26 February 2016

The Look: The Scarf Tuck

sleeveless waterfall vest
Ladies: ever wish you could hit that snooze button just one more time in the morning without having to sacrifice looking chic? I have discovered the solution: the scarf tuck!

Today I show you a style tip so easy a toddler could do it. Brought to you from my favorite wall...
23 February 2016

The Look: Underwear as Beachwear

lace playsuit beach
 Apologies if you stumbled upon this post expecting me to be in my undies! (You cheeky devil, you!) 

Today, I bring you a fully clothed, yet slightly risque trend for me; underwear as outerwear. Sorry Mum.

Slip dresses have been sneaking up on us for the past few seasons and today, I style the slip play suit; all the saucy vibes of the dress, with just that little bit more coverage! 
19 February 2016

New York Fashion Week A/W 16-17: The Cheat Sheet

New York, New York... no wonder so many folk write songs about you1 8 days and a trillion garments later, you certainly have provided us with a walk-in-wardrobe's worth of inspiration! 

As the fash pack jet off to London town for the next lot, let's catch up on all the hottest New York Autumn-Winter 16-17 collections. The best way? Cheating. Duh!

That's right, I'm back with my demanded Fashion Week cheat sheet series, in which I sum up each key show in 3 photos and 3 words. So basically, I've done all the hard work for you and you can sit back, relax and absorb!

Your next stop: Autumn-Winter collection expertise. #Aheadofthecrowd

3, 2, 1, lift off!
16 February 2016

The Look: Shipwrecked

 It's not everyday that exploring leads you to finding your new favorite place. Today I show my private idyllic paradise, in my suitably Safari-esque bow-tie shirt and sand shorts combo.
12 February 2016

The Look: Let's Get Lost

stripe playsuit style 
'If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there.'- Lewis Carroll, 'Alice In Wonderland.'
9 February 2016

The Daily Luxe x Banarsi Designs: 10 Ways To Tie A Scarf

how to wear a scarf
If you thought a scarf was simply a matter of ‘throw it around your neck’, I’ll stop you right there! In the world of the stylish, a scarf is not just a fashion accessory, it’s an endless source of self expression. In less waffly terms, there’s a whole lotta ways to tie a scarf that can add style and that little bit of quirk to your look. ‘Erm… so how exactly do I tie it then?’ I hear you ask. Fear not: I have searched far and wide, **cough** google, to find you the ten most stylish ways to tie your scarf!

So grab your fave scarf, pop yourself in front of the mirror and get ready to endure my mug for the next few minutes! It’s time for a scarf tying masterclass!
5 February 2016

The Look: Boho Brown

Michael Kors lace up chain dress
Let's be straight: colours remind us of things. Spring green anyone? Or maybe sky blue? **Insert colour cliche here** So when it comes to brown, does our brain automatically go "poooooo"?

I'm totally ashamed to say that I had to restrain myself to not call this post 'how to wear brown without looking like a turd', but I thought that would have been a little too far. Note to self: not everyone has the humor of a toddler.

I think that rocking brown is all about finding that dress that looks anything but a piece of poo poo and this Michael Kors baby totally ticks that box. With a Cadbury-ish shade and cute boho lace-up detailing in luxe gold, this dress is the perfect mix of classic glam and laid back boho. So how do you rock this tricky shade? Read on...

2 February 2016

The Top 5 Islands In The Great Barrier Reef

top islands great barrier reef

If I had to write a list of my favorite things ever to do, island hopping would certainly make the cut! Living on The Great Barrier Reef, I literally have one of the seven natural wonders of the world right on my doorstep! 

I am so excited to share with you guys, my own, personal paradise. Get ready for idyllic white beaches, a rainbow of reef, a lot of beachy fashion and enough palm trees to fill all of Yorkshire! Here's my five favorite islands on the Great Barrier Reef...