1 February 2017

5 Ways to Style A Silk Cami

how to style a silk cami denim skirt fringed bag

Prudes: overt your eyes, the slip trend is here to stay! And if there's one item you to have in your closet right now, it's the silk cami
The less-raunchy sister of the slip dress, the silk cami (or cami slip) is surprisingly versatile. From my casual denim look, to something a bit more fancy, here's five ways to style a silk cami...

1. The Everyday Glam

slip cami styled with denim skirt and mules

statement tassel bag the madame bag

summer outfit with silk slip cami

silver silk cami with rose gold jewellery and reflective sunglasses

tassel nude statement bag with rose gold handle rose gold jewellery

silk cami summer outfit

style a silk cami with a denim skirt and statement fringe bag

silver slip silk cami and denim skirt street style

australian blogger outfit street style denim skirt

button up denim skirt silk cami and fringe clutch

beautiful fringed boho nude bag

summer outfit idea denim skirt silk cami mules

Cami: Bardot
Skirt: Cotton On
Mules: Famous Footwear
Sunglasses: TIJN Eyewear*
Jewellery: Lovisa

With the slip dress still hanging firmly at the front of my ridiculously-crammed wardrobe, I found myself craving something a bit more versatile and casual.

Cue the silk cami!

Still nailing the effortless, underwear-as-outwear mumbo jumbo to an absolute tee, the silk cami is made to be thrown on and dressed down. 

As I wanted to show off my fake tan, I paired my silver slip cami with a light was denim skirt and topped it off with some nude mule sandals. 

Completely ignoring the overused phrase 'less is more', I then layered up the jewellery and made a huuuge statement with this fabulous fringe bag from The Madame Bag*. With oodles of statement tassels and a circular rose gold handle, don't you just wanna touch it? **wink wink**

2. The Silk Cami: Cold-Weather Approved

how to style a silk cami for cold weather
(Photo Source:

Chances are that some of you reading this right now aren't dwelling in the Southern Hemisphere. Although Australia may be as sweaty as a sumo wrestlers behind (yep- I went there), you poor ladies and gents in the Northern Hemisphere may as well be walking through the Artic itself screaming 'Winter is Coming'.

Nerdy references aside, the last thing you want to wear is a silk cami right? Wrong. Simply layer a chunky cardigan over the top and Bob's your uncle! Pair with jeans for a more casual look and glam it up with a slither of red lipstick.

Those of you in the really cold parts of the world may even want to layer a turtleneck jumper underneath your silk cami. This one's all about embracing and clashing textures!

3. Funk It Up!

slip cami and skirt outfit idea
 (Photo Source:

The harsh reality is that I will never be as cool as this chick above. But I, and you, can certainly try! The slight grid-like, almost tweed pattern of the skirt gives it inevitable 90s vibes. The silver silk cami itself has all those space-like qualities of trends circa 2000. Long story short, it gives me nostalgia.

Pair your silk cami with a split skirt and geometric silk earrings for something edgy and on-trend. A longer skirt may even make this outfit totally office appropriate!

4. Quirky Meets Classy

slip cami styled with trousers
(Photo Source:

I don't know who this fashionista is, but she may actually just be the Einstein of styling. Whoever decides to style a silk cami with tailored pants is really thinking outside of the box! 

Not to mention the silky bomber, which gives it an extra edge of sports luxe. Wear your slip cami with tailored pants and change up your jacket for a look that will take you straight from office to bar (eughh such a cliche)


5. The Perfect Equation

silk cami layered over t shirt outfit idea street style
(Photo Source:

Silk cami + tee + denim/leather skirt + Western belt  = hotter than Margot Robbie 

Ha! And you thought that bloggers couldn't do maths!

I honestly can't count on my fingers the amount of times I've seen this golden combination on Instagram. It seems to be the go to way to style a silk cami and that's because it looks amazing!

Mix it up a little by wearing a printed tee underneath. Or switch out the denim or leather skirt for something a bit more quirky if you're feeling brave.

Shop Silk Camis

A girl can never have too may silk camis this season. **Adds all to basket & hides purchases from boyfriend**.

Are you currently craving the slip cami? 


  1. You've convinced me that I need to try a silk cami! It's sooo chic and adds a delicacy to all of these outfits!


  2. Great inspo, love how you styled the cami. Gemma x

  3. YES love this post girl!! Silk Cami's are one of my staples pieces :) I love to style them with denim, skirts, and leather!! Love the inspo images you selected too <3

    XOXO, Jessi

  4. Love this post! I can't really decide which one is my favorite.. Probably two and five.

    xx, rebecca

  5. I'm a big fan of cami tops! Always look so feminine and chic.

    The White Ocean

  6. There's no denying it's appeal. That's for sure. For some reason I lean more towards a velvet version than silk. One of my first jobs was at a lingerie store so I can't help but think of 90's sleepwear when I see silk hahahaha


  7. Number 4 is my favorite! Such an inspiration!

  8. I absolutely love this post! It's so inspiring. Definitely gonna incorporate silk into my fashion week outfits this year!! xx Frederique

