30 January 2016

The Look: Simply Red

A very dressy dress doesn't have to be saved for one occasion! Today I dressed down my prom-ish dress with brown leather accessories and just-off-the-beach hair.
26 January 2016

How To Style Your Favourite Top All Year Round
They say: Pack that blouse away for Winter! I say: Layer it up and rock it!

Today, I show you how I styled my favorite Zara plaid top for the tropical Port Douglas beach, Australia (30 degrees). Then, how I layered it up and rocked it on the streets of York, England (1 degree).

Want to keep your fave top in high rotation all year round? Read on for my looks and for my top styling tips...
22 January 2016

5 Timeless Items To Splurge On

fashion investment pieces
Stop: Hold the press! A piece on The Daily Luxe that is not about bargains?! Ladies: You all know I am addicted to bargains and this ain't gonna change! (Just try and hold me back from those sales! I dare you!). But as I get further and further into my twenties, the more I understand the importance of investing in quality and timeless pieces. After all, we need to treat ourselves sometimes.

Speaking of treats, the other half and I had a stupid  totally valid argument the other day about whether buying a Chanel handbag is an investment:

Him- 'It's not a diamond ring, which will go up in value.'

Me- 'But it's a Chanel bag. They are timeless; I can pass it on to my daughters and granddaughters and it will go up in price because it will eventually acquire a vintage status.'

Ah babe... you will never understand fashion.

Unlike my boyfriend, the crew at Hiphunters have their hand firmly on the fashion pulse. Thanks to this a premium and luxury shopping platform, finding those investment pieces is now easier than ever!

Let's take a look at five timeless designer items that are totally worth the splurge...
20 January 2016

The Look: When In Romany

fringe cardigan 
Don't leave the gypsy boho trend for Spring/Summer. Layer up in an abundance of tassels, chunky knits and flared jeans to tick all of those Seventies boxes.

Today I explore the city of Bath's iconic Roman Baths in gypsy-esque attire. You know what they say; when it Rome, or Romany... should I say...
17 January 2016

The Look: Snow

Newsflash: I've swapped my normal tropical landscape for this British Winter Wonderland. Today, I explore the North Yorkshire Moors in this warm, plaid get-up.
12 January 2016

The Look: London Calling

Fingers: Numb. Toes: Numb. Ears: Numb.

Although I love my tropical Australian habitat, England I am happy to see you! Today I'm visiting my countries capital in some cold-weather trends I've been Pinning for far too long...
8 January 2016

The Look: Bikini Bod

Triangl neoprene bikini'The body is meant to be seen, not covered up'. Marilyn Monroe
5 January 2016

The Luxe For Less: Tommy Hilfiger S/S 2016

Ok.... surely I am not the only one who stares at fashion week photos and wishes that some sort of trend wizard would magically make a trillion dollars appear in my wallet? Thought not!

Luckily, I'm back with another of my 'Luxe for Less' series and I'm ready to bring you the hottest catwalk trends on the budget of a pauper! Today it's all about recreating Tommy Hilfiger's lush Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

 So if you are coveting Jamaican-esque colors, tropical florals and a whole lotta island vibes, read on...
1 January 2016

The Look: Sunshine Vibes

Today 'is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.'