18 October 2016

How To Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

how to make your outfit look more expensive

When the majority of your wardrobe is high street, how do you make your outfit look more expensive?

Well ladies; it is about how you style it.

You don't have to break the bank to look luxe everyday and to help; I'm taking it back to my blog's name and helping you get that daily luxe look!

Here's my tips on how to make you outfit look more expensive, most of which won't cost you a dollar!

Drape Your Jacket

draped leather jacket as cape fashion week street style

Above: Doing my drape-y thing at fashion week. 

Instead of putting your sleeves into your jacket, drape it over your shoulders like a cape. I don't know if it's because of the endless number of designer-clad fashionista's 'caping' it, but this luxe tactic really does make your outfit look instantly more expensive.

Tuck It In

flare sleeved top tucked into assymetric stripe skirt summer style

Above: By tucking this flare sleeve top into the skirt, it balances and the shapes and makes the outfit look for expensive.

Tucking a baggy top into a high waist skirt or pair of trousers is like a magic trick. As well as making your outfit look more expensive at no extra cost, it's also going to make you look a dress size smaller.

Be Your Own Tailor

off shoulder red prom dress tailor your dress yourself

Above: A brand sent me this dress and it was a literal sack on me. I sewed the seams in at the waist and it ended up looking surprisingly expensive.

There's nothing that cheapens a piece like a bad fit. If you really love a piece, but want to make it look more expensive, you can get it tailored. This is worth it if it's an expensive piece.

For everything else, get a needle and thread and give it a go! I am considering doing a post on how to DIY tailor your own clothes if you guys are interested.

Add A Silk Scarf

silk scarf is a great way to make an outfit look more expensive

Above: I got this C/Meo Collective scarf when I went to see their show at Australian Fashion Week. The luxe fabric and monochrome print make the rest of the outfit look more expensive.

Although silk isn't exactly as expensive as gold nuggets, there is something so darn luxurious about it. Wear a silk scarf around your neck or tie one to your bag to instantly up your look.


Invest In Your Sunglasses

pinstripe fifth label shirtdress with dolce gabbana sunglasses and choker

Above: This $70 dress and $20 looks super duper expensive due to the Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.

If you have to spend your hard earned dollar on something, make sure it's a luxurious pair of sunglasses. They add an air of expense to any outfit, whilst making you look just that little bit mysterious.

With the average pair of designer Sunglasses costing $300, it's a far cheaper investment than a dress too!


If It's Had It, Bin It

**Insert photo of scuffed/ripped/peeling bag or shoes here. 
Oh, wait... they are all in the bin**

Sure you may have loved that faux leather handbag once, but its peeled facade isn't doing anything for your outfit now. Do yourself a favor and ditch any handbags and shoes that are scuffed, ripped or peeling, all they are going to do is cheapen that gorgeous outfit!


Go For Gold

lace up chain michael kors dress with gold chain oversized earrings

Above: the gold chains on my dress ensure my Michael Kors dress looks super expensive. The earrings? 15 bucks! 

When choosing jewellery, slightly polished gold pieces look far more expensive than silver, diamante and resin pieces. I recommend opting for solid pieces or fine chain; this is sure to make your outfit look more expensive.


Never Underestimate The Power Of An Iron

floral embroidered folk striped shirt and skirt outfit

Above: I call this skirt, which is actually one of my favorites, my wrinkle skirt, as it takes a ridiculous amount of ironing. However, if I don't iron it, it looks crap!

If I had a dollar for every woman I saw wearing a crinkled shirt or a crumpled skirt, I'd be rolling on it. Nothing... and I repeat NOTHING ever looks good when it's crinkled. You could spend hundreds of dollars on a stunning piece, but add a few wrinkles and you may as well have got your outfit from the local skip.

By purchasing a piece that wrinkles like a nightmare, you need to be willing to spend that extra five minutes to iron or steam it. Ironing cheaper clothes is also an instant way to make your outfit look more expensive.

Right, that's it: I'm off to do a wardrobe clear-out!


  1. I loved this post, its so smart the way we can play with our clothes. I love the drape the jacket idea, I always find myself doing that when I'm in a fancy place. Have a lovely week ;)

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  5. Such a great post girl!! Draping your jacket and investing in an expensive pair of sunglasses are definitely important!! Thank you for sharing <3

    XO, Jessi

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  12. Fit is definitely key. I completely agree that tailoring will make your outfit look more expensive!


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  14. These tips are fantastic! Will definitely be using them!

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    Great tips. Love your blog.
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  17. Excellent tips! I agree that fit is everything and it's sometimes really hard for me to let go of items that are no longer in the best shape. Also I have no idea why draping your jacket makes such a difference but that and a good pair of sunnies are easily the fastest ways to amp up the chic factor.


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  18. These are all lovely tips! Thanks for sharing them! :) xx

  19. Totally agree with your tips hun, its amazing how you can change a outfit, LOVE all your looks too :)

  20. Bravo! All these tips are so on point, dear. "There's nothing that cheapens a piece like a bad fit." Amen to that! Being the petite girl that I am (hehe) I have to get many of my clothes tailored and the difference is unbelievable. The sunnies trick is also a great one, well actually all of them are! I have never tried the silk scarf trick so I'll definitely give it a go now. Thanks for this helpful post, dear. It deserves to be shared!

  21. Great tips! I always enjoy reading your posts, babe. They're so inspirational to me!
    xx Frederique

  22. I love these tips Rachel, they are super true and very important. The best part is most of them are effortless and cost nothing like ironing clothes, tailoring clothes instead of buying all of them and tucking in. Thanks so much for sharing babe!

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  27. These are such great tips! In fact I think I already do a few of these without knowing it. One of my favorite things to do is tuck something in and add a belt. It just makes everything look more put together! And I love draping my jacket. It definitely makes your outfit look more expensive. Hope you have a great weekend lady!


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  36. I love this post and I definitely think it's all about how you style it and for me, fit is also one of the most important things. I'd love to read your post on tailoring your own clothes as it's something I'd really like to learn to do and could save a fortune! x

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    Lucrezia ♥ (

  38. These are such great tips, and I agree with them all! Draping your jacket and picking the right accessories are ones I use a lot.

    Amy Ann
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    I do agree with the silk scarf. a little trick so many not know about!
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    Happy Monday, love!
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  53. Gold always has a way of making everything look super luxe. I love a draped jacket over the shoulder, it's like magic isn't it. And I should probably invest in an iron. That is one thing I never do, iron my stuff. Crinkles and wrinkles are something I never seem to notice on me, but then later in photos it makes me cringe!


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