28 December 2016

Hamilton Island Travel Diary

girl in infinity pool with sea views hamilton island 
Hamilton Island may just be my favorite place in the entire world. A plethora of white sandy beaches, cerulean seas and natural wonders make this tropical haven a place you need to add to your bucket list.

Get ready for a serious slice of beachy paradise as I share the best bits of my Hamilton Island trip...
23 December 2016

5 Reasons Why Christmas In Australia Will Always Be Odd

christmas baubles on palm tree beach

As the rest of the world settle down in front of a roaring fire and attempt to defrost their fingers with hot chocolate, I am hibernating in air con considering how ironic those icicle fairy lights & snow man decorations are. I mean, I can't even keep the ice cubes in my Coke Zero frozen!

Ok, Australian readers: you can stop laughing at me now! Having grown up in the coldest, greyest corner of England, the concept of a 'hot Christmas' is always something that will baffle me.

Although I may have lived down under for four years, here's five reasons why Christmas in Australia is something that I will never get used to....
15 December 2016

Take One, Change One, Take Two!

outfit white shirt and black skirt with adidas superstars

Just when you thought you had nothing to wear, simply take a previous outfit, swap out one garment and watch the new look take on a whole new vibe. 

Today I show you the power of changing out one piece of clothing. After all, when an outfit looks truly amazing, you may as well rock it two ways! 

6 December 2016

Find Your Magic ft. Oliver Bilou

sequin embellished playsuit boho
 'Nothing is ever as it seems, find your magic'

 If you had to materialise your personality in an outfit, what would you be? I could only hope that I would be a little bit like today's getup: detailed, sparkling, playful and with an edge of sophisticated, timeless luxury.

Today, I en-light my inner magic and bring you a fun and feminine party look, with this embellished sequin playsuit and my stunning Oliver Bilou Mia Bag*.
29 November 2016

10 Red Dresses That Aren't Just For Christmas

 10 red dresses that are not just for christmas

Red dresses are undeniably perfect for Christmas. But we've all had those sequin red dresses and walking-Christmas-tree get-ups that are so Christmassy, they are honestly as disposable as a snowflake-embellished paper plate.

The result? You wear them once, then they sit in your wardrobe collecting dust or become pals with someones old bra in the charity shop bargain bin.

Today, I show you ten red dresses that will see you through the festive period and beyond. After all, there's no point buying something that can only be worn once a year!
22 November 2016

Must Have Minimalist Accessories ft. Dezzal

 minimalist accessories summer look with Chloe Faye dupe and button up denim skirt

Minimalist accessories are the absolute core of any wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong: I literally eat and breathe prints like oxygen, but minimalist accessories have one thing that an abundance of prints and patterns do: versatility.

Today, I show you a more minimalist side of me and show you two must have minimalist accessories from Dezzal* and hit the harbour thinking “Oh my gosh: am I going minimalist and loving it?”

15 November 2016

Lady in Lace: Festive Party Outfits ft.Valleygirl

lace festive party outfits


It's time for some festive party outfits! 

I don't mean to scare you into starting your Christmas shopping, but it's only five and a half weeks until Santa Claus officially ahem 'comes to town'. You know what that means? One month until we get to pop open the champagne and embrace the takeover of the silly season parties!**Lets off metaphorical party poppers** 

It's time to get your festive party outfits sorted and today I've teamed up with Valleygirl to bring you two lace festive party outfits that are perfect for all of your upcoming Christmas parties and New Years Celebrations!
8 November 2016

How To Style Orange: My Top Tangeriney Tips

orange dress outfit idea summer australia

How to style orange is a tricky one. Do it right and you'll look like a sizzling babe, do it wrong and you'll look like Snooki's upper arm. 

A few years ago, I was totally convinced that orange would never suit me. As a matter of fact, I would have rather worn a bin liner than donned this tangerine hue. But, lo and behold: I simply hadn't found the right orange for me!

