24 May 2016

MBFWA: The 2017 Resort Collections

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016
Current diagnosis: Fashion week withdrawal.

Six days, 33 shows and a whole lot of beautiful clothes later, all I can say is: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, you have been a corker!

Today I bring you my report on the top-notch Australian Resort collections and let me say that my shopping list has truly grown to approximately the size of 'War & Peace'.

From the very avant-garde, to the fun and flirty, this is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017 Resort Collections...

Serene and whimsical, flowing yet structured, innocent yet gothic; Matciveski is a plethora of stunning, artistic, juxtapositions. The angelic-nature of oversized ruffles and peeks of underskirts were contrasted with sultrier and gothic elements. Black zipped panelling, crumpled corsets and detached, cloak-like sleeves showed her to be the sorceress and the angel at once. (Read my full review for Mirodoor here)
Maticevski Resort 17

MBFWA Maticevski
 Maticevski Resort 17
 Maticevski Australian Fashion Week
Trends to try:
- Scrunchy textures
- Oversized ruffles
-  Full skirts

Ginger & Smart
Presented in an oh-so-feminine palette of nudes, browns and creams, Ginger & Smart straddled the fine line between bohemian and ladylike. Silky textures were given an edge with cinched in wrap shapes and soft fringing. Assymetry and off-shoulder shapes were perfectly molded in stripes.

Ginger & Smart Resort 17
 Ginger & Smart MBFWA 2016

Ginger & Smart Resort 16-17
 Trends to try: 
-Silky textures 
-Dainty fringing 
-Oversized hats
Misha Collection
Despite starting her label in 2013, the up-and-coming Misha Collection is slowly infiltrating its way into celebrity and it girl wardrobes. This perfect balance of boudoir-style sexiness and classy glamour was an array of whispy lace and layered bustiers. The best part of all? It was open and closed by none other than Bella Hadid!
Bella Hadid Misha Collection
 Misha Collection Resort 17

Bella Hadid Australia
Trends to try:
- Bustier dresses
- Sequins
- Silk Neck ties

Aje's hazey 'post-apocalyptic' scene was a sure fire scream to the 90s. Grungey tees were battered and holed, then thrown effortlessly over denim. Elizabethan ruffle blouses were grunged up with black worker boots and studded denim.

AJE Resort 17
 AJE Resort 17 
Trends to try:


-Distressed t-shirts
-90s ruffles 

Opening with a musical that was some sort of ode to the selfie, Zhivago really pulled out all the stops when it came to glamour! The collection was an adaptation of the 1992 film 'Death Becomes Her' and took the theme of Hollywood glamour and applied a 1,000 watt voltage to it. A plethora of filtered Barbie's strutted the runway in saucy party dresses, contrasted with overly caked, almost decaying, makeup.
Zhivago Resort 17
 Zhivago MBFWA 2016

Zhivago Resort 17

 Trends to try:
-Plunging necklines
- Shoulder pads
- Slitted flares
Karla Spetic
 One of my favorite collections of the week was undoubtedly Karla Spetic. Funky, yet simple, the collection combined clean line and shapes with an air of a European Holiday destination. Color pops of lavender and blue peeked out of wrap skirts and boxy tops. Postcard-perfect photos of holiday destinations were embedded amongst frills and slits.
Karla Spetic Resort 17

Karla Spetic
Karla Spetic Resort 17
Trends to try:
- Scalloped hems
- Lavender prints
- Frilled necks 

By Johnny
By Johnny is known for its cut-outs and colour blocks, so this more flowing collection was truly a turn in a more sophisticated direction. Monochrome prints were draped with ruffles and pulled in strong lines off the shoulders. An air of Sixties Mod was present in oversized florals and high necks, and I loved it!
By Johnny Resort 17

By Johnny MBFWA 2016

By Johnny Resort 17
Trends to try:
- Ruffles
- Monochrome florals
-  Oversized tiers

After hours of 'fierce' models and super serious shows, Macgraw was a sugary-sweet breath of fresh air. Upon entering the theatre, the audience were sat facing a Barbie pink door. As the lights dimmed and the music began, a smiling, innocent-faced girl skipped through clad in a cascade of ruffles. Pretty frills, florals and pleats were all joined with innocent smiles and flowing girls. After the show, I was left with a huge craving for ruffles, cotton candy curls and all things girly.
Macgraw resort 17
Macgraw Resort 17
 Macgraw mbfwa 2016 
Trends to try:
- Tiered ruffles
- Peter Pan collars
- Ditsy florals

Bec & Bridge
We were taken away to a dreamy, bohemian land in a far away, exotic land. As the audience entered, they were met by artists drawing mandalas on the floor in chalk and a musky scent of incense floated in the air. The clothing itself was made for the glamorous traveler. Slouchy white cottons and more-fitted one-shouldered pieces were perfect for a day-to-night wardrobe. The one shoulder cut was a favorite of the brand and appeared on slinky swimsuits and beige jumpsuits. 

