29 March 2016

5 STUNNING Jewellery Trends For S/S 2016

Whether you're headed into Spring/Summer or Autumn Winter, nothing will refresh your look like a new piece of jewellery! Here's five on-trend jewellery pieces that will pieces that will ensure you are at the top of the style stakes. And guess what? They are all under $45! Time to get the luxe for less...
25 March 2016

3 Ways To Wear Over Knee Boots In Spring/Summer

over knee boots spring summer
 Northern hemispher-ers: Spring has officially Sprung! And if you're currently in the process of tossing those heavy layers to the back of your wardrobe, there's one piece that you may wanna leave at the forefront: knee high boots. 

After styling my suedette, knee-high boots for my trip to the UK (here and here), I figured why not rock them for tropical Australia too? After all, no one likes a one hit wardrobe wonder!

Today, I'm going to show you how you can rock those over knee boots for the balmy weather! Aussies; these trans-seasonal looks are perfect for your Autumn weather too. FYI they will last you through the dropping temperatures too. #WorthyInvestment

If styled wrong, over knee boots and bate legs can leave you looking a little bit like Kandi the stripper (that's Kandi with a K, duh!), but styled well, they can look pretty darn awesome!

Here's three ways to style your over knee boots for the Spring/Summer season...
22 March 2016

The Look: Crochet & Culottes

feeding rock wallabies

Hippy can still be haute. Mis-match a crochet bralet with some flowy culottes and a fedora for a more polished vibe.

Today I take you on a rain forest adventure and introduce you to some of my favorite marsupials...
20 March 2016

The 10 Most Beautiful Places In The World

places to see before you die

WARNING: The following post will increase the need to travel.

They say that 'travel is the one thing you can buy that makes you richer' and with #wanderlust constantly trending on Instagram and Pinterest, my travel bucket list is becoming bigger than the Grand Canyon itself.

From breathtaking oceans, to feats of mankind, let's take a look at ten of the most beautiful places in the world and the perfect outfits to wear if you ever were to visit... **Restrains self from driving to airport**
15 March 2016

The Look: Sunnies, Shoulders & Shells

summer playsuit style
 'Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea and breathe the wild air.'

Nothing can uplift your confidence like a new haircut and a killer pair of new sunnies. Today, I wear my new Firmoo* sunglasses with my shoulders on display and shells in my hair...
11 March 2016

The Perfect Playsuit For Your Body Shape

playsuit body shapes
Ah... playsuits! How we love you! A lazy girls bezzie, this all-in-one-outfit takes away all those 'does this skirt go with this top' moments. With all the cuteness of a dress, without the worries of a gust of wind blowing your way (#ICanSeeYourBum), I can seriously never get enough of these cute rompers in my wardrobe!

I'm a total believer in wearing whatever you want, but have you ever wondered what type of playsuit is most flattering for your bod? Whether your a perfect pair, an amiable apple, a ravishing rectangle or a hourglass hottie, read on for your ultimate romper....
8 March 2016

How To Re-Style Your Pieces

crochet crop top
 You bought it, you love it, so why would you only wear it once?

In the age of Instagram, it has become a perceived sartorial sin to wear the same outfit more than once. Today, I am here to stamp on that myth with a big fat (heeled) clog! Adorned in some of my fave pieces from past outfit posts, I am here to show that outfit recycling can be a creative and rewarding way to make the most of your wardrobe!
4 March 2016

The Look: Cascades

 'One touch of nature makes the whole world kin', Shakespeare

Wanderlust leads to the most stunning places. Truly off the beaten track, this pristine waterfall lies in the midst of the tropical rain forest.

Wearing my suitably bohemian Zara, flare-sleeved dress and my wine-hued floppy hat, I soon felt myself melting into the luscious surroundings and become my good ol' nature hippy self...
1 March 2016

The Luxe For Less: 10 Drool-worthy Frayed Denim Looks


As fashion week moves swiftly on to Gay Paris, our eyes are still on the street style!

If street style was a magazine, denim yet again made the cover, but this time, it had more of an undone vibe. Cue my latest obsession: frayed denim.

Ahhh....Marques Almeida, you have seriously made us want to take a pair of scissors to our fave denim pieces and just hack away! 

But just before you pick up those scissors, listen up! A good pair of jeans is like a best mate, they are always there for you and are an instant pick up, so why cut em up? Do your old trusties a favor and invest in some frayed denim pieces.

Here's my Marques Almeida lust list **drools**: 

If you're wallet is feeling lighter than Donald Trump's brain, fear not! I am back with a brand new rap my luxe for less series and have been bargain-hunting away to find these street style-inspired pieces just for you!

So get ready for ten street style frayed denim looks I can't stop lusting over and my budget-friendly options! Your wallet will thank me!