26 January 2017

Magnetic Island Travel Diary

arthur bay lookout magnetic island travel diary

 Magnetic Island is truly a world of its own. An abundance of bushy mountains drop down to endless secluded beaches and rocky shores. Nature lovers can see koalas in the wild, whilst even the most seasoned beach bum can find themselves totally relaxing on their own slice of island paradise.

#FollowMe to this gorgeous island, as I show you the best that Magnetic Island has to offer...

fashion blogger magnetic island queensland beach

 Finding hidden beaches at Cockle Bay

horseshoe bay magentic island

 The serene golden sands of Horseshoe Bay.

feeding wild possums magnetic island

 A wild possum eating nacho chips at Man Fridays restaurant (yes...really)

wild koala on forts walk magnetic island

 Cutie alert!

beach with boats and sunglasses with palm tree reflection

 Little beaches don't get much cuter than this!

boho travel outfit print skirt hat

 Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

photographing wild kookaburra

 Magnetic Island= Wildlife photography haven

couple walking along pier hand in hand

 Acting out our own 'Nicholas Sparks' scene on the Picnic Bay jetty

wanderlust tumblr palm trees light coming through

Life is better under the palm trees

signpost with distances to different countries

 Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer

wild rainbow lorikeets magnetic island

 Wild rainbow lorikeets

magnetic island travel diary

 Trying to spot wild rock wallabies

girl wearing boho dress beach view magnetic island

 A look out to one of Magentic Island's beautiful bays

finding wild koalas on magnetic island


 My real life teddy bear

wild rainbow lorikeets magnetic island travel diary

 Big bird, little birds

My Outfits


Ok... so I technically should have posted this ages ago! I visited Magnetic Island just before Hamilton Island back in December whilst my parents were visiting from the UK. But my blogging life went all crazy, collaborations and outfits kept coming, and it just kept being pushed back and back. But that's enough waffling from me...

Magnetic Island is a stunning mountainous island located eight kilometres off the coast of Townsville, North Queensland. Known fondly to locals as 'Maggie', this cute island is the perfect place to unwind, explore and get lost in nature.


What To Do In Magnetic Island


Spot Wild Koalas On The Forts Walk

wild koala on magentic island


Magnetic Island is one of the best places in Australia to spot koalas in the wild. This being my third time visiting Magnetic Island, I knew that The Forts walk is the place that you are certain to spot these cute little teddies.

The Forts Walk is around 90 mins long and takes you through a gumtree lined path and up to a historic World War II fort. Along the way, you can gaze out onto serene views of secluded beaches and miles of bush-filled wilderness.

Koalas are literally the laziest critters ever and don't tend to move much, which can make them hard to spot. Nonetheless, we actually managed to spot ten of these cuties!


Beach Hopping 

fashion blogger outfit denim shorts western belt

The island is home to a whopping 23 beaches and around half can be accessed by car or walking. With so much sandy utopia to explore, I suggest making a day of it! Rent a car, grab a map, wind the windows down and hop from beach to beach.

Horseshoe Bay, Nelly Bay and Arcadia are the most popular beaches and are the perfect spots to grab a bite to eat between swimming sessions. Alongside this, these are the only three beaches that are patrolled by lifeguards on the island.

If you're feeling adventurous, walk down the short road to Cockle Bay, a tiny seaside settlement lined with cute fishing boats. Arthur Bay and Radical Bay win the prizes for being the most picturesque, whilst West Point, which can only be accessed by 4WD offers sunsets like no where else.


Rainbow Lorikeet Feeding At The Koala Bungalows

Warning: if birds freak you out, do not do this!

Each night at the Koala Bungalows, there is a wild lorikeet feeding. The keeper will literally plop some food into your hand, then about 20 birds will land on you. I have to admit, this even made me a little squeamish, as they were actually on my head (eeek!) If you do go and feed these beautiful birds, wear a long-sleeved shirt, as these angry birds do peck. My arm looked like it had been mauled by the time the feeding was over! But these pretty birds were so beautiful that it was sort of worth it.

Yes: I did get a photo of this happening. No: I will not show you.


Feed Wild Rock Wallabies at Geoffrey Bay

wild rock wallabies magnetic island

Geoffrey Bay is home to a colony of oh-so-cute rock wallabies, which actually eat from the palm of your hand. And these gentle babies will not draw blood like the angry birds!

Nature lovers can also get their fill of wild birds around the island or feed one of the cute possums at Man Friday's Mexican restaurant. 

The best thing about Magnetic Island is that it has an atmosphere that lets you relax, unplug and unwind. Whether you are an Aussie, or hope to visit here one day, this place needs to be on your wanderlust list!


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    Dakota D.
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  6. So many beautiful photographs! Magnetic Island looks so beautiful. Those stunning rainbow birds are ever so cute.

    Craving sunshine and sea, a lovely way to live.

    Laura xo

  7. What a beautiful island, dear! Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures with us. The photo of the palmtrees is gorgeous, and I also loved those cute wild rainbow lorikeets (their colors, omg!!). I'm glad to see that you and your bf enjoyed exploring that gorgeous place! :)

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    Really love your travel adventures, Rachel!

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  24. I would really love to visit the magnetic island, I love nature I love animals, this would be a perfect place for me. You look incredibly fabulous, this year I have to have a body like yours and am serious about those goals!!

  25. Oh how do you manage to make me want to prepare a suitcase and leave at the other side of the world, overtime I read your posts! Magnetic islands sounds and looks like a paradise on earth! Wonderful scenery and rich nature, with all these adorable species of animals! How cute are these Koalas? I really do hope to visit this island one day! Thank you so much for sharing with us and have a great start to the week!

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  31. Seriously so cute! You're giving me major FOMO. Like this seriously looks like the perfect place to go to for summer

  32. I'm seriously convinced that you live in paradise, haha. Let me know if you ever want to trade places, I'm more than happy to trade the snow we're having right now for this awesomeness and to see these cute little creatures, which I can't even handle their cuteness! I always love the photos you share here and on IG, it's like a tropical oasis. Thanks for sharing, beauty, Magnetic Island seems like a dream destination!



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    Great photo selection.

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  37. These photos are gorgeous! Looks like such a nice little getaway!
    I can't get over the ocean view! I'm in melbourne at the moment and so jealous of all the beautiful weather you're getting up north!

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  38. Hello dear!!
    Discovering this nice island on your pictures 🌴 and see the lot of animals I loved so much .
    I wish to embrace rhe little Koala 🐨 is so cute .
    Kisses from Italy

  39. Hey Darling,
    So Beautiful Island and I wish I would be there now:) The Photos are Stunning and you both look so Sweet:) I am in Love with this place after seeing your Photos:)
    Kisses Karina
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  40. These photos are so stunning! I love your outfits! Also it's so sweet that you are always stopping to say "hi" to cute animals! I'm a big animal lover too!

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    xo Soo |


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