28 February 2017

Choosing Sunglasses For Your Face Shape: My Tips & My Pradas

girl wearing Prada cat eye sunglasses choosing sunglasses for your face shape

Choosing sunglasses: it can be harder then it looks. Yes, boyfriends and husbands, you may let out a standard scoff now. When you take your face shape into consideration, choosing sunglasses becomes a matter of 'where do I start?'

Thanks to Vision Direct*, I've found the perfect sunglasses for my face shape, as a matter of fact, I've barely taken these Prada Cinema sunglasses off!

And now, it's my turn to help you! Read on and choosing sunglasses for your face shape will be an absolute breeze ...

australian style blogger wearing prada sunglasses striped skirt navy off shoulder top and rebecca minkoff bag walking down cairns wharf

australian style blogger wearing prada sunglasses striped skirt navy off shoulder top and rebecca minkoff bag walking down cairns wharf

street style girl in front of sea wearing prada cinema sunglasses and navy off shoulder top with blonde balayage lob

fashion blogger wearing striped skirt gucci style loafers off shoulder top and prada cinema sunglasses

 blonde girl wearing prada cat eye sunglasses stood in front of ocean and palm trees on cairns marina

choosing sunglasses for your face shape is a must these Prada cat eye sunglasses really suit my oval shaped face

outfit details gucci style loafers rebecca minkoff micro bag and assymetric striped skirt in front of sea summer outfit

australian style blogger wearing prada sunglasses striped skirt navy off shoulder top and rebecca minkoff bag walking down cairns wharf

Top: Cotton On (Similar)
Skirt: Sportsgirl  (Similar)
Loafers: ASOS
Earrings: Lovisa (Similar)
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

I have to admit, I'm quite lucky when it comes to sunglasses. As I have an oval face shape, I can wear most styles and shapes. So when Vision Direct* invited me to try a pair of their stunning designer sunglasses, I felt like a big, fat kid in a giant candy store.

After I had, quite literally, lusted my way through pages upon pages of my designer dreams, such as Gucci, Chloe and D & G, my eyes laid upon these Prada cat eye sunglasses and it was love at first sight.

The stunning combination of dramatic and wearable, these Prada sunglasses are perfect for adding that finishing touch of luxury to my high street looks.

 I could honestly roll out of bed looking like a troll and these beauties will completely transform me into something chic. They make me feel exactly how Prada should make a woman feel: elegant, classy and sophisticated.

These Prada sunglasses are super versatile, due to their wayfarer design and cat-eye shape. This means they suit every face shape!

Is choosing sunglasses for your face shape a struggle? I've got you covered! Read on for my recommendations for each and every face type...


How To Determine Your Face Shape

different female face shapes oval face square face round face heart face
 Knowing your face shape is an integral part of choosing sunglasses. Although you may be baffled by the ridiculously geometric descriptions of the 'face shapes' (let's be honest, only Lego men have an actual square head), determining your face shape is actually pretty easy.

Stand in front of a mirror with a piece of chalk or wipe-off, white board marker. Carefully draw around the edge of your face in the reflection.

Now, take a step back and have a good luck. Is the shape you have drawn closer to a square, circle, oval or heart?

Confused? Here's a little overview of the different face shapes...

A heart shaped face is determined by a wider forehead and narrower, pointed chin.
A square shaped face has forehead, cheekbones and jawline of the same width.
A round shaped face is characterized by having a similar face length and width.
An oval shaped face is symmetrical with prominent cheekbones and tapers gradually towards the chin.
A long face shape is an elongated oval face shape with a prominent chin.

If you are not sure of your face shape, Vision Direct has a handy 3D tool that allows you to try before you buy! Hows that for making choosing sunglasses easier?

P.S. Oval faces, you can rock anything! 


Choosing Sunglasses For Square Face

Got a square face shape? Opt for round sunglasses to balance it out! Round or curved sunglasses will soften your face.

