29 August 2017

20 Cheap Date Night Ideas ft. UberEATS

20 cheap date night ideas for couples

If date night ideas were a dictionary, I would have gone from A-Z twice in my long term relationship. Luckily, some of the best date night ideas don't have to break the bank!

Today I let you in on some of my favorite cheap date night ideas. From UberEATS al fresco style, to local music, read on for the cheap date night ideas that your other half will love....

date night with ubereats seafood on diy wooden crate table with fairy lights and boho decor 

1. Eat Out At Home

Ok, so this date night may sound like a total oxymoron, but hear me out! Picture this: it's Wednesday night, you are both exhausted from work and can't be bothered to go out, but you want a little hump day treat. 

Personally, I know that mid-week, I would sometimes rather stay at home than attempt to spend hours de-Shrekking myself to look decent to head to a restaurant. Rather than forcing Jake to cook, we order UberEATS and enjoy a restaurant-cooked meal in the comfort of our own home. UberEATS just arrived in Cairns last week and it's safe to say that we are addicted.

Last week, we ordered this scrumptious seafood banquet from Ochre and enjoyed it in our outdoor eating area. 

Ordering from UberEATS and 'eating out at home' is a fantastic way to save that precious dollar too!

2. Make A Scrapbook

As cheesy as it sounds, creating a scrapbook of all your adventures together through the years is undeniably romantic!

Purchase a beautiful scrapbook, print out your photographs from over the years and spend your date night creating a beautiful keepsake.

summer outfit idea gigham ruffle skirt with black top and pom pom basket bag at cairns centary lakes

3. A Home Spa

For anyone on any type of budget, a spa date night is pretty much equivalent to taking your other half on a flying unicorn.

Rather than forking out a bomb on heading to a spa, create a cheap date night with a home spa. Stock up on scented candles, massage oil and a nice bottle of wine.

Cheers to that!

4. Go Stargazing

 Stargazing is a brilliant date night idea for anyone with an empty wallet, as it's totally free! 

Head out of the city and opt for a place with little light pollution. Take a picnic blanket, lay back, relax and see how many of the constellations you can spot. 

Extra points if you take a telescope!

5. Have A Funny Youtube Marathon

 Jake and I have spent far too much of our spare time glued to a computer screen giggling at funny cats and babies eating lemons on Youtube.

If you and you're partner are in need of a good laugh, this is a fantastic idea for an entire date night. 

couple enjoying a home dinner date night in diy boho outdoor eating area

6. A Board Games Night

Growing up in the 90s, we didn't always depend on electronic devices to have fun. Before I go on a "back in my day" rant, I'll cut to the chase: board games are fun.

Get nostalgic with some of your childhood faves such as Monopoly and The Game of Life. This cheap date night idea is bound to be fun of hilarity. 

Jake and I are both really competitive against each other, so I recommend pairing this date night idea with a bottle of wine to stop any married-couple-style quarrels.

7. Go Mini Golfing

Many mini golfing facilities have evening sessions, making them the perfect option for a cheap date night!

8. Write A Travel Bucket List

If you and your partner are both wanderlust-junkies, spend a whole night browsing Pinterest and Google for dreamy travel destinations.

Create a travel bucket list, Pinterest board or mood board and get dreaming.

food flatlay with ubereats seafood from ochre and michael kors clutch

9. Explore the Local Live Music Scene

A ticket to Beyonce or Ed Sheeran may set you back a couple of hundred, but local live music is often free.

Search online to see if any local bands are playing in any bars or venues, then spend date night creating your own live music bar-crawl festival.

10. Late Night Beach Walk

The beach may be romantic during daylight hours, but it becomes some sort of scene out of a movie when the sun goes down.

Spend date night walking down the beach and dipping your toes in the ocean. Extra points if you order ice-cream from UberEATS. Food may be the way to a man's heart, but icecream is always the way to a woman's!
11. The Penny Date

If you have exhausted all cheap date night ideas possible, I could bet my bottom dollar that you haven't tried the penny date!

Get in the car and flip a penny (or any coin), if it lands on heads, turn right, if it lands on tails, turn left. Keep doing this 20 times.

