4 April 2017

Mauve: The Colour Trend To Watch

blonde fashion blogger wearing mauve boho floral print dress fringe bag beige ankle boots

Mauve seems to be making waves in the fashion spectrum. A sweet, feminine hue, with a dark edge, I can firmly get out my weatherman hat and forecast that mauve will be the new blush.

Today I make a mauve in this boho printed mini dress and ankle boots combo.

summer outfit idea boho print dress with crochet detailing wrap choker marble sunglasses

summer outfit boho print shift dress fringe clutch bag marble sunglasses suede ankle boots
boho print dress styled with ankle boots and fringe statement clutch

mauve colour trend boho print dress with wrap choker outfit idea

close up of outfit details mauve boho print dress fringe clutch and beige suede ankle boots

 summer outfit idea boho print dress with crochet detailing wrap choker marble sunglasses

blonde girl wearing summer outfit boho print mauve dress fringe clutch ankle boots festival outfit

Dress: Tobi*
Sunglasses: TIJN Eyewear*
Choker: Lovisa

As I hold up two red dresses to myself in front of the mirror, I hear a stifled chuckle from my other half.. 'But my lipstick is more of crimson colour, so this scarlet dress would be a little bit clash-y', I ponder.

'Errr... aren't they both red?'. He questions. I shake my head, tut tut and carry on my dilemma.

Anyone whose other half/brother/dad/male friend has made a comment like this, raise your magenta flag.

Thought so.

Luckily for those with a keen eye, fashion can be far more than a primary school palette of primary, secondary and tertiary colours. As a matter of fact, boffins say that 'an uncountable number of colours exist' in the light frequency brackets that the human eye can perceive.

But before I get out my oversized lab coat and bore you all to tears with physics, let's flip it right back over into fashion.

Mauve is a colour that is often overlooked. A duskier, moodier Sister of girlish lilac, mauve is perfect for the feminine fashionista with the grungier edge.

With blush still the hue topping the colour trend charts, I could honestly place my bets on mauve being the next tint to knock it off its hot spot!

Due to it's mix of warm and cool undertones, mauve is surprisingly versatile for all skin and hair tones. Ladies with cooler skin tones should opt for mauve hues that sit on the more blue end of the spectrum. Those with skin with red or pinkish undertones should opt for more blush-toned mauve pieces.

The mauve colour trend is an absolute dream when it comes to styling. Mix it up with other 'neutral' hues, such as nude, beige and khaki. Or, if you're feeling brave, clash with textured navy pieces.

This boho printed Tobi dress* has made me think that mauve might actually be my long lost colour soul mate. I teamed it with neutral-hued pieces to let the print really do the talking.

I Like To Mauve It Mauve It!
Get mauving with these pretty mauve pieces that are oh-so-easy to wear...
mauve colour trend how to style

Left to right: Keepsake Dress, Princess Polly Playsuit, Revolve Heels, Quay Sunglasses, Free People Tank

Are you on the mauve train with me?


  1. My boyfriend says exactly the same to me haha I love this colour on you! :) xx

  2. Love your dress ;)

  3. I keep having a similar conversation with my other half and he just doesn't get it. Most of the men only see the main colour and the rest is a mystery! Mauve is such a beautiful colour and that dress is pretty, love the floral pattern. Also how different that bag looks! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  4. That mauve color is so cute babe! I love how you paired it with those booties and that fringe bag... so chic! <3

    XO Jessi,

  5. If this is the color trend to watch, I'm all for it! I've always been in love with Mauve. :)

    xo, mikéla /

  6. You look great Rachel! I like the dress and the bag is stunning! xoxo

  7. Mauve is definitely a color to watch out! This dress is so fun on you and that fringe bag is the perfect accessory!


  8. I am definitely with you on the mauve train as it is one of my favourite colours. I very much hope your prediction that it will be the next big colour to watch out for comes true! :) x

  9. This color is so beautiful! I love the dress!

  10. Pairing this dress with brown booties is genius. I like this combo lots and can totally see mauve taking over because it's such a cool shade to play with.
    Happy weekend ❤ Radi

  11. Mauve has been one of my favorite colors to wear products included! It just goes with so many complexions and works all year long. Definitely getting some serious boho and spring vibes from this dress :)

  12. Mauve is def a color to keep an eye on this Spring. I personally have not yet owned a piece that is mauve color, but I keep seeing people wear it and popping on my Insta feed, it is making me really considering getting something. Your dress is very pretty with the color and print.

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

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  14. I am team mauve all the way! Most of my lipsticks fall in this color spectrum too! I actually just got done designing a pair of shoes in blush and mauve! You look phenomenal by the way! I haven't seen any Tobi around in a bit and this is such a beautiful and refreshing dress! stunning as always!

    Manda |

  15. Mauve is majestic on you beautiful Rach! I love the fact that it's feminine yet fierce at the same time and packs a powerful punch on the purple spectrum. This dress is such a dream, I love the boho edge which you rock like the goddess you are :) The boots and shades finish off the look perfectly. I deffo think you're right with your prediction, I can see it totally making blush blasé! Also loving all your mauve picks, that cossie is so perf! <3

    Love what Jake said about the dresses! Men just don't see style like us do they haha. Graham still finds it hilarious that I can't walk in half of my shoes, but I'm always telling him the most important reason for buying ridiculous shoes is for the sheer fun of fashion, what else?! ;D

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  16. I'm a pink girl so I love when any shade of pink becomes en vogue. Love this from head to toe and I'm seriously obsessed with that fringe bag. SO GOOD. And those mauve sandal and sunglasses are adorable - must go check them out!

  17. What a cute dress! Sadly, my closet doesn't have any mauve. I might need to change that :)

  18. This dress and the bag are just a perfect match. And I really love the location you've picked for this look! Pale rose mixed with all shades of blue - fab!

    Cheers, Eliza |

  19. Hey Darling,
    Hows you?
    Love this Color on you and the Dress is super Cute:)
    The Choker is sooo Perfect with the Dress and that cutie Bag, Wooow:) How Lovely:)
    Such a unique One:)
    Love Open Kloset By Karina
    Happy Monday


  20. Love your dress! It's so pretty, the color and print are fabulous . Love how you create a nice balance between all your pieces and those booties are the perfect complement.

    Have a nice week!


  21. I seriously love this dress on you. The color is so perfect for spring. And yes I know you're totally right about the color thing. I happens to me all the time.

  22. I'm totally on that train with you! I love Mauve!
    Love this dress and how you styled it with booties and a fringe bag! You look stunning as usual!
    Also, these photos are amazing! Craving some beach time!

  23. I love Tobi fashion and this dress is amazing on you. The colors and prints are so good. I love all your photos always. You are always by the water and it always makes me want to be right by the water and take in al the fabulous views and vibes. I'm obsessed with this color too by the way, I'lll be styling it a lot this summer.

  24. nice dress and outit ideal for Coachella! Your bag is fantastic i have a similar but without fringes.

  25. This boho dress and ankle booties combo is perfect on you! And that bag is so cool, the fringe effect is so special! I'm with you on the mauve trend - I don't normally wear bright colors or pastels, so in the midst of so much pink being paraded on our IG feeds and magazines everywhere, I can totally opt for this mauve color. It's like the cooler, older sister to pink heh. Ps the exchange with your other half gave me a little chuckle, sounds all too familiar like conversations with my hubby!

    xo Soo |

  26. Haha my fiancé is exactly the same! I went from brunette to blonde and he said it looked the same 😂

    I am loving the Gorgeous colour boho dress on you. The ankle boots and fringe bag definitely complete the look 👌🏾


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