You can totally rock:
  • Cat eye sunglasses
  • Round sunglasses
  • Oval sunglasses
  • Butterfly shaped sunglasses
  • Oversized aviators


 Choosing Sunglasses For Round Face

Choosing sunglasses for your face shape is all about going for the opposite! For example, a round face should opt for square or angular sunglasses to add that supermodel bone structure.

Go for:

  • Wayfarers
  • Square or rectangular
  • Wrap sunglasses


Choosing Sunglasses For Long Face
 Sunglasses are a great way to add width and balance out a long face. Statement cat eye sunglasses and fancy, side details are made for you.

  • Statement cat eye sunglasses
  • Wrap sunglasses
  • Oversized sunglasses


Choosing Sunglasses For Heart Shape
 You've got cheekbones for days, so simply opt for a frame style that will minimize the width of your forehead. Anything with pointed ends is your best friend.

Rock these:

  • Cat eye
  • Round
  • Semi rimless
  • Light tinted frames
  • Aviator
  • Butterfly
Now that you know what sunglasses suit your face shape, just pick the ones you love! It's also important to take into consideration how versatile the style/colour is and whether they suit the pieces in your wardrobe. Sunnies are one heck of a beautiful style statement, so rock them with confidence!

how to style sunglasses for your face shape

 Happy sunglasses shopping!


  1. These tips are important! I think I can't wear the rounded sunglasses because they always make my face look too round!

  2. You look great ;)

  3. I can also wear most sunnies except for the tiny round ones, lol I look terrible haha. So these are some great tips hun, loving the ones you wearing :) xx

  4. It is one of the things I struggle the most! I can't seem to find sunglasses that actually suits me and the ones I want don't really suit me, so annoying! Those Prada cinema sunglasses are so cool and really suits you! x

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. What a helpful post!

    Love your sunglasses you're wearing, so chic!

    This post is ever so useful as I always find is so hard to find the perfect frames as I have a slender face. I need to go for smaller lenses and always need to make sure the bridge is smaller and supportive.

    When it comes to style I love playing with styles though and my favourite pair recently are a pair from Marc Jacobs.

    The Prada range looks ever so elegant too!

    Laura xo

  6. The shades are amazing doll! And I love these happy Summer photos. :) Need some vitamin D right here in The Netherlands!
    x Frederique

  7. I just got eye class and I wish I had these tips LOL. Great post lady and I adore this ensemble, especially the off the shoulder top and handbag! Have a great week lady.

    Dakota D.
    Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter: @missdsquared413

  8. Beautiful post Rachel. As summer is coming, my sunglasses are ready once again to hit my face. I also, found these tips helpful as I'm ready to purchase new shades soon. Yours look fabulous on you.
    Have a great day ❤ Radi

  9. Hi Rach, I love your sunglasses and your tips on how to choose the right sunglasses. I will definitely use them as I am looking for new sunglasses for out trip to Costa Rica!

  10. Loving your frames. They are so gorgeous. I have a square face and a,ways found aviators worked best. I can pretty much buy them without trying and they'll look good regardless


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  14. This pair looks super great on you!


  15. These sunnies look fantastic on you, girl, I love them! I also love the guide you've shared on selecting the most flattering styles for your face shape. I think it's awesome that Vision Direct provides a 3D tool for you to visually try on a pair to see how they'd look before buying, so convenient! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



  16. Oh look so gorgeous sweetheart...! Love ur outfit...its fab ! xx, Neha

  17. Dear Rachel,
    you are such an expert in all fashion matters! Thanks for this post because I'm always not sure what shape suits my face.
    Therefore I will bookmark your post!
    You look perfect with the glasses you have chosen and as usual I adore your look.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  22. Agree so much that choosing a pair of sunnies to match your face shape is so difficult especially when my face is small & round :( Basically most frames from departmental stores don't suit me and I'm getting jealous of your oval face Rach *LOL* Your tips are awesome but guess I might still need to custom-make my frames to get the purfect fit hehe

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    Love the photo selection.

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  26. I want those sunglasses babe!!! Look hreat on you.

