15 November 2016

Lady in Lace: Festive Party Outfits ft.Valleygirl

lace festive party outfits


It's time for some festive party outfits! 

I don't mean to scare you into starting your Christmas shopping, but it's only five and a half weeks until Santa Claus officially ahem 'comes to town'. You know what that means? One month until we get to pop open the champagne and embrace the takeover of the silly season parties!**Lets off metaphorical party poppers** 

It's time to get your festive party outfits sorted and today I've teamed up with Valleygirl to bring you two lace festive party outfits that are perfect for all of your upcoming Christmas parties and New Years Celebrations!

Party Outfit One: Nudes & Pleats

party outfit lace bodysuit with pleated skirt

pleated midi skirt outfit idea summer
nude and black festive party outfit

valleygirl lace bodysuit and pleated black skirt evening outfit

pleated skirt outfit idea summer beach

plunging bodysuit with lariat necklace

summer holiday vacation evening outfit pleated skirt

pleated black skirt and embellished nude bag

nude and black lace summer party outfit
 Lace bodysuit: Valleygirl*
Skirt: Bardot (Similar)
Bag: Miss Selfridge
Bracelet: The Peach Box*
Necklace: Lovisa
Heels: ASOS

 If you thought that festive party outfits meant looking like a ho ho ho, I'll stop you right there! Knee-length skirts are appropriate for work Christmas parties and this pleated number is a breath of fashionable air into a feminine classic. 

If you're a bit shy of going for huge, theatrical pleats, micropleats are a great way to ease yourself into the trend. Plus: the teeny side slits in this number keep it more 'Santa baby' and less 'Mrs Claus.'

Festive party outfits are all about balancing your shapes to keep it looking classy and, as this skirt is quite loose, I opted for a super fitted lace bodysuit. Plunging necklines are literally made for lariat necklaces, so I new I had to add this dainty gold chain as soon as this bodysuit arrived on my doorstep!

Light blush and black is a timeless combination, so little crazy colourful old me actually kept it simple this time and opted for a completely blush and black festive party look. But if you thought I'd gone all out minimal, you just have to look at this crazy, Princess-y bag. 

My favorite thing about this lace party look is that the pieces can easily be re-styled and worn again in a more casual way. How cute will this skirt look with a statement tee tucked into it?

Party Outfit Two: Lace Co-ords

festive christmas party new year outfit lace coords

black and gold lace co-ords

street style lace outfit idea christmas party

lace co ords and dark berry lip

christmas party lace outfit

christmas new year outfit lace co ords
Lace co-ords: Valleygirl*
Clutch: Tony Bianco
Heels: Target
Bracelet: Swarovski
Earrings: Lovisa

I remember a time when the phrase co-ord was literally enough to make me sing 'I'm every woman' in a fleeting pop of excitement. Then I sort of got over co-ords. That is, until now!

Festive party outfits can all look too same-y and there's nothing worse than rocking up at the annual work bash to find that Jen from accounting is wearing the exact same dress. These quirky co-ords will seldom appear in people's party wardrobes, making you that cool, quirky fashionista dancing away to the Cha Cha Slide (we can only hope!)

The lace on these co-ords may as well be mistletoe it's so darn festive! An array of glistening gold on-top of classic black makes it the perfect choice for Christmas and New Year celebrations alike.

As this playsuit is far more leggy than cellulite Sally I would normally opt for, I teamed it with the highest black heels I have in my wardrobe. I continued the 'lengthening' optical illusion with long statement earrings and a high bun. Finally, I added some festive sparkle with my Swarovski stardust bracelet, as festive party outfits are all about that sparkle!

Have you planned your festive party outfits?
Don't worry, I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet!


  1. I haven't actually planned my festive season outfits yet. I love the two outfits. Especially the first one.

  2. Such a great outfits! :)

  3. The set is so cute. Looks adorable on you. Also the backdrop for the photos is breathtaking!

  4. I still haven't started the shopping, I really should start it asap rather than leaving it to the last minute. Both of the outfits are pretty, my favourite is the first one. Lace bodysuit looks gorgeous! I haven't even planned any outfits as well... I need to change that! xx

    Ela BellaWorld

  5. Hey Rachel!

    Always love a great party outfit inspiration and these two are just fabulous. I can totally see myself wearing both, so please send them over 😂

    I've got a few festive outfit ideas and as it gets near hopefully I'll be able to pick one.

    Have a great week!

  6. That skirt is absolutely gorgeous! I love the idea of co-ords but am always intimidated by them. You look absolutely perfect in them!

  7. Babe, I love the humor from this post, so real but I agree that Christmas is literally around the corner and we need to start shopping early especially for the outfits. Am loving the both looks, the first one would be perfect for a work place end of year party and the 2nd one would be awesome if rocked at a family and friends Christmas party. You loo amazing in both outfits and those are legs should be insured babe, too hot!!!

  8. Amazing outfits! Amazing photos! Gorgeous!

  9. Omg I love your outfits, but the surroundings are perfect...
    I'm a huge beach lover so :D

  10. The location is amazing! Great looks! xx

  11. You look great!

  12. I totally love the first outfit. It looks very chic and classy! And it looks good on you. :) Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  13. You look gorgeous. You have amazing legs!

    Emma | Fashion Photographer and Model |

  14. these looks both are fabulous . . . you have some killer legs <3

    Life is just Rosie

  15. I love both of these outfits! I'm especially obsessed with the color and jewel tone of your blush pink clutch... so stunning <3

    XO Jessi,

  16. You look lovely! The first outfit is my favourite! :) xx

  17. Girl, you look absolutely stunning in both these outfits, which are both perfect for the upcoming holiday season. I really can't believe Christmas and the New Year is around the corner, time is moving SO fast! I love the tips you've given on pleats, suggesting micro for a more subtle effect Oh, and girl yes all day to that matching set, it looks so good on you! Thanks so much for sharing, beauty, and I hope you're having the most amazing week so far!



