23 December 2016

5 Reasons Why Christmas In Australia Will Always Be Odd

christmas baubles on palm tree beach

As the rest of the world settle down in front of a roaring fire and attempt to defrost their fingers with hot chocolate, I am hibernating in air con considering how ironic those icicle fairy lights & snow man decorations are. I mean, I can't even keep the ice cubes in my Coke Zero frozen!

Ok, Australian readers: you can stop laughing at me now! Having grown up in the coldest, greyest corner of England, the concept of a 'hot Christmas' is always something that will baffle me.

Although I may have lived down under for four years, here's five reasons why Christmas in Australia is something that I will never get used to....

1. The Weather

Australian Christmas on beach

Oh look at me being as British as Queen Lizzie herself and whining on about the weather. By any Western definition of the holiday, Christmas is a Winter-y, icy, snow-y time.

Here down under, its 30 degrees, the sun is blaring and the beach is calling my name. My parents are currently over here for their first Australian Christmas and they are finding the idea of a Summer Christmas ridiculously hard to grasp. And nope, it doesn't get any less confusing on your fourth Christmas here...

Jake and I always bicker about whose 'version' of Christmas is closer to the real deal. He always wins the argument when he says that Jesus was born in a desert. He's got a point...

boho beach outfit printed playsuit

2. The Irony

Australian Christmas on the beach

Blow up snowmen, snowflake fairy lights, polar bears and penguins are plastered all over the houses, shops and restaurants. **Insert huge question mark here**

Dear Australia, those snowmen would melt, those polar bears would get sunburn and every single snowflake would cease to even form in your oven-like atmosphere.

Christmas tree on beach

3. The Gift Problem

Australian Summer Christmas outfit idea boho playsuit

Although the Christmas traditions are pretty much a carbon copy of those in the UK, the Summer issue causes one huge kaboodle: what on earth do you buy for gifts?!

I've obviously spent too much of my life relying on hot chocolate sets, jumpers and socks as my go-to Christmas gifts.

Australian Christmas decorations on beach

4. The Time Difference

rose gold gladiator sandals

Ok, I have to admit that this one will not be as bad this year, as my parents are actually in Australia. However, the fact that we are ten hours ahead of the UK makes for some pretty dodgy and often downright embarrassing family Skype conversations.

Cue me after many glasses of wine at 10 PM calling my poor parents who have just started cooking their Christmas dinner...

reflective rose gold aviator sunglasses

5. The Dinner

Christmas tree decorations on palm tree australia

The best thing about being a total pig on Christmas is that the cold weather makes you feel like you are allowed to go on a 'pre-hibernation' rampage.

Here, there is the problem that you will probably be wearing a bikini the next day. Add the fact that hot weather is an appetite repressive and it becomes really freaking weird.

boho beach outfit idea playsuit
Playsuit: Cotton On (Sold out, similar here)
Sunglasses: TIJN Eyewear*
Sandals: Ruby Shoes
Necklace: Lovisa

Merry Christmas!

Despite my oh-so-British rant, Christmas in Australia will always be wonderful in its own way. After all, there are those beach BBQ's, boxing-day swim sessions and the fact that you can still wear Summer clothes!

girl under palm tree with Christmas decorations

Have a wonderful Christmas wherever in the world you may be! Thank you so much for your support throughout the year. May all your wishes come true for the new year, wishing you love and happiness always,


  1. I definitely agree with you on the food thing, I always feel better indulging so much in cold weather haha. It still looks amazing though but I can understand how odd it must be if you have grown up mostly in England and it's always cold here!!!

    Have a great Christmas!


  2. Lots of good point there!
    I'm so used to it I would love to have a cold Christmas for once
    The bikini after eating a large feast is just not right ha ha sounds like me this week

  3. Love thi spost ;)

  4. Beautiful post sweetie! thanks for sharing such an amazing pictures! Xx, Gina

    Happy holidays!

  5. Love this post and discovering what is like to have a Christmas in Summer! Great pictures and look as always!

  6. It is my dream to visit Australia during Christmas because of the irony, and as much as I love the winter comforts associated with Christmas (Hot Chocolate), I hate the cold weather! I just want to experience Christmas by the beach and getting a tan!


