29 November 2016

10 Red Dresses That Aren't Just For Christmas

 10 red dresses that are not just for christmas

Red dresses are undeniably perfect for Christmas. But we've all had those sequin red dresses and walking-Christmas-tree get-ups that are so Christmassy, they are honestly as disposable as a snowflake-embellished paper plate.

The result? You wear them once, then they sit in your wardrobe collecting dust or become pals with someones old bra in the charity shop bargain bin.

Today, I show you ten red dresses that will see you through the festive period and beyond. After all, there's no point buying something that can only be worn once a year!

1. The Off- Shoulder Party Dress

red off shoulder dress christmas outfit idea

evening outfit off shoulder dress

shell tassel clutch bag blogger outfit details

off shoulder neckline with statement pearl drop earrings 
christmas party outfit summer off shoulder dress and fringe clutch

Dress: Forcast*
Clutch: Local Boutique (Similar)
Heels: Similar
Earrings: Lovisa 

Firstly, apologies for how much of an absolute b--ch I look in these photos, I promise that I am actually not Cruella Deville's second cousin. It was sunny and I was trying to do that 'fierce' thing that I've seen far too many times on Top Model. #MassiveNerdAlert

Now that I've apologized for my moody-ass face, onto the outfit! This stunning watermelon hued dress is the perfect option for Christmas parties, but it's unique shade ensures that is far more versatile than just being a one-night, tinsel-filled fling.

When shopping for red dresses that will see you through Christmas and beyond, it's safe to opt for fabrics that are more on the plainer side of things. This thick, matte fabric doesn't particularly scream Christmas, but when dressed up with a whole lot of bling, it is perfect for the silly season.

As a matter of fact, this red dress will be making a regular appearance in my Summer wardrobe; there is something about this particular shade of red that makes me crave pina coladas and dances next to the beach. I'm heading down to Hamilton Island in a few weeks and this baby already has a prime spot reserved in my suitcase for island cocktails.

This red dress also combines two of my favourite things: off-shoulder and asymmetry. Not only does this ensure that I will be feeling a bit sexy this holiday period, it also ensures it will see me right through the Australian Summer. Wham! Bang! Thank you ma'am!


2. The Red Maxi Slip Dress

how to style a red slip dress outfit idea 

vintage style red low back slip dress with tassel earrings

 red dresses that arent just for christmas

outfit details choker statement earrings black clutch

red maxi slip dress evening outfit idea

low back red maxi slip dress

slit maxi slip dress with lace up black heels

red slip dress outfit idea christmas

Dress: Irisie*
Earrings: Lovisa (Identical here)
Choker: Lovisa
Clutch: Tony Bianco

Miss Deville (see section 1) returns again and this time she's donning this season's creme-de-la-creme of all red dresses: the slip dress.

This outfit may as well have 'so here it is, Merry Christmas' plastered across the back! The silky texture, the low back, the slit; hello Santa baby! I went a bit Courtney Love with a wide-set choker and tassel earrings. If you're a 90s kid, you may as well act like one.

Although this red slip dress may seem festive, whack it on over a white tee and boom: an on-trend look that isn't the sartorial equivalent of egg nogg. I've also seen many ladies layering their slip dresses over shirts and turtle neck sweaters, which is a fantastic option for keeping a red slip dress on rotation all Winter.

As it's Summer here in Australia, I'll be layering this red dress over white tees, short sleeved denim shirts and floral tops. Then I'll add some Adidas Superstars and pretend that I'm an off-duty Gigi Hadid.

See red dresses #3-10 below! Sorry, I did sort of cheat... but a girl can seriously not actually own that many red dresses! **Hides face**

3. ASOS Choker Kimono Dress

This choker kimono dress is that stunning wine hue that is perfect for year-round wear. The oversized kimono sleeves and choker neck make it so on-trend that you wouldn't dare to have it in the back of your wardrobe collecting dust.


4. ASOS Lace Smock Dress

This lacey wonder seriously floats my boho boat (get in ma 'drobe!!!). Aussie ladies can take this beauty from the beach to bar with ease. It's also made to be layered over knitted jumpers and teamed with biker boots. #JustSaying


5. Bardot Lace Dress

I feel like I should just place a million heart emojis here, but that would be about as boring as the back of Louis Walsh's head. This bardot lace dress is your night-out BFF for all year round!


6. Princess Polly Playsuit

Erm.. isn't this a post about red dresses? Yes, but I couldn't leave this red playsuit out, it's super cute and it is perfect for Christmas, New Year and just life in general. **Insert Homer Simpson drool**


7. Revolve Lace Dress

The relaxed off-shoulder fit of this lace-dress makes it really versatile. It's a piece that will be really fun to dress up and down.


8. The Fifth Label Midi Dress

This print is like some kind of stunning optical illusion. Look at it one way and it's so festively Nordic, then look at it another and it says folky Summer festival.


9. Boohoo Cold Shoulder Dress


10. Lavish Alice Bandeau Dress

When looking for red dresses that will see you beyond Christmas, opt for orange toned reds. This Lavish Alice dress is perfect for partying the Summer away.

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10 Red Dresses That Aren't Just For Christmas! Red dresses that you can rock over xmas and wear all year round. #christmasoutfit #reddress



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  8. I think the red slip dress is sooo gorgeous! I am loving the slip dress trend and it's definitely something that would work well for holiday parties and other occasions. Hahaha the Cruella Deville thing is so funny!! I do a similar thing when I take my photos too. Try to channel my inner Kendall Jenner or Karlie Kloss, but I know it doesn't always end up so haha

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    The off the shoulder look is always perfect, and the way you've added your blissful shell embellished clutch makes for the most mermaid-y, outta this world trip. The slip dress screams sexy and I'm loving the idea of wearing it over a white tee for a transeasonal vibe. Your earrings and accessories for both dresses hit a new level of babin'. In total LOVE! Not only do your paradisal pictures transport me straight to hot beaches, your gorgeous writing does the very same! You've got me craving a Piña Colada for sure ;) Hamilton Island sounds like an absolute dream, hope you have a blast lovely, you'll be the sassiest sunshine soul there for SURE! <3

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  12. Red is my favorite color in general and these red dresses are just wonderful my dear!
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  13. I agree that there isn't much point in buying something if you can only wear it once. It's so much better to be able to get more of a wear out of something. Your wallet will thank you and so will the environment! Love the slip dress! I think I remember seeing it in one of your Insta Stories!

    Violet Roots || Instagram

  14. I am obsessed with these picks babe! Red is such an important color for the holiday season, so having this guide for red dresses is super helpful before the holiday season! Thanks so much for sharing girl <3

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  42. Red represents the color of Christmas for sure. Before we even go to the versatility of Christmas party outfits can we state the obvious which is your body being goals since forever, the toned legs and the whole body frame, babe you always keep me on my toes and since I was just eating peanut I will just drop this jar gracefully,lol! I love how you've explained about these dresses being styled differently to fit other occasions so that Christmas can not be the only occasion to wear them.

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    Red is such a stunning colour! I love a red dress!

    Much love,
    Marianne x

  49. Wow the red dress is stunning! You're so right, I love how you can wear red for the holidays and for other occasions! Great selection, I'm gonna get my shopping on now!

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