13 June 2017

Beach Beauty Dos & Don'ts

beach beauty dos and donts natural makeup girl on beach with coconut

Beach beauty is all about that age old question: 'is it really OK to wear makeup to the beach?'

And when you add scorching heat, sweat and salt into the mixture, it's hard to know what will stand the test of sunshine time, and what will melt off your face in twenty seconds flat.

Read on for my beach beauty dos and don'ts

beach beauty tips apply strobing boho girl in hat on beach

Do: Strobe

Those of you born in the rave era, fear not! I'm not asking you to get out your glow sticks and pump your fists in the air to 'There's No Limit' (although that would be fun). Strobing refers to using illuminating products to highlight specific areas of the face.  
Beach beauty is all about keeping it natural, but there's nothing wrong with a teeny bit of enhancement.  A creamy strobing stick, such as the Maybelline Master Strobe Stick, is perfect. Rub a little on the tops of your cheekbones and below the brow and let the light reflect off your face in all the right places.

Don't: Kimmy K Kontouring

Picture this: deep contouring lines at the side of your face melting down your neck like chocolate, blotchy noses sans flu and . Now that looks krap and kheap. (Sorry, had to). 

Beachy beauty is all about working with the elements. And contouring and Summer is the human approximate of putting a Barbie doll in the microwave.

girl on tropical mission beach australia holding coconut wearing sunglasses

When your two hours of perfect contouring melts down your visage into a sweaty pool, there's only one thing left to do.... Wilson, is that you?

Do: Your Preparation

I hate to break it to you, but even your best friend doesn't want to see the bikini line you haven't shaved in months. 

Beach beauty starts before you even hit the sands! The night before a beach day, or vacation, get your hair removal hat on and get shaving/ waxing/ epilating.

Rather than baking it out, give yourself a cheeky fake tan the night before.

If you're a total novice, here's my ultimate guide on how to fake tan.

Don't: Shave Just Before The Beach

Strong UV rays, scratchy sand and stingy salt do not make pretty babies with freshly shaved hair glands.

oil free sunscreen products for acne prone or oily skin

Do: Invest In A Specific Sunscreen For Your Face

Those of us who suffer from problem skin will know that 'any old sunscreen' will give us the worst ever breakout.

The number one beach beauty product I recommend forking out on is facial sunscreen. Opt for oil free options that have a matte finish. Le Tan Daily Face is like a BB Cream, making it perfect for beach bums who prefer a little coverage.

Don't: Rely on Makeup

Even if your makeup is harder to crack than the seven horcruxes, it's not going to protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays.

Before starting any beach beauty routine, make sure you apply a high factor facial sunscreen. Neutrogena Clear Face sunscreen is practically like being naked.

boho girl wearing hairband and bright red lipstick on beach beach beauty

Do: Embrace Your Inner Boho Queen In A Hair Band

Hair band and salty locks are sexier than Zac Efron in 'Baywatch'. Well...ok, you got me!

Nonetheless, a cute hair band will give you all of the beautiful boho beach vibes, without the greasy fly-aways.

girl on beach wearing polka dot dress with sunscreen

Don't: Scrimp On Sunscreen

Here come's the Nana bit **you roll your eyes**: you may be tanned today, but tomorrow you will be wrinklier than an old prune.

Even worse, the dreaded C. Pass the Factor 50 gurrrl!!

Do: Go For High Quality, High Factor

A car is a bit like your skin; you need it to get around. Would you buy the cheapest possible car that could be dangerous?

Enough said.

Check the labels to ensure the sunscreen is certified.

I depend on La Roche Posey Factor 50+ in my beach beauty routine!

boho girl wearing polka dot navy dress and retro red lip

Do: A Hot Red Lip

A hot red or coral lip is a sure-fire way to take your beach beauty game from 0 to 100 in one easy step!

Make sure you go for a waterproof lippie, such as a lacquer or stain, to avoid looking like Ronald McDonald when you decide to go for a dip!

Now get ye to the sea and be the ultimate beach beauty!


  1. Great post hun! ;)

  2. Interesting tips for the discerning no doubt. Warm greetings to you and enjoy the week!

  3. Lol, as always, you had me cracking up while reading this! Everything you've mentioned is so true though. I hate the feeling of a lot of makeup on hot days, it often makes me irritable and cranky, so I like to avoid applying as much as possible. Thanks for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great start to your week so far!



  4. These are fabulous tips gal. Surely gonna rem them.

  5. Loved this post and coming from you, the beach Queen thse are spot on. I don't wear makeup at the beach, if any a lip colour, and highlighter will go a long way. I don't even like to wear jewellery when it's too hot aside from my rings. Thanks for the tips, lovely. xx/Madison

  6. Loving all these tips for beach season babe!! Definitely agree staying away from any contouring, but love using highlighter on a good tan! <3

    XO, Jessi
    P.S- Woud LOVE for you to check out my new summer makeup tutorial with Estée Lauder!!

