29 April 2016

The Look: 50 Shades Of Grey

lace up bodysuit jeans

Sporty, off-duty and masculine are making more of a come back than Beiber! As a self-confessed girly girl, today I gave this style a bit of a saucy edge with this melange lace up bodysuit.

Ladies: take note! A sporty look can still scream femininity. Today I show you how, directly from my favorite wall.
26 April 2016

The Luxe For Less: 5 Tops You NEED This Season

♪ All the ladies on a budget say 'hey', all the ladies on a budget say 'ho'♪ For some, the phrase 'budget fashion' brings around images of dowdy granny stores and K-Mart sales. Not today! Throw those money=style stereotypes out of the window, it's time to go bargain hunting!

Today, I've rounded up the five styles of top that will guarantee you look on point this season! Alongside my personal styling tips and street style inspo, I've included budget buys that are all under $70 AUD or less (that's $55 USD or £37!)  And the best part? They still look really darn expensive!

22 April 2016

The Look: Boho-chella

bohemian beach style
Is it just me or is every single blogger and their great Aunt Nora at Coachella? Just one scroll of my Instagram feed equals perfectly clad boho babes rocking out, celebrity squad goals and enough metallic tattoos to cover freaking Big Ben!

Rather than slowly turning as green as Shrek, I decided to style up my own festival-worthy boho look and take it to my tropical haven; the beach! Today I inject a little bit of Coachella into Tropical Australia with lace-ups, metallic tattoos and gold jewellery.  Ah well, crowds always freak me out anyway...
19 April 2016

The Look: Micro Pleats

If the thought of wearing huge, Mary Poppins style, pleats is laughable to you, take the pleat trend and give it a subtle makeover. Today I style my micro pleated Topshop top and give the oversized pleats option the cold shoulder...
15 April 2016

10 HOT Shirt Dress Looks To Steal

shirt dress street style

Feeling shirty? **insert sarcastic bad joke laugh**  Well, I have the post for you! My poor little fingers have been working away on Pinterest to find THE hottest shirt dress looks that are so hot, that you'll need a whole bucket of ice, ten pina coladas and a dip in the freaking Antarctic to cool off!

As those of you in the Northern Hemisphere transition into Spring/Summer and us Aussie's battle into Autumn, a shirt dress is the perfect way to stay stylish for that in-between climate.

And if you thought that shirt dress's lacked versatility, I'll stop you in your heel-clad tracks right there! The proof? These gorgeous looks! Read on for 10 omg-ah-mazing shirt style looks and how you can get these luxe styles for less...
13 April 2016

Statement Sparkles ft. Michael Hill

Michael Hill pendantDon't ever let anyone dull your sparkle.

 The recipe for timeless glamour:
ONE Little black dress
ONE pair of Michael Hill* diamond earrings
ONE rose and white gold faceted pendant.

Wear with confidence, class and a smile!
8 April 2016

5 Swimwear Trends To Try

Paradise (noun): a place of extreme beauty, delight, or happiness

For me, my current habitat of Tropical North Queensland is a true paradise. From turquoise dotted bays, to hidden waterfalls, to The Great Barrier Reef, one of the wonders of the world, I spent every spare minute I get in the tropical sunshine embracing nature at its finest. #ModernHippy

What does paradise deserve?
The best swimwear!

Today I bring you five of my fave tropical flouncing outfits (aka swimwear) and the stunning, sunshine-filled, locations I wear them to!

If you're in need of a new swimsuit, you're in luck! I've done all the hard slogging to find you the best bargain beauties for each swimwear trend!
5 April 2016

The Look: Urban Ultramarine

stripe maxi dress style

Stripes are pretty much like the bread and butter of the fashion world; they are always appetizing, timeless and it's those extra ingredients that make them extra special.

Vibrant stripes are HUGE this season and today I've given them a quirky, urban edge with Adidas trainers and retro sunglasses...
1 April 2016

The Look: Lace & Kicks

lace playsuit sneakers 

Feminine, lace playsuit + sporty Adidas kicks= the perfect sartorial oxymoron.