19 July 2017

How To Wear Culottes For Every Occasion

how to wear culottes for every occasion

If you've been reading The Daily Luxe for a while, you will know that I wear culottes like most girls wear jeans. Trans: all the freaking time.

Although culottes may have initially been viewed as a big fat fashion fad back in 2015, they have become a modern classic.

Want to wear culottes but aren't exactly sure how? That's where I come in!

So put on your style head and get ready to learn how to wear culottes for every occasion...

**Warning: repeat outfit post offenses are about to come your way**


How To Wear Culottes For The Office

how to wear culottes for the office camel culottes white cape black velvet boots
Whole outfit: Forcast*
Boots: Boohoo
Bag: Mon Purse

Dear culottes: I have missed you! As soon as I received this cute brown pair from Forcast* my undying love for you has returned. **Culottes where for art thou?**

As I had a business meeting to attend, I dressed up my culottes with a pin stripe blouse and this cape. I arrived at the meeting feeling like some sort of fashion superhero.

The red lips, tassel earrings and boots kept it from looking too overly cooperate. However, if your #girlboss status greatly exceeds mine and heads towards the ranks of Michelle Obama, swap the boots for a slick pair of black, pointed toe heels.

street style outfit details camel tan culottes stripe blouse white cape
blonde girl wearing red lipstick red tassel earrings and white cape blogger outfit

How To Wear Culottes For Summer

how to wear culottes for summer blue striped culottes crochet crop top
 Similar Culottes: Here, here & here

Although culottes and Summer may make those sweaty alarm bells in your head ring, culottes are surprisingly airy and cool.

Opt for high waist, loose fitting culottes and team with a cute crop top or bralet.

Add neutral flats and accessories and you're ready for some fun in the sun!

summer culottes outfit beach floral culottes crop lace up top
Similar culottes here, here & here
All my pear shaped girls in the house say 'hey!'

Being bottom heavy can be an absolute paint in the fat arse when it comes to Summer. Teeny tiny shorts, micro skirts and mini dresses are enough to make us want to walk around in a pair of shorts with 'thunder thighs' slapped accross the behind.

Stop. Breathe. Relax. Culottes are the answer!

Wear culottes with a tight fitting or crop top to show off that teeny waist and slim out those pins.

How To Wear Culottes For Lunch/Shopping

how to wear culottes like a street style fashion blogger zara striped culottes wedge heels
Culottes: Zara (identical here)

Ok... so you can wear culottes like this for far more than lunch or shopping. 

Neutral hues, classic prints and brown heels are fantastic for casual occasion where you want to feel like an absolute queen.

Wear culottes with vertical stripes to elongate the legs.

how to wear culottes like a street style fashion blogger monochrome outfit marble print top
Similar culottes: here & here

I wore this quirky 'thrown together' look for fashion week last year. 

My general tip is: if you want to look street-style worthy, throw on stuff together and see if it works!

These Ginger & Smart culottes are so long that they are almost in palazzo pant territory. 

The Adidas sneakers and boho shell bag are about as random as it gets, but due to the monochrome palette, it works.

Culottes I ❤ 

Dear bank account: I sincerely apologise for the spree I'm about to have...


  1. That's great, the look and styling is exceptional. Warm greetings!

  2. Great looks ;)

  3. Wow, what a great styling!!! Loving culottes on you!
    So pretty!

    Much love,


  4. You look stunning, your style is on point !


  5. Love all your outfits! Culottes are super stylish and love the way you've styled them <3

  6. Great styling! I actually don't own any culottes YET. I have many on my wishlist though!

    Kara Aragon

  7. I love your love for culottes! Each and every way you have styled them is perfect!

    xx, Elise

  8. I love this post.

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  9. I haven't found a pair of culottes that work for me, but I love the way you style yours!

  10. Oh you're rocking those culottes, Rach! I have to say I LOVED the girl boss version -the entire outfit is perfection! Summer culottes sound so tempting to me but first i have to overcome the fear of them amking me look even shorter than I already am haha. probably one with vertical stripes like you're wearing from Zara could go well! I like them! I just have to dare to wear them ;)

  11. You look fierce in culottes! I really think they are such a good choice for summer!

    Jessica |

  12. These are such fun outfit ideas! I need to start wearing culottes!

    Have a lovely day!
    xx Kris

  13. Love the whole look and the details are perfect!

  14. So many "culottes" inspired looks. I still haven't gotten into them, but you are totally rocking them. I love all the ways you have styled them.
    Have a happy weekend ❤ Radi

  15. Love the way you styled these culottes! They're so chic (and comfy!) haha love this trend for summer <3

    XO, Jessi

  16. Great post!Love your style:-)

  17. I love every single outfit you've put together, perfectly showcasing the many ways you can wear culottes and look chic or chill; they really are quite versilie! My favorite outfits would have to be the first one and the one with the blush colored lace up top, toooooo cute! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



  18. You look so stylish with culottes but whenever I try one on, I just find it to look weird on me. Like my legs are out of proportions.

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  19. You styed them perfectly every time babe. And you look fab in them. First look is definitely my fave one. Love your attitude! That shot is magazine worthy babe!

  20. I have steered clear of culottes as I have never really been sure how to style them but you have given me some great ideas here :) I love the office look and that floral pair are just so cute! x


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