  18. I love those two looks! They are amazing! I don't know what I prefer the most between your looks and the dreamy places! Love it

  19. These looks are so fabulous..I love it!

  20. Your are killing it in both outfit Rachel! You have got legs for days babe! Both of these looks are perfect for any holiday party. Speaking of which, I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner. I haven't started Christmas shopping yet��

    xo, Jackie

  21. Love the bodysuit paired with the skirt! What a pretty look for the holidays :)

  22. You look great in both outfits!

  23. This palm tree location is so incredible! Makes me want to go back up to Palm Cove up near Cairns. I love that area! I know! FIVE weeks!! Insane!! getting onto it early is a good idea!
    xx Jenelle

  24. I love your anecdotes and the humour you inject in your posts. I don't think I've ever told you that before but I felt compelled to mention it now. I'm loving pleats right now, been contemplating on whether to invest in a skirt or in a top.


  25. You look absolutely gorgeous in both of these! Over here it'd be a bit too cold for them though, you're so lucky for your temperatures haha!

    Xx, Lora |

  26. Theses lace items are so georgous ! I'm so obsessed with the second look.

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  28. The first outfit is my favourite! The white bodysuit is gorgeous!!! I also love that in every post you make, you take us to a different place and it's like being on holidays 24/7! Love the locations you choose :)


  29. I love Valleygirl, the two outfites are festive ready. I like how you style them too. Nice to find your blog.

  30. This is really beautiful. I love the lace.

    Gemma x

  31. Loving the lace, darling! So STYLISH!
    xx Fre -

  32. You look gorgeous in both outfit! I love the first one!

  33. Very classy looks & great tips about proper work party attire. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  34. Love both outfit and seems like weather over there is nice.


  35. You look so pretty!

  36. Love these looks! The first one is more my speed but that second co-ord is really sophisticated! I normally view co-ords as something you frolic in through fields of flowers but this looks like a really grown up take on that.


    Violet Roots || Instagram

  37. I love how you you've styled these outfits, Rachel. Formal partywear but it still doesn't look too much given the beach setting. You look amazing xxx

  38. Love both outfits, I like how one is more casual and ones more glam!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  39. You are such a stunner babe. Although both outfits are beautiful, I love that second look <3

    xoxo Ashon

  40. You always look so good and elegant. You sure are a fashion inspiration. I also love how you are always taking pictures near the water.

  41. Super sexy outfit, I love it! <3 -

  42. You look real pretty in both outfits. The skirt in the first outfit caught my attention. I love it! <3


  43. These outfits are gorgeous,super classy :) xx

  44. This is a great idea, and I will try to find a nice one like this :)

  45. How do you always look SO DAMN GOOD?! Absolutely love the co-ord, so gorgeous!


  46. Dear Rachel,
    Thanks for the inspiration! Yes, Christmas is sooner than one may believe :)
    I love both of the looks you suggest here - my fav is the adorable playsuit. You can totally wear it <3
    I think I have planned my Christmas outfits but as I know I tend to have new ideas this could be changing :) Especially after your inspiring post!
    Enjoy your weekend!
    xx Rena

  47. Cute dress! I love the style of the top! Really pretty :)

    xo, mikéla /

  48. Both looks are wonderful! And you are so stylish darling!

  49. thank you for those inspiring looks, I still have to get my outfit for christmas and new years eve :D

  50. What great party outfits! And I'm loving the pleated skirt :) I'm waiting for mine to arrive in the mail and can't wait to style it up.

    Love, Lindsey

  51. Hush, Rachel! I have not even thought of my Christmas outfit yet. LOL! I love both outfits and they flatter you so well. I do avoid pleats in general as I am worried it will make me look larger than I really am.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  52. i love your party styles! The first one is very relaxing and remind me of the beach paty, while the second one is more like a girl friend's night! love!

  53. You look so beautiful in both these two outfits, Rachel I love your style and you are a true fashionista babe...xoxo, Neha

  54. Yay! I'm so glad the time of year is here to start putting together festive party outfits! I love both of these looks on you and I have SO much love the cute embellished handbag by Miss Selfridge :)

  55. I love these outfit!

    Kisses, DadieB. ~

  56. I love these outfits! They are both so beautifully unique!

  57. Awesome pics!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  58. For once, I am actually quite organised when it comes to my festive party outfits and one of them is a lace dress which I got from New Look. I think lace is just so pretty and classy and I love both of the ways you have worn it here :) x

  59. Looking gorgeous in both outfits! :)

    Really a fan of the first one, love the idea of the bodysuit with a skirt! :)

    YouTube | Blog: Geekette in High Heels | Instagram

  60. Both outfits are very stylish. The playsuit is really cute.

    Jasmine x
    Jas Claire

  61. You look stunning babe!
    x Frederique Happy Tuesday eve!

  62. I am 10,000 times a fan of that bag and those shoes. perfect together and great complements to that skirt.

  63. You look awesome, Rachel. I love all the looks and I feel they would be good for holiday. Maybe not in the US Midwest though. It gets so cold here. I am happy that it hasn't started snowing yet. I could only image what it would be like to have christmas in the summer.

  64. Great festive looks! It must be exciting to spend the holiday season on such a tropical place. I am just used to winterwonderland;) xoxo


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