Wherever you end up is the destination for your date night! 

food flatlay with ubereats seafood from ochre and michael kors clutch

12. Bowling

If you can stand the thought of your beau seeing you stumbling around in clown shoes, this one's for you! Bowling is always a great cheap date night idea and will result in laughter, fun and even a bit of exercise (who needs the gym when you can spend hours hurling 8lb of metal).

13. Draw/Paint Eachother

Permission to sarcastically say 'draw me like one of your French girls' granted.

From stick doodles, to deformed witches, drawing your partner is always a date night that guarantees endless laughter.

14.  Go To The Arcade

Any kids who grew up in the 80s or 90s will appreciate a bit of whack-a-mole or air hockey.
eating UberEATs at Cairns friendship garden centenary lakes

15. UberEATS Al Fresco

When it comes to eating in beautiful locations, restaurant prices seem to triple. Rather than chowing down on a $15 meal deal at a dodgy pub, find somewhere beautiful and let the food come to you!

Jake and I packed a picnic blanket and some plates and headed down to the Cairns Chinese Friendship Garden at the Centenary Lakes. We ordered Thai food from UberEATS and enjoyed the quintessential Asian al fresco dining experience.

Well, it's cheaper than a flight... 

16. Create A Scavanger Hunt

Google has a few pre-made ones, or you can make the date night really personal by creating your own!


17. Go To A Pub Quiz

Or play a make-shift pub quiz at home and order a restaurant-cooked meal from UberEATS.   

Either way, it's fun and gets those brain cells working. 

 eating UberEATs at Cairns friendship garden centenary lakes

 18. Create Cocktails That Describe Each other

If you or your partner has an overflowing alcohol cabinet, why not create a cocktail that describes each other?

This cheap date night idea is fun, hilarious and involves alcohol- always a bonus ;)

19. Quiz Each Other

This is a great idea for those in the early dating stages too.

20. Go Wildlife Spotting With Torches

Take a torch and spend date night spotting local nature. From cute possums, to bats... who knows whats hiding in your local area.

australian fashion blogger wearing ruffle hem gingham skirt and pom pom basket bag at cairns chinese friendship garden botanical garden

My Outfit
Gingham skirt: ASOS (Shop here)
Top (Similar)
Bag: TK Maxx* (Similar here)
Earrings: Princess Polly

food flatlay with ubereats seafood from ochre and michael kors clutch

To have your own home date night, order the UberEATS app and order away!

**This post was sponsored by UberEATS Australia, all opinions are my own**


  1. I've never tried UberEats but have heard so much about it, that it's definitely worth it! Such a fun idea to turn it into date night too, lovely idea with a picnic and the location looks gorgeous. Hope you're having a lovely week babe! Xx

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  15. These are such great ideas! Eating out at home is one of the things I love to do!

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  22. I think we have something similar to UberEats in Vancouver but doubtful that the service is available in the small town that I live in. I have tried some of these date nights but if I ever suggest to my husband that we should do a scrape book, then he would look at me like I'm mad!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  23. Uber Eats is a great help, isn't it?
    Love these ideas. I especially like stargazing.

  24. Loving these dreamy date ideas gorge girl, so many unique and cute ways of having a fun night without spending tons. UberEATS sounds like the loveliest idea, you can't beat a restaurant cooked meal in your own comfy home. Your seafood banquet looks delish :) I'm dying for the boho vibes, the blue throw and majestic meal-time set up you've got going on is DI-VI-NE!!! The lights are straight outta the most fantastic fairytale too. Going wildlife spotting with torches is the cuuuutest idea, as is the penny date, so original and sweet! You're looking like the dreamiest date in gingham too gorgeous Rach, forever a beachy stunner <3

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  25. If only I could use uber eats. They don't have enough options in Australia yet - they only have the standard stuff which is far to unhealthy for me!
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  26. These are such a great ideas that I need to incorporate for my next date. I love them so much and they do sound so much fun. Thanks for sharing, beauty. btw, beautiful outfit and colors.

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  27. Such a lovely read. I actually do #5. 5. Have A Funny Youtube Marathon. And watch funny videos of kids, and clips from my favorite standups, and Impractical Joker shows.

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  28. This is amazing! I honestly laughed so much, ha ha. I think that this is such a unique and creative post because not many people would think to write about something like this. I'm in love with the idea of a YouTube marathon I often love to watch funny videos with my kids and get a good laugh. I also love the late night beach walk idea. My husband and I are usually extremely busy so we never get around to do things like that so it'd be nice to take a day to plant some of these ideas. In love with the idea of ordering Uber eats, haha! Loved this!