  7. Amazing tips and photos Rachel! When going to the beach, I like going natural except applying my favorite lipstick ( a bright lipstick kind of girl in the summer.) Also, like you mentioned sunscreen is a must and a nice clean shave!

    Have a fab summer ❤ Radi

  8. Great post Rachel! I laughed so much at the "Don't Kimmy K contour". I couldn't agree more about sunscreen, I have a SPF 50+ packed for my holiday!

    x Samantha

  9. Woah...nice tips. Thanks for sharing girl!

  10. Thanks for sharing these tips. So handy.

  11. You are truly a beach queen <3 Loved this post, very useful for those planning to spend their summers on the beach!

  12. Haha 'Kimmy K Contouring' - definitely good advice to avoid that when on the beach. Thanks for the reminder not to skimp on sunscreen; it's SO important during the warmer months, especially when on the beach and totally losing track of time!!

  13. Hell YEAH Rach, absolutely loved this gorgeous beachy post full of babin' shots of your scorchin' self (all the coconuts and crochet vibes going on, you're my total idol) and brill tips and tricks from the most oceanic bae-slayer out there! I love strobing, a nice shimmery understated sheen is perfect for the shores. The Maybelline Master Strobe Stick is literally my go-to these days, such a saviour for hot summer days when you don't want to slather yourself in make-up but want a nice natural glow. Loving the mention of Zac and Baywatch hehe, totally made me smile ;) Hot red and coral lips always look so blissful on you, I agree 100% about them being a match made in heaven for the beach. Eternally thankful to you and your gorgeous self and blog for hitting those sunshine rays right over here! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  14. Great post and tips! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Amazing tips and post!! The products looks so great!! Thanks for sharing!
    Mónica Sors

  16. Absolutely true. I like going to the beach and I think it's somehow inconvenient or inappropriate to be all made up. It's nice to go bare faced or highlighted. These are wonderful tips!

  17. U look lovely in all the photos hun...And these are great tips hun...xx, Neha

  18. Love this list of do's and dont's! I definitely hate wearing makeup to the beach and if I'm going to it'll definitely only be some brow product and strobing for a glow. Have no idea how people with full on Kim K survives the hot sun?! Crazy! Xx

  19. Agree with you. Except I don't very any makeup on my face while on the beach. :)

    Kathy's delight I Instagram I Facebook

  20. Great tips! I agree there's nothing wrong with a little strobing to contour your face with! You look lovely!
    Have a wonderful weekend, love!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  21. The stuff about hair removal is something that a lot of us women dread when it comes to hitting the beach. But you've got a lot of useful tips here!

    Jessica |

  22. Amazing tips! Who has time to contour at the beach? I don't understand haha. And yeah, a red hot lip looks amazing against bronzed skin :)

  23. Love this beach look on you! <3

    X merel

  24. Love this post, thanks for sharing!

  25. Hello dear beach beauty,
    I see you know also everything about being a beauty at the beach!
    You are right with each point you wrote about this theme - you are yourself the best proof.
    The pictures turned out also absolutely perfect.
    Loved this post <3
    xx Rena

  26. Aw it's really sunny in the UK today so I wish we had a beach nearby to go to. Unfortunately I will have to make do with the garden for now but some of these tips will still apply :) x

  27. love your summer tips!
    such great ideas to enjoy our holiday better
    style frontier

  28. These are great tips for looking good at the beach! Prepping the night before is a big help :)

  29. Totally agree with going for the highest factor to the beach! I love a bit of a highlight too, but the Summer seems to be giving me a natural one haha :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  30. A great post and agree with you about going for a beautiful highlight, Charlotte Tilbury has some beautiful breach sticks which are great for a natural beach glow, you can also use them on the cheeks and lips, eyes also!

    I do like a pretty sparkly eye colour, use a good primer underneath, and waterproof mascara/liner if you want to play up your eyes. A nice tinted lip balm too.

    Great post and beautiful shots.

    Laura xo

  31. I have to wear a bit make-up on the beach and on hot summer days too. Without any make-up I don´t feel comfortable. All your tips are so great and so true! xoxo

  32. such useful tips, thanks for sharing! totally agree on the highlight part. now on my way to a relaxing summer trip with great pics to post on ig ~

    Gạch bông Việt

  33. Great summer tips! I don't wear make-up to the beach. I definitely put on lots of sunscreen.'

    Who Let the Mum Out?

  34. Nice post!! I would try it!! Thanks for sharing!!


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