! Those dresses are gorgeous!

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  40. Hozier Lane looks like a perfect backdrop for a photoshoot, love your skirt in those shots!
    You look like you had a fab time, we're thinking of heading to Oz next year and this was really helpful!
    Helpless Whilst Drying


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