8 March 2016

How To Re-Style Your Pieces

crochet crop top
 You bought it, you love it, so why would you only wear it once?

In the age of Instagram, it has become a perceived sartorial sin to wear the same outfit more than once. Today, I am here to stamp on that myth with a big fat (heeled) clog! Adorned in some of my fave pieces from past outfit posts, I am here to show that outfit recycling can be a creative and rewarding way to make the most of your wardrobe!

stripe skirt street style 

the peach box

DKNY bryant

cairns australia 
 summer stripe outfit

crochet halter crop 

tropical fashion 

Top: Zaful*// Previously worn here
Skirt: Sportsgirl// Previously worn here
Watch and Bangle: The Peach Box*// Previously worn here
Sunglasses: Tory Burch// Previously worn here, here, here, here
Handbag: DKNY// Previously worn here, here, here 

 Hands up if you've ever thought 'Oh crap... I've worn this before...'. I'll stop you right there! Unless you're Olivia Palermo or the Queen you are undeniably gonna wear your pieces more than once. 'Money doesn't grown on trees', as your Nan would say. 

The key is to style your garments differently through combining different mix ups of pieces. Think of the contents of your 'drobe as chic pantry, sometimes you will make a cake, sometimes you will make a soup.

5 Ways To Re-style Your Clothing

1. Opt for a different colour palette.
You've worn that black fringe skirt in a monochrome look more times than you've craved chocolate, so why not mix it up a little? Team with a hot red top or add some prints and it'll look completely different!

2. Accessorize
We all have that dress that makes us feel 100% like Beyonce. If you want to make it look like a whole new piece for another event, try layering a statement necklace, body chain or collar, then listen to everyone rave about your new embellished dress!

3. Tucking and layering
 If you are wanting to re-style a trusty old top, try tucking it into a high-waisted skirt or half-untucking it. Vamp up a look by layering on jackets, vests and even trousers over skirts.

4. Do the 'occasion challenge'
Ok, so I totally made this name up, but the idea is to take a piece and imagine how you would style it for a different occasion that what you've previously worn it to. Chances are, you will come up with a really unique look that is 100% different to what you've worn before.

5. App It Up
Apps such as 'Netrobe' allow you to digitize your wardrobe. You simply take a photo of each garment  and place them in categories and are able to test various items against each other without even opening your closet! The result? A handful of creative styling options for each piece.

3 Ways To Re-style Your Accessories

1. Make them your trademark
How often have you seen Victoria Beckham sporting sunglasses over the past 15 years? Take your fave accessory and wear to your hearts content and it will become your trademark. I have worn my Tory Burch polarised sunglasses with too many outfits too remember!

2. Handbag-over
Inject a new lease of life into your trusty handbag by tying a scarf around the handle, or even by carrying it a different way. It's totally ok to have a handbag you use everyday. My everyday bits and bobs live in my DKNY Bryant Tote.

3. Stack up your jewellery
If you want to make a real statement, layer up your statement necklaces to create a unique and dramatic piece. Mix up your stacking rings to change your look!

So there's my tips for making the most out of your wardrobe! Do you have any that I could add to the list?



  1. I agree with you!
    You look amazing Rachel. You pictures and outfits are always onpoint. :)
    Xox, Raysa

  2. Yeah! Me too I agree as well! Gorgeous, how you restyled your favorite pieces.

    ~ Styleccentric Fashion' | BLOGLOVIN

    xo, Alyssa

  3. Dear Rachel, I want urgently to repeat that you definitely know many about fashion! And you are so right: we really should wear our pieces often! I like especially your tip to change the colour palette or even to wear a skirt over trousers :) Thanks for sharing and I really love the summer look you share here!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. So many good tips! I'm definitely going to try the occasion challenge!

  5. Wow girl, you look absolutely stunning! love your top and braided hair :)

    x Lilli |

  6. I don't know what more to add, you've covered everything! I like tucking in tops or trying them with different skirts to mix it up :)

    Velvet Blush

  7. Nice skirt! and photo

  8. Awesome re-styling tips, and I love that striped skirt :)

  9. How gorgeous is that top?! You look beautiful!

  10. I am someone who is constantly trying to re-work pieces together. Money doesn't grow on trees and the world is drowning in enough of our rubbish from over consumption as it is!


  11. Great tips... Love the skirt

    Tega Enai

  12. Cool outfit! x

  13. Rachel you're killing me - I swear one day I'm just going to visit Australia and refuse to ever leave! I love how you mention how Instagram kills the perception of wearing items of clothing more than once, it's more than a little unrealistic haha. Great tips, particularly layering and/or accessorising :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  14. Great tips hun and your top is everything!!!!!!!!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  15. Such an inspiring post, it's true we should try to make the most of our clothes ! Love your look :)

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion blog

  16. I totally agree with you, why wear a beautiful piece of clothing just once! Anyway, I love your pictures and you look great.

    My fashion musings

  17. Brilliant styling tips Rachel! And I love your striped skirt! You look amazing!!!

  18. thnaks for your tips, babe, really helpful when we're in front of the closet with nothing to wear...
    you're a fabulous beach girl

  19. thnaks for your tips, babe, really helpful when we're in front of the closet with nothing to wear...
    you're a fabulous beach girl

  20. Wonderful set... especially the top!

  21. I loved reading this post, the tips are great and so useful ♥

  22. I definitely restyle my pieces. Great tips!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  23. Great tips and pictures!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  24. What a stunning place, nice outfit too dear!


