autumn winter 2018 fashion runway trends to wear now

The Autumn/Winter 2018 trends may seem miles away, but the faster you are in fashion, the more wear you get.

They say that three is a charm and in the case of these Autumn/Winter 2018 trends, it couldn't be clearer. The latest runway collections saw these trends appear for the second time, the first being during the Spring/Summer 2017 collections.

Since hitting the runway, these trends have already been picked up by the fash pack. The result? Enough inspo and a big enough wearability factor to rock now.

Here's the Autumn/Winter trends to invest in now. Buy now and wear for seasons to come...

how to take the perfect instagram travel shots

Nelipot: One who walks barefoot.

I often get asked about my Instagram travel photos and one thing that people often misconstrue, is that I specifically visit places to get the shot.

Newsflash: Instagram travellers or adventures, actually adore getting lost somewhere new, as a matter of fact; we crave it.

When Jake and I go on an adventure, we take our trusty Nikon and snap away to create that content that makes you guys think 'I'd double tap that'. The beauty of Instagram travel is that it's purely in the moment, raw and yet can be tweaked to be as aesthetically pleasing as a symmetrical marble table dotted with the dream of all coffees. 

Whether you want Instagram travel shots that will blow your friends away, or if you just want to capture your adventures in the most stunning way possible, here's my guide to creating fantastic Instagram travel shots...

girl on beach wearing one shoulder frill top embroidered shorts pom pom shoes

The one shoulder trend is the new off the shoulder. Get showcasing that decolletage ladies, sexy shoulders are here to stay!

Today I style up the one shoulder trend and show you five different ways to do the one shoulder flash...

blonde fashion blogger wearing mauve boho floral print dress fringe bag beige ankle boots

Mauve seems to be making waves in the fashion spectrum. A sweet, feminine hue, with a dark edge, I can firmly get out my weatherman hat and forecast that mauve will be the new blush.

Today I make a mauve in this boho printed mini dress and ankle boots combo.

minimalist street style look outfit idea white shirt leather pants silk scarf

Personal style stereotypes, we've all heard of them. From the perfectly polished babe who only wears body-con and cleavage flashers, to the bearded hipster who laughs in the name of anything that isn't vintage.

Rather than concentrate on fitting into some sort of group, personal style is all about being you.

Being a blogger, I know all how hard it is to not fall into this 'branded' image of yourself. Since we were little girls, we have been trying to force ourselves into a mold; trying to figure out whether we were Baby Spice or Sporty Spice.

Why not be both?

Today, I'm going to discuss what it means to have an eclectic personal style and give you some of my top tips on how to avoid the style stereotype funnel.

diy fringe hem jeans and embroidered floral loafers
Go to your kitchen, grab a cheese grater and voila: a brand new wardrobe staple!

Fringe hem jeans and embroidered loafers have been on my lust list since they first popped up on my Pinterest.

Instead of forking out thousands on the must-have Gucci numbers, I opted for this gorgeous $40 Boohoo pair.

As for the jeans, well **cough cough** all it took was a cheese grater.

Yes: I'm serious.

These DIY fringe hem jeans are a reincarnation of an old pair of denims that I hacked up with a cheese grater.

Ready to make your own grate jeans? (Sorry, I had to!)

Read on for a tutorial on how to create these DIY fringe hem jeans and see how I styled mine up oh-so-street-style worthy with these floral embroidered loafers

girl wearing blush floral dress with pastel grey oliver bilou bag and boots

Blush styles and positive affirmations have one thing in common: they make you feel a little bit warm and tingly inside.

It a world full of, let's be honest, freaking scary stuff, it can be all to easy to lose yourself in a sea of worries, rather than living in the moment.

Today, I'm taking advice from my Oliver Bilou* handbag:

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

Read on for my transitional blush outfit, which is topped off perfectly with my new statement handbag. Plus, I'm giving away two of these handbags to you! (Yes you!)

boho beach style girl on beach wearing rose print maxi kimono round sunglasses 
Boho beach style is made for my balmy, tropical lifestyle. Living smack bang between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, it doesn't often get below 20°C, so fun, light layers and bright bikinis are a must!