Bec & Bridge Resort 17

Bec & Bridge Resort 17

Bec & Bridge Runway 2016
 Trends to try:
- One shoulder
- Suede
- Slinky metallics

Bianca Spender 
Who knew that earthy tones could look so polished? Bianca Spender presented a collection that was sophisticated, on-trend and just that perfect amount of quirky. Adding a 90s pazazz to an understated neutral palette, shapes were tailored, yet oversized.  An element of glam rock was captured in silky suits and perfectly-cut overalls, which showed that office dressing doesn't have to necessarily equate to boring.
Bianca Spender resort 2017
Bianca Spender MBFWA 2016
Bianca spender resort 17
 Trends to try:
- Khaki
- Blazer and Pants combos
- Fitted overalls

C/Meo Collective
 I had the pleasure of interviewing head designer Siham, who told me that the collection was inspired by 'the art form of cubism'.The perfect balance between clean and minimal and on-trend bohemian, the collection was the ultimate wish list. Oversized, double breasted blazers were low-cut and belted at the waist, taking the office fashionista to a whole new level. The office staple of the white shirt had an equally modern makeover and was ruffled, bowed and pleated to make it equally as chic after office hours.
cameo collective resort 17
Cameo resort 17
 Cameo collective resort 17
cameo collective runway 2016
Trends to try:
- Silk neck scarves
- Tiered ruffles and fringing
- Belted blazers 

Bondi Bather 
 The classic Aussie bather got a more sporty makeover courtesy of Bondi Bather. High waist bottoms and sportsbra shapes were accompanied by oceanic prints of splashing waves and palm leaves. Schnootzl the Sausage Dog even made a very anticipated appearance, which resulted in a plethora of 'awws' from fashionistas.
Bondi Bather resort 17
Bondi bather dog
 backstage Bondi Bather
 Trends to try:
- Water inspired prints
- Neoprene bags
- Sheer necklines

I'm a sucker for pretty swimwear and the swim show presented three new brands to go on my radar: Duskii, Palm Swimwear and Aquablu. Always exotic, these collections showed the ultimate beach babe in romantic crochet pieces, sporty separates and tropical embellished numbers.
Duskii resort 17
 MBFWA Swim 2017
 Swim Resort 17
 Trends to try:
- Crochet swimsuits
- Rash vests
-Sleeveless kimonos

Cynthia Rowley
 Known for her flirty take on swimwear, dresses and separates, Sydney seems like the perfect venue to showcase her resort collection.A plethora of floral chiffon made an appearance in layered skirts, flowy pants and maxi dresses. It came with a side of nineties sports luxe via bomber jackets and sporty jumpers. The combination of the flowing, nomadic elements and the more structured silk pieces represented the nonchalant girl who could throw together multiple trends and look effortlessly chic. She wandered through the Caribbean in all her luxury, donning soft folk dresses by day and silky blouses and embellished blazers by night. 
(See full review for Mirodoor here)
Cynthia Rowley Resort 17Cynthia Rowley Australia
Cynthia Rowleyy MBFWA
 Cynthia Rowley 2017
 Trends to try:
- Embellished silk shirts
- Color block swimsuits
- 70s

House Of Cannon
Although they may be a relatively new brand, 'House of Cannon' are quickly becoming known for their quirky and distorted photographic prints. This collection saw a number of stunning dandelion designs emblazoning tailored blazers and pants. But the most show-stopping print of all was the car prints, which were distorted along the lines of the garment in a flattering and chic manner. 
House of Cannon Resort 17
 House of Cannon runway
 House of Cannon MBFWA
 Trends to try:
- Printed blazers
- Assymetric blouses over leggings
- Matching printed sets
Oscar De La Renta 
 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week closed with a plethora of dreamy cocktail and wedding dresses courtesy of Oscar De La Renta. Now under the trusty hands of creative director, Peter Copping, the collection remained true to the late Oscar's undeniably luxurious brand. The runway was opened and closed by Victoria's Secret model Shanina Shaik and featured a number of exquisite wedding and occasion dresses.
Oscar De La Renta Resort 17
Oscar De La Renta MBFWA
 Shanina Oscar De La Renta
 Trends to try:
- Delicate embellishment
- 3d florals
- Silky gowns

Ohhh you're still awake? Thank you for making it to the end of this crazy long post. It was Oscar De La Renta and those super stunning dresses that kept you going right?

  If you're still craving a bit more of MBFWA you can check out my outfits from days 1 and 2 here.

Which collection made you go 'oh my gosh'?

All photos are my own, if reusing, please credit 


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