  25. Really loved the idea of this post and your advice were absolutely on point, lovely! You look so so gorgeous - that top is so beautiful. Netrobe sounds like such a gem! Now I just need to find time to get every piece photographed - too excited about that & would love to try it. Thanks for sharing your tips, Rach <3
    xox Nadia

  26. Great tips, This top is gorgeous.

  27. Such great tips! I too expand my closet by re-wearing pieces and today I am sharing how to wear a dress as a top. So we are totally aligned here! Love that striped skirt, so fun for spring.

    XO Chelsea

  28. I believe in recycling clothes by styling them differently. It is a waste of money to buy extra similar clothes if you already have existing one. I have use some of those tips that you have given us but I have learned some from your blog. Thank you for sharing!!

  29. These are all great suggestions! I would never wear something once intentionally. Mix and match things and see what new styles you come up with! That Netrobe app sounds really cool too!


  30. Great tips! I totally agree that recycling outfits is definitely a wonderful way to be creative!

  31. you looked so gorgeous. Thanks for the tips.

  32. Thank you for the tips - now I just need to make sure I put them in practice :)

  33. I could not imagine wearing something only once, that is insane. Great post yes for us %99 we do were things more then once.

    Allie of

  34. Fantastic ides! You are our style guru! I should try styling some of my pieces in the ways you suggest. I have to say your lace top is gorgeous!


  35. You look amazing in this outfit. Love your style so much

  36. OMG you ares o pretty and that top so gorgeous love this look. And I hhave been trying to restyle my clothes but I end up wearing my new ones always I am gonna keep these points in mind now.
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  37. I definitely feel that versatility is essential for my wardrobe. Great tips, and love your skirt.
    Paris Street Style

  38. I love your skirt and mostly your advice about restyling. I find it easy to restyle the same pieces I own with different accessories or pieces that I haven't tried together before. It's lot of fun pairing and creating new but at the same time the same looks!
    I just followed you. Please follow me as well. Would love to stay in touch:)

  39. I completely agree, and love your tips on restyling various wardrobe pieces! You demonstrate the tips so beautifully in your photos! :)

    xo Soo |

  40. Love this outfit! Such a pretty skirt!

    xo, Jennifer

  41. Such good tips! Love your top! Looks so beautiful!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  42. Love this outfit!! Perfect for summer

    xo, Monique | itsmonique

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  43. You look amazing in this outfit, i love your whit top!
    Have a great day,

  44. Cute tips Rachel! You're marvellous!!
    Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose NEW POST

  45. Love the stacking up jewellery suggestion – always a winner in my book :)

  46. Such wonderful and great tips!

  47. Like your blouse and sunglasses :)
    Maria V.

  48. Absolutely love this post! You look great, love the hair!

    xx Kasey

  49. Very inspiring post and great tips!
    Love your outfit! :D

  50. Rachel it's seriously a thing, I can't get how people don't rewear their clothes! I really can't afford to break the bank so I am constantly restyling the pieces! Great tips I can use some for sure!

  51. Totally agree! It's all about restyling xx


  52. This is such a great post, Rachel! I love and agree with all the tips you've mentioned here and I also love your outfit, that crop top is SO beautiful! Like Mr. Michael Kors said himself, "I look for versatility in everything I buy." I really do! If I know I won't be able to wear and style it multiple ways, I don't buy it. To me, that's a waist of money! The truth may be that a lot of the people we see on Instagram perhaps do wear the same pieces over and over, but for some reason want to be perceived as something they're not, so they don't share looks with pieces that already have been worn. To me, that's not really relatable and just plays off of what social media has unfortunately become, fictional reality. Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you're having a great day so far!



  53. This look is so pretty, I love your top

  54. Amazing tips lady! I'm all about remixing pieces in a new & fresh way! such a great post!

  55. I think wearing accessories is a big help! Personally, I always re-wear my clothes since my budget is a bit low at the moment. So, different accessories are helping me!

  56. Love this style! Amazing combination with the bag & shoes! :)

    xxx Bianca

  57. You look so stunning! Gorgeous! great tips!

  58. Such a great post, Rachel! Totally agree on re-stacking jewelry! I love to re-style my pieces all the time! You are such a vision and so gorge! Inside and out! Heart you, doll!
    Wishing you a great weekend, beautiful!

    xoxo, Vanessa

  59. Love this! perfect outfit for summer too. :) your top is love.


  60. These are great tips! I always re wear everything and even have a few favourite items that I find myself wearing over and over. I love the idea of the occasion challenge. I'm going to try that. Great post!

  61. You are so right! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful photos

    xo Yvonne

  62. This outfit is so pretty! Love the details of this top, you look amazing ♥

  63. I'm frequently guilty of this, Rachel. Not because I believe it's a sin to wear something more than once but simply because I'm too lazy to rethink how to wear the same piece in different ways. I know, I know, it's something I'm working on :) so thank you, for this timely nudge xoxo

  64. you looks super gorgeous <3 lovely skirt and sunnies!


  65. Your posts are always so helpful! I don't think I can add any more tips!


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