  27. I want those sunglasses babe!!! Look hreat on you.

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  32. Your sunnies are so cute. Great post. I have an Oval face too, so I typically wear almost everything. I just don't like really narrow frames. The challenge for me is usually with plastic frames. I don't like the bottom of them leaning on my face and this can happen with larger frames, so I need to try sunnies on before purchasing them because sometimes they get my cheekbones but don't really sit on the bridge. lol #Firstworldproblems


  33. I've always wondered. Now, I know. Thank you!
    And you look gorgeous in your outfit.

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  35. Oh my God Rachel I absolutely ADORE these Prada frames - they totally suit you! The gold bridge across the nose is a gorgeous touch :)

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  37. This is brilliant and makes everything so much easier!
    I think I have a round face but I need to try this way to find out.
    This is actually dangerous because it makes pretty safe to buy sunnies online lol

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  40. I feel like all sunglasses look terrible on me! haha

  41. I love these tips because it is true, it isn't easy to understand which ones go with our facetype! I also have a problem with eyebrows, I hate when they stick out and that is why I tend to always wear big sunglasses:)
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    ps: I know this post is about sunglasses but I am in love with your outfit!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

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  47. I really struggle when it comes to buying sunglasses as I just feel like I don't suit any! I think I have a pretty round face but I am going to try your tip of drawing round my face to make sure and then I can look out for the right sunglasses :) Your Prada ones are gorgeous and I think I would be trying to wear them every day if I had some like that! x

  48. This was such a useful post! I don't have the most ideal face shape so I'm struggling most of the time to find the perfect sunglasses for my face shape.

    Btw Im loving this look as well as your sunglasses. They are so chic and elegant!

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    I needed this post So much:) I never know what type of Sunnies are Good For me, It was always sooo difficult to choose;)
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  55. So interesting! I've always naturally gravitated to cat eyes but never thought about it. These Pradas look amazing on you - I love a little drama in my sunglasses :)

  56. For years I had trouble finding great sunnies out there, but then I actually went to an optician who told me what shape my face was and after that shopping for sunnies has actually been fun. Still mourning my Guccis that I left on a train just a month ago though, so I don't know what will ever be able to replace them, haha.

  57. Hey Rachel!
    You are really lucky to have the oval face shape cos it is the most versatile! The Prada sunnies look great on you. I'm so jealous cos I really love it but it made my rectangular face even more angular.


  58. Thanks for sharing those wonderful tips, I've never thought about picking the sunglasses on that way. Dare I say that these Prada sunnies are so gorgeous and suits you perfectly. But I'm a fan of more classical shapes and forms, and of course cat-eye shape will always be my favourite one.
    Cheers, Eliza |

  59. What an amazing post and how gorgeous are your new shades! Definitely on my wish list! I love how you broke all of this down! What wonderful tips! I always have a tough time with sunglasses and quite literally have gone through so many purchase and returns lately because I wasn't buying for my face shape! Thanks for the tips! Hopefully this will prevent stress for future purchases!

    Manda |

  60. Nice tips for shades it's very hlpful for all.

  61. This was so helpful Rachel! Thank you :)

  62. This is such a great guide choosing sunglasses!! I have a round face and it is so hard for me to find the perfect sunglasses and I always end up buying similar style. I have to try some of your suggestions on the tips!

    ~ xo Sheree
    Posh Classy Mom

  63. I also have an oval face but it's always a struggle for me to pick sunnies. The only shape that currently seem to work for me is "cat eye." I do believe that the 360 feature will be super handy to try! If you know exahow the sunnies look on your face you feel more confident purchasing sunnies online.

    I do love the sunglasses that you picked! And I understand why you love them so much - these are so stunning!!

  64. Wow this is so helpful!! For a very long time I had such a hard time trying to figure out what sunglasses look good on me. Loving this!!

  65. This is such an excellent guide to choosing sunglasses! I have an oval face and I actually struggle to find the perfect sunglasses. I will need to try some of your suggestions. Thanks Hun! xx

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