  29. Such cute clever date ideas! Love the penny date! After being married for 15 years we're fresh out of ideas and stick to Netfilx and chill LOL. Uber eats outside sounds fun too - and love your straw tote - so cute!

  30. Don't get me wrong as I loved your ideas for a date night and obviously you have been through them all, but it made me a bit sad as I have no one to go on date nights with. Or... I might... but that's for time to tell. I also realized lots of these things can be done by yourself or with friends and loved the penny flipping idea as it's so unpredictable. Thanks for an A-Z for a guy who hasn't dated in God knows how long and doesn't even know what I'd do with a potential date, haha. Now I'm all geared up!
    Thomas xx

  31. Oh my god. These are all such cute ideas. I love the penny date idea. I'm totally going to try that sometime. I wish we had ubereats where I live but they don't. Uber actually doesn't even exist here which is a huge bummer. Thanks for sharing all these fun ideas

  32. I love all these date night ideas. My perfect date night would have to include live music, a delicious dinner and after that a walk in the quiet streets.

  33. Such lovely tips ! Thank you for sharing, btw great photos :)

  34. OMG so many cool date night ideas I must now try!
    These photos are adorable and I LOVE your outfit girl! That skirt is to die for!
    I'm obsessed with UBER EATS too :)
    Thanks for sharing babe!

  35. I've actually never tried UberEats. Is there a price difference between ordering takeout and UberEats?

    I love all your money saving date nights! I love star gazing, but we rarely have time to do that. Griffith Park is great, but the traffic up there is an absolute nightmare. Haha. One thing we really have to do is come up with a travel bucket list. We both would love to travel more, but just don't have time. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    Maggie S.

  36. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    So Lovely Tips Darling and that Setup is so Beautiful and Romantic:)
    Loved sooo much:)
    Date Night is always so Fun:)
    Your Tips are just Amazing and super useful:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Week

  37. Girl you are so inventive so many fabulous ideas no one's going to get bored going on a date with you!
    I've never tried UberEats but after long day of working it sounds perfect.
    I love the one were you flip a penny great idea!
    Natalia k

  38. I actually never tried UberEats yet, because in places where I lived the either didn't have this option, or I just enjoying cooking at home. But having a date night is a must-do! Great tips, dear! I don't remember when last time we had a date night, most of the time we go with friends or coworkers out, and our date finishes on the coach while watching Game of Thrones haha

  39. These ideas are so creative! I love that you found ways to have fun without needing to spend a ton of money for date night. I especially love the idea of the penny date, and I'm sure that it takes you on all sorts of adventures! Also these photos of you are so gorgeous, and your bag is very cute.

    ~xo Sheree

  40. Hi Rachel,

    I love all your tips for dates, especially late night beach walk. That sounds so romantic and there is no doubt that UberEATS ice cream is a necessity there. By the way, girl, you look so adorable in these pictures!


  41. I'm literally bookmarking this right now! I feel like we are always yearning for date nights since we have two little ones but then when we finally get one we're like now what! We usually juts end up seeing a movie and having dinner but I LOVE LOVE the scrapbook idea and the home spa! Exploring the music scene sounds so fun too and especially since it's not really something we can do with little ones! Uber Eats is such a perfect idea! Especially since I'm currently sitting here starving! lol

    Manda |

  42. This is so fabulous! I am always stuck for cheap date ideas. I'm already a massive fan of Uber Eats too - so many great options and perfect for a picnic. I hadn't thought of star gazing! I used to do this all the time as a kid but it's amazing how you forget about the little things. Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoyed your post. J. x

  43. Before now, I have never thought of using UberEATS for a date night! I almost can't wait to get home from NYFW so the fiancé and I can start some of these activities. We usually always order pizza, but now we live in a city where UberEATS is! That Penny Date is definitely what I'm trying first!

  44. Such a fantastic guide babe!! I would never though about all this ideas and for sure will try all of them. Sounds more fun, intimate and more creative do any of these than just go to a restaurant and pay hundreds of dollars in a meal.
    I love the Ubereats picnic idea so cute and of course the scrapbook . BTW adore your outfit too


  45. Good tips, im going to make it


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