12 May 2017

3 Layered Outfits That Are Effortlessly Stylish

effortlessly stylish layered outfit burnt orange slip dress layered over brown top with adidas sneakers and rebecca minkoff bag
 The art of being effortlessly stylish is all about light layering.

Some days, you just want to throw something on that looks like you didn't spend hours putting it together.

Today I bring you 3 layered outfits that have that nonchalant, thrown-on air about them.

 Current situation: frantically trying to pack for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney. And by pack, I mean; my spare bedroom has turned into an explosion of outfit ideas that I'm nit-picking my way through. Plus, I'm still praying that the post man will turn up with that big box of shoes I'm supposed to be getting. **First world problems**

I fly suuuper early tomorrow morning, and I'm excited, despite the prospect of getting up at 4AM. Anyhow, I'm babbling... to keep up with my fashion week adventures, follow me on Instagram @thedailyluxe .

Without further adieu, here's the reason that you are really reading this. Here's 3 layered outfits that are effortlessly stylish...

Shirt Dress Over Shorts

long button up stripe shirt dress worn over shorts on beach with chloe faye lookalike bag

Ok, I have to admit, this one sort of came about by accident. I plucked this striped shirt dress from the dusty depths of my wardrobe, only to find that my butt had somehow outgrown it!

Instead of wailing at my ahem whale-ness, I left it open and threw on some shorts.

The result? Something effortlessly stylish that is perfect for cooler beach days or casual Summer looks. Layered outfits are great for between seasons.

Slip Dress Over T-Shirt


Don't get me wrong: I love a good slip dress. But unless you're going out, how often are you going to wear it?

This is when layered outfits can make your wardrobe more versatile. Simply throw on the slip dress with a tee and Adidas sneakers and it looks effortless and casual.

Best of all, you can change how dressed up you want it to look by simply changing your top


Velvet Dress Over White Shirt

street style blogger look velvet midi dress styled over button up off shoulder white shirt and embroidered mules

I absolutely adore velvet, unfortunately, my white cat Artie likes this velvet dress too!

To make this velvet dress completely appropriate for both lunch and business meetings, I layered it over my off-shoulder white shirt.

What are your favorite layered outfits you like to wear?


  1. Beautiful looks!!!!!

  2. Your style is so effortless in general! I love all three looks so much!


  3. Such cute styling! Love all these looks!

    xo, Jennifer

  4. All so stylish!! I love your style!

  5. Love the second outfit! You look so chic and I am so very jealous of your tan.
    Love from

  6. I have to say I am useless at the effortlessly stylish look so these ideas are great for me :) I especially love the t-shirt and slip dress combo! x

  7. I adore the slip dress layered with the t-shirt!! You are gorgeous girl <3

  8. You look stunning in all three. Xx

  9. Great looks!

  10. The red dress looks so cute!

  11. These are all such great outfit ideas! I especially love the two with the slip dresses, showcasing just how versatile they can be! I hope you have the best time at Fashion Week, girlie; it's always such an inspiring time!



  12. I'm in love with that first look babe! Love how you can still see the denim shorts, but all the focus is on that layering top... so chic! <3 You definitely have the layering skill perfected hun! Thanks so much for sharing :)

    XO Jessi,

  13. Love the off the shoulder look......x

  14. You definitely aced the light layering technique. I love the first two looks the most!

    Jessica |

  15. Gorgeous outfits, i love the shirt over shorts look, its so cute ^_^


  16. 4 a.m. wake up?! I will never be able to do that, or else, I would just stay up all night long lol Anyway, I would love to layer the slip dress, which looks very pretty on you!

  17. My all time favorite is the velvet dress over the white shirt. It's so classy and the off the shoulder look totally won me over.
    Have fun at fashion week Rachel. Looking forward to seeing the recap.

  18. 3 layers clothes? How i wish i can wear layering here in the Philippines but its summer season right now. :/

    Great layering btw. :)


  19. I'm always on board for a slip dress worn over a t-shirt, the end result is always SO stylish - and effortlessly so, as you say! I love your styling of that same style in this post babe :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Worldwide NARS Beauty Giveaway x

  20. The slip dress over the tee is so cute!

  21. Love these looks, especially the orange slip dress!

  22. Wow, amazing photos, love the dresses.

    CupShe Coupons

  23. Love all three looks...Nice way of layering, thanks for sharing.

  24. Shirt dress over shorts is a genius layering outfit! Have to try it this summer! Xx

  25. I love layering these are some great tips hun :) xx

  26. Dear Rachel,
    you are right! All the outfits you show here are effortless and especially chic!
    You really know how to dress always in a perfect and so stylish way, thanks a lot for sharing your experience <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  27. Wow - the first and the third one are my fave!! It's magazine worthy 😍 Very chic, stylish and feminine. Love it babe!!

  28. I love layering up that's why I enjoy gloomy weathers. :)
    These are lovely outfits.

  29. Your so effortlessly stylish! Im terrible when it comes to layering. Unless its a jumper over a t shirt haha. Have a great time!
    Kate x

  30. Okay I love all of these look. Esp the slip dress over the tshirt. So great!

  31. I love all these looks...the styling is beautiful!

  32. Never thought of it like that but layering is definitely the key to 'chic' ! It looks so stylish yet not too thought out!

    My fave above is slip over tshirt :)

  33. I can't wait to see your Fashion Week post :)

  34. Love the three outfits. Great tip about the shirt dress!

    Jasmine x
    Jas Claire

  35. What a great outfit inspo, dear!!! My favorite is the second one! Love it

    XX Sara from The Cosmopolitas

  36. amazing looks

  37. Great looks, especially like the second one with the floral shoes and prada sunglasses. Gorgeous look.

    Laura xo


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