  9. Oh, dear Rachel! Thank you! I own inded many of such camis but have to admit I wear them very seldom. But thanks to you know I know that they are much more versatile I thought! Thanks for this post and compliments for your cool look and for sure your tan!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  10. As usual Rachel, another unbelievably WELL DONE post!! (insert clapping emoji!) I am beyond jealous of your southern hemisphere tan and that bag? What a glam goddess! One of the greatest things about your blog is that you have such a diverse amount of information and i especially love how you always give multi ways to style. I will definitely let you know about AUS as the time nears and I am CERTAIN I will have many questions if I do decide to move that way :) Thanks for agreeing to be so helpful and lovely!

    kellmenow |
    Instagram |

  11. I absolutely love silk camis! They were all I wore last summer. I still didn't manage to wear it with a t-shirt underneath as I don't think it would suit me, but it's something I love seeing on someone else x

  12. Your silk cami is flawless. I even more love the way you styled it. All these pretty camis are giving the urge to hit the shops for some new spring/summer pieces.
    Have a great one, Rachel!

  13. look chic and sexy ! Love it!

  14. What awesome ways to style the silk Cami Rachel! You make me wanna buy more of them to glam up my wardrobe ;)

  15. You look so gorgeous in this silk cami Rachel, you're making me want to add dozens more to my collection! Speaking of which, I love number 2 as well - beautiful styling, thanks for sharing!! :)

  16. oh my you look amazing in this look and with this silk cami :)

  17. so weird, but I still don't own any silk cami. I guess, I should get it for summer, such a statement piece

  18. This outfit really is so beautiful! I definitely need a silk cami. And I just love that bag!

    xo, mikéla /

  19. Silk camis are so luxurious and versatile! I love all of these suggestions. I have a silk cami in my closet that I never wear because I'm never sure how to style it. These are all such great suggestions!

  20. I actually love silk camis too! They're just so simple and chic. We're totally twinning with the madame bag and I can never get enough of those tassels - you look amazing with it!

    Helen xx

  21. Oh my goodness!!! This camisole is truly gorgeous! I love it so much and love all the different ways you styled it . Thank you so much for always sharing your beautiful style !

  22. All amazing ways to style a cam! It's cold here and I've been seeing the trend of girls wearing their cami over their sweater and it honestly looks so cute!
    Also that lace black cami in the second photo is sooo gorgeous


  23. I love all these looks and like how it can be styled for winter with a cardy. Though, I've always loved sulk camis I've struggled not to have my bra or straps on show, which is hard to achieve when the straps are around an inch thick 🙈 #bigboobproblems! Love the pieces you've shared
    Jaz xoxo

  24. That silk cami is so pretty with the denim skirt!

  25. I have a couple of silk camis that I have been wearing under other items such as a lace top I have so that the silk comes through. I am definitely going to try out these other ways of styling them though so I can get more wear out of them. I especially love the last one with the t-shirt and belt :) x

  26. I love the silk cami trend! I'd really like to grab them but silk and two boys under 3 isn't a great combination! Maybe if the trend comes around again in a couple years, hehe!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  27. Such a cute cami and I need that fringe bag ASAP! It's seriously amazing!!

  28. That's a really versatile piece. Nice!

  29. Well done Rachel! you've styled the silk cami so well without making it look like you're wearing pj's which unfortunately is how a lot of people who style the silk cami look end up looking like. Also great bag love the fringe details XOWP

  30. These are such amazing ways to wear the sexy silk cami! I think style no. 4 suits me best especially for my age, it's elegant and sophisticated.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  31. Very sexy and chic. You look amazing in this silk cami Rachel. I've been looking at some online but haven't made a purchase as yet.

    Ann-Marie |

  32. Sooo Pretty looks and loved how you styled the silk sexy cami:)
    I cant choose which my fav lol maybe style 4:)
    so elegant and chic:)
    kisses Karina

  33. I love all of these looks you've included! I've been on the hunt for a silk came for awhile so I'm thrilled you included some links to some amazing one!

    Manda |

  34. I am a huge fan of cami tops. They are easy to style and so chic.

    xo, Maryam

  35. HELLO DEAR!!!
    Sending love from Italy

  36. Love all these looks. Definitely need a silk came in my wardrobe!

  37. YAS! Loving the silk top. I wanted to get the dress but I felt like it wouldn't look too great on me. This is a great alternative! Thanks for the tip!

  38. wow your accessorized here babe are truly amazing! this place is so magical love and makes me wish been there one day! I adore your bag! Kisses

  39. I love silk camis and actually ordered a bunch of them! You look amazing in it too


  40. The everyday look wins solely on the fact that I can't get over how awesome that bag is! Outside of that I love the cold weather option too!


    Violet Roots || Instagram

  41. Lovely combination!

  42. Honestly, a cami is something that I never know how to style as it never looks right on me... I prefer something that goes over my shoulders... Thanks for the tips though - I'll try experimenting with this type of clothes!

  43. I looove the metallic top! You created such a cool outfit ;)


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