  7. 30 degs ... I think it's as hot as Singapore's noon! It makes me sluggish and unwilling to do anything in hot days like this *LOL
    But still it's great you get to wear a bikini during Xmas VS the others who are cuddling in the cold! Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend since your parents are there to spend it with you!

  8. Honestly - Summer Christmas' are the best!!! I have yet to experience a true winter Christmas but being able to go down to the beach on Christmas day is still something I could never let go!!

    You look gorgeous honey and hope you're having an amazing time with your family!

    Helen xx

  9. Oh thank you darling! Happy Holidays~

  10. I would probably never get used to Australian Christmas either as I've spent my life living in places with four seasons (Swerden and upstate NY) where we've always had lots of snow and it being cold. And one thing that came to my mind when reading this post was seriously, what the heck do you have as to go presents? A BBQ-set or something? Haha.
    Hope you've had a wonderful Christmas, sweetie!

  11. I feel the same way about Christmas in Vegas (there's no snow), so it's a bit hard to get into the Christmas spirit since I grew up in Christmas wonderland where there are four seasons and the magic can be felt every season.

    Happy Holidays!

  12. Hello dear!!
    Very funny post , and really true there for don't become a pig like here in the cold weather in Europe. You eat healthy aslo on the Christmas time so tomorow you can show the bikini :))
    Have a great holidays!!
    Eva from Italy

  13. Haha loved the post!
    New post on

  14. Haha! We celebrated Christmas with Adelaide being the hottest city in the world on Christmas day. Whew! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  15. And I definitely couldn't imagine anything other than a hot Christmas! I hope you're enjoying the holidays! Love these photos!


  16. LOL so funny - as a NYer it's always been cold around here but I always think about people in California who always have beachy holidays LOL. Happy holidays!

  17. haha that would be odd. Not that I wouldn't prefer tropical weather to snow on any other day. But it would definitely be weird not to have it around Christmas haha.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas weekend! Have a good New Years. :)

    xo, mikéla /

    (this comment wouldn't publish the first time. If it ends up going through twice, though, that was on accident lol :P )

  18. Oh my gosh! But it looks so heavenly. I do agree I've been feeling like cozying up all winter because it's raining or frozen outside (literally). I love what you're wearing. At least you can look cute

  19. Christmas on the beach! How beautiful and lovely! Happy holidays babe 😘

    Xx, Jessie

  20. Yeah it's weird to celebrate winter holidays when it's so hot outside! However I prefer warmer climate so I do not mind a beach Christmas!

    By the way, you look beautiful in this stunning outfit! Love your sandals too!

  21. I think I would find it strange too to celebrate Christmas somewhere hot as I've only ever known it to be a winter thing. I never thought about the food issue as well, I would not like to be in a bikini right now after the amount of food I have eaten! Having said that I'm sure it's a lovely change to have some sun in December instead of it going dark at 4pm! I hope you have had a wonderful time :) x

  22. I can only imagine how strange it must be considering that its Summer in Australia now. I grew up in Sweden so Im used to snow and rain all the time. 3 years ago I moved to LA and had to get used to sun all day every day year around with the occasional dripping waters they call rain here.

  23. I'm so envious! I have always wanted to visit Australia! My boyfriend is down in New Caledonia and than going to Aussie for the Australian Open! I had the opportunity to join him but I am a horrible with flying!


  24. I love this post! I had no idea Australia was 10 hours in front of England! Wow. I live in LA and usually Christmas is warm, but this year it was cold and felt like winter!

    Happy holidays babe!

  25. I grew up in Philippines and England before moving to Canada. I think Christmas tradition really varies youre from. I think CHristmas we portray it on the winter as this is what the media and hollywood shows us. I loved that it's sunny in the Philippines when it's christmas, it has it's own tradition that I love compared to my childhood days in England as well. I think what matters is what we feel about christmas. Love the post tho and would love to spend christmas one day in Australia!


  26. It looks so different to celebrate christmas without being cold but it looks like a lot of fun !

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