30 May 2017

The Urban Newtown: My Fashion Week Home

girl wearing dress lying on hotel bed the urban newtown sydney fashion blogger

There are some hotels that have a certain je ne sais quoi so memorable that just a certain smell, texture or shade of light will immediately bring them back to the forefront of your mind. The Urban Newtown is one of these places.

Having been run off my (incredibly blistered) feet with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia shows, The Urban Newtown offered a hipster haven to kick off my heels, relax and unwind.

the urban newtown sydney hotel photographed from outside with wall art

fashion blogger wearing lace up black mesh dress over white shirt in industrial chic lobby of urban newtown with hanging plants

the urban newtown industrial decor hanging pendant lights road signs

If the dictionary had pictures, The Urban Newtown would be smack bang next to the phrase 'industrial chic'. Exposed concrete roofs, retro road signs, cork board panels and industrial lighting gave this Sydney hotel a cool and undeniably fashionable edge.

With a vibe more hipster than a soy-latte loving Barista, wearing vintage chinos and listening to Arcade Fire, The Urban Newtown is the perfect laid back to contrast to the uptight 'fashion' vibes of MBFWA.

Best, of all, it is located just 1.5km from Carriagworks, the hub of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. This meant that cheeky Uber rides were cheaper than a Subway Footlong.

When I was feeling super stingey, I toddled down to Newtown Station (just a 3 min walk) and let my poor tootsies metaphorically scream for just a little bit longer.

wearing cameo collective dress for MBFWA in the urban newtown king superior suite

beautiful clothes for fashion week hanging in wardrobe

fashion blogger wearing gingham wrap blouse prada sunglasses drinking coffee on balcony
On my balcony. Romeo, Romeo, where art thou in Newtown?

I was lucky enough to be given a King Superior suite, which came equipped with a lush king size bed, an ensuite (with swanky toiletries), a full kitchen, a flat screen TV and a balcony. 

What made the Urban Newtown the perfect choice for fashion week was the roomy desk area and the free wifi. This made staying up until midnight editing photos far more enjoyable.

But my highlight of the room was the espresso machine! Early mornings and endless fashion shows call for caffeine hits and this made is super easy.

Shout out to the reception team who totally didn't care that I came down every morning in my sweaty Sesame Street PJs for espresso machine pods and pastries!

Amazing side note: free pastries for breakfast, free yummy vegetarian lunch options & sushi snacks at reception. **Insert pig emoji**

the urban newtown industrial decor with hanging plants and guitar

ruffle dress embroidered shirt outfit in the urban newtown lobby with hanging plants

The hotel's courtyard was a little bubble of outdoor greenery surrounded by rustic walls and exposed beams. 

The poor cleaners probably got tired of seeing me with my tripod taking outfit photos here. Just doing it for the 'gram...

girl wearing gingham wrap blouse with breakfast pastries on balcony

fashion week hotel room sunglasses displayed on table 
the urban newtown sydney industrial chic hotel courtyard

The Urban Newtown: Newtown's most instagrammable hotel? Yes-siree!

the urban newtown sydney hotel with free minibar and espresso machinefrom above instagram shot of girl wearing gingham wrap blouse on hotel bed with glass of red wine fishnet tights under ripped jeans
What did I do after a long day of MBFWA shows? I chilled out with a glass of wine from The Urban Newtown's free minibar!

Gone are the days of that $5 bag of chips or that $20 bottle of wine. As a matter of fact, if you book directly through The Urban Newtown Website, you get a whole mini fridge full of goodies for free! Woo-hoo!

Just call me Amy Wine-hands!


  1. The urban looks like a fabulous place Rachel! love the idea that they filll your fridge with food, such a great idea especially if you're a nomad like us and always travelling around from place to place. Also you looked fabulous as always I love the shot of you under the green canopy so good. XOWP

  2. I love this post! The hotel looks chic and modern. Great pictures! :)


  3. I love it! Your pictures are always amazing!

  4. I love it! Your pictures are always amazing!

  5. Hey Rach!
    Absolutely adore every single outfit in this post!!!
    Looks like you had so much fun!

    Wish you had BLOGLOVIN

    Dimito Michiyo

  6. I love your FW outfits <3 Super on point and like straight from a catalogue <3


  7. Such a great place! <3

  8. Amazing place and I love that Gingham you!!

  9. Industrial chic describes the style of this hotel simply perfect! And I see you wore absolutely fantastic and very stylish look - but I do expect nothing other from you <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  10. What a cool hotel! I love their decor and overall aesthetic, as well as their amenities, which sound perfect and so convenient during a stressful and overwhelming Fashion Week! Thanks for sharing, girlie, and I hope you're having a great start to your week so far!



  11. What a gorgeous, chic hotel babe! I love how creative and unique the entire place is.. I'll definitely have to check it out in the future :)

    I would love for you to check out my newest post!
    XO Jessi,

  12. Interesting place to stay! Love the pictures!
    Courtney //

  13. As I Sydneysider, i can safely say Newtown is the best!!Unless ofcourse you're totally averse to the 'hipster vibe'. But as a vegetarian, newtown is practically my home haha Love your black and white outfit girl!

  14. yasss! love the photos!
    Xx, Tiffany Lea

  15. It looks like a lovely place to stay. I love the ultra modern and chic decor!

    Jessica |

  16. Amazing pictures and blouse!! Great post!
    Mónica Sors

  17. The hotel sounds like a lovely place, the staff sound super nice too! Ps I love how you paired that black dress with the white blouse :) xx

    Velvet Blush

  18. What an awesome hotel! Looks like you had a great stay! That is awesome that you got your own espresso machine too.


  19. That's a really gorgeous place.
    Love the outfit.

  20. This hotel looks amazing and so do you babe :) Plus I love free wine haha

  21. That hotel is so awesome. So happy to hear that you had a great stay Rachel.

  22. I don't think I have ever come across a hotel where there is a free mini bar! That would have sold it for me haha. It does look amazing though and I'm glad you had a wonderful time :) x

  23. The cutest fashion home. I love the mini balcony. I would have spend all my time there. And the free mini bar, I can't even ❤!
    Have a happy weekend Rachel!

  24. You had me at sushi snacks! But then the free mini fridge topped with actual edible brand name goodies! Sold!


  25. Your fashion week home looks very fabulous and cosy! Would love to join you one day!

    You look very pretty! And for your question, nope I didn't have a photographer with me :) Just me and my camera :)

  26. This looks like such a great experience, love your photos! The tulle dress is so gorgeous (such a cute shot of you looking out the window) and the gingham shirt is fabulous too - I have such a similar one in my wardrobe!

  27. Oh I like that they give you a little fridge stocked with goodies, what a nice perk for booking through their website. I've heard so many good things about this hotel, I should check it out for next time I'm in Sydney! :)

    Hope you have had a great weekend! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  28. Your outfits are always so cool!!
    And free mini bar! oH YESSS!
    Kate x

  29. Each and every photo is so gorgeous and you look beautiful dear and the hotel looks Wow.Kisses, Neha

  30. What a great hotel! I totally understand that this beautiful location was a nice stay to relax during the fashion week. xoxo


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