Today I've teamed up with Boohoo* to show you a boho beach style that can take you straight from the balmy ocean, to lunch, to seaside shopping and beyond.

girl wearing Prada cat eye sunglasses choosing sunglasses for your face shape

Choosing sunglasses: it can be harder then it looks. Yes, boyfriends and husbands, you may let out a standard scoff now. When you take your face shape into consideration, choosing sunglasses becomes a matter of 'where do I start?'

Thanks to Vision Direct*, I've found the perfect sunglasses for my face shape, as a matter of fact, I've barely taken these Prada Cinema sunglasses off!

And now, it's my turn to help you! Read on and choosing sunglasses for your face shape will be an absolute breeze ...

5 fashion trend hacks to instantly update your look for 2017

I still actually can't believe it's 2017. In between the constant writing of 2016 and freaking out about how fast the year is going, it can be hard to keep on top of your wardrobe. And if you thought that nailing 2017s hottest trend was going to wipe your bank clean, it's time to rejoice!

Styling the hottest trends will only take a few clever wardrobe additions. The rest? Try out these DIY fashion hacks and use pieces that are already hanging in your closet!

Here's 5 fashion trend hacks that will update your look for 2017...

stripe boho playsuit minimalist outfit idea rebecca minkoff

  By nature, minimalist fashion and boho are pretty much at the exact opposite ends of the style spectrum.

As thirty starts to loom in the corner like an eagle ready to strike at the mouse of my mid-twenties, I find myself becoming more and more infatuated with chic minimalist looks.

However, because of my beach-y, tropical lifestyle, I will always be a boho-loving girl too. Rather than flipping backwards and forwards between styles, I decided to combine them in something that I can only describe as 'minimalist boho'.

So Rachel, how exactly do I rock the minimalist and boho trends at the same time?

I'm glad you asked! Here's how...

girl with tanned legs fake tan guide st tropez
This ultimate fake tan guide is dedicated to every Summer soul out there!

Finding the right fake tan is a bit like finding your soul mate. Some just don't fit, some leave you feeling pale, and there's that disturbing one that just made you feel itchy. But once you've found your perfect fit, it's all sunshine, smiles and feeling giddily beautiful.

So how do I find the fake tan that's right for me?
 Whether you've never fake tanned, or you are just looking for your perfect product, read on for my ultimate fake tan guide...

how to style a silk cami denim skirt fringed bag

Prudes: overt your eyes, the slip trend is here to stay! And if there's one item you to have in your closet right now, it's the silk cami
The less-raunchy sister of the slip dress, the silk cami (or cami slip) is surprisingly versatile. From my casual denim look, to something a bit more fancy, here's five ways to style a silk cami...

arthur bay lookout magnetic island travel diary

 Magnetic Island is truly a world of its own. An abundance of bushy mountains drop down to endless secluded beaches and rocky shores. Nature lovers can see koalas in the wild, whilst even the most seasoned beach bum can find themselves totally relaxing on their own slice of island paradise.

#FollowMe to this gorgeous island, as I show you the best that Magnetic Island has to offer...

summer outfit floral monochrome dress black tassel earrings 
I want to be wild, beautiful and free, just like the sea.

 Today I bring you an abundance of tropical prints, whimsical shapes and bohemian beach goodness from local Cairns designer Wild Sugar By Sajeela* and I give you my top tips on styling bold, bohemian prints.

lookalike gucci loafers with metal bar designer dupes 

Lookalike Gucci loafers for under $40? You gotta be kidding me!

 Well girl, I'm not! This post is dedicated to all the fashionistas who want a wardrobe full of it girl designer items, but have the budget of a graduate/first home owner/ actual normal person who can't flash their AMEX every time the newest designer bag drops.

Read on for my lookalike Gucci loafers and how I styled them, as well as five other designer dupes you need in your closets ASAP!

outfit floral print denim playsuit and fedora
**Insert a flurry of banjos for this entire post**

If you thought bloggers only went to sexy street-scapes and balmy beaches, I'll stop you in your tracks right there! Today I head to the good ol' Aussie bush and bring you a more chic take on classic country dressing.

 Please note: This post contains no hootenannys, tractors, sweaty singlets or missing teeth.