25 April 2017

Autumn/ Winter 2018 Trends To Invest In NOW

autumn winter 2018 fashion runway trends to wear now

The Autumn/Winter 2018 trends may seem miles away, but the faster you are in fashion, the more wear you get.

They say that three is a charm and in the case of these Autumn/Winter 2018 trends, it couldn't be clearer. The latest runway collections saw these trends appear for the second time, the first being during the Spring/Summer 2017 collections.

Since hitting the runway, these trends have already been picked up by the fash pack. The result? Enough inspo and a big enough wearability factor to rock now.

Here's the Autumn/Winter trends to invest in now. Buy now and wear for seasons to come...
18 April 2017

How To Take Perfect Instagram Travel Shots

how to take the perfect instagram travel shots

Nelipot: One who walks barefoot.

I often get asked about my Instagram travel photos and one thing that people often misconstrue, is that I specifically visit places to get the shot.
Newsflash: Instagram travellers or adventures, actually adore getting lost somewhere new, as a matter of fact; we crave it.

When Jake and I go on an adventure, we take our trusty Nikon and snap away to create that content that makes you guys think 'I'd double tap that'. The beauty of Instagram travel is that it's purely in the moment, raw and yet can be tweaked to be as aesthetically pleasing as a symmetrical marble table dotted with the dream of all coffees. 

Whether you want Instagram travel shots that will blow your friends away, or if you just want to capture your adventures in the most stunning way possible, here's my guide to creating fantastic Instagram travel shots...
11 April 2017

5 Ways To Style The One Shoulder Trend

girl on beach wearing one shoulder frill top embroidered shorts pom pom shoes

The one shoulder trend is the new off the shoulder. Get showcasing that decolletage ladies, sexy shoulders are here to stay!

Today I style up the one shoulder trend and show you five different ways to do the one shoulder flash...
4 April 2017

Mauve: The Colour Trend To Watch

blonde fashion blogger wearing mauve boho floral print dress fringe bag beige ankle boots

Mauve seems to be making waves in the fashion spectrum. A sweet, feminine hue, with a dark edge, I can firmly get out my weatherman hat and forecast that mauve will be the new blush.

Today I make a mauve in this boho printed mini dress and ankle boots combo.