Today I share with you my tips on how to style orange and show you this tangerine dream dress from Honey and Beau*
4 November 2016

3 Handbag Trends To Invest In

handbag trends to invest in
A girl can never have too many handbags! And when that handbag is eco-friendly, even better!

Today, I show you three handbag trends that you literally need in your life alongside Avery Verse : The luxury handbag company with an environmental difference.
1 November 2016

Dolce & Gabbana Inspired Look: La Dolce Vita

dolce and gabbana style black red floral dress
Ciao bellas! Today I am showing you how I got this cheeky Dolce & Gabbana inspired look for less.

For season after season, black, feminine dresses with red roses have become the epitome of the D & G look. My dress? Well its a mere $80 from VIP Me*.

So let's pretend we're in Italy and I'm some sort of timeless, Sicilian bella, as I show you how to get the luxe for less...
25 October 2016

Nandroya Falls: Wanderlust & Lace Luxe

 nandroya falls wooroonooran cairns atherton tablelands 
We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Nandroya Falls is the perfect postcard picture of paradise. The sheer size of this single drop cascade is majestic enough to take your breath away.

Today, I throw on my lace playsuit* and Triangl bikini* and take you on a wanderlust filled adventure to Nandroya Falls.
18 October 2016

How To Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

how to make your outfit look more expensive

When the majority of your wardrobe is high street, how do you make your outfit look more expensive?

Well ladies; it is about how you style it.

You don't have to break the bank to look luxe everyday and to help; I'm taking it back to my blog's name and helping you get that daily luxe look!

Here's my tips on how to make you outfit look more expensive, most of which won't cost you a dollar!
11 October 2016

Doing It For The Frill: How To Style Ruffles

nude off shoulder ruffle playsuit from bardot. Australian summer look styled with fringe and shell clutch 
 When it comes to how to style ruffles, one wrong move can place it smack bang in 'little miss moffat' territory.

Today I show you my fave ruffled piece and give you my top ruffle styling tips.
4 October 2016

Australian Utopia: Summer Lookbook ft. Valleygirl

girl on beach summer style flare off shoulder coral top with assymetric stripe skirt
As the Australian Spring/Summer season arrives, it's time to embrace an abundance of florals, cute frills and enough off-shoulder pieces to make you think that straps never really existed.

Today I team up with Valleygirl for a Summer Lookbook to show you some of my favorite Australian Summer trends.

27 September 2016

3 Braided Hairstyles For A Lob Or Mid-Length Hair

braided hairstyles for a lob or mid-length hair

Ladies with lobs or mid-length hair: you can rock beautiful braids! Today I've put together 3 braided hairstyles for a lob that will ensure your shoulder-length hair is just as versatile as your long haired buddies.

After seeing bucket-loads of amazing feedback after my last hair tutorial for lobs and mid-length hair (blushes), I'm back with another! I have to say, I am surprised that is becoming a regular 'Daily Luxe' thing, as I have about as much hair as a three year old baby. 

Nonetheless, get thee to a mirror, as your lob's about to become one heck of a braidy lady!
20 September 2016

Cami Slips & Hypocrites

The cami slip is one item that you need to invest in this season.

Today, I've given mine a beach-y, boho edge with lace shorts and Coachella-inspired accessories.

Plus: I share what I really look like when I blog...
13 September 2016

5 Beach Style Looks Under $50

bargain summer beach outfit ideas for under 50 dollars cheap swimwear playsuits and trends

Northern hemispheres: please don't scream blasphemes at your screen! (hows that for assonance?) Here in the land down under, Summer is officially on it's way, so I thought I'd share some pieces I've collected over Winter (everyday is Summer in Cairns).

Whether you're a USA babe off on holiday, or a Melbourne fashionista welcoming the Spring days, you can totally up your beach style game without your wallet being as empty as orphan Oliver's bowl. EVERY SINGLE look in this look book is less than $50!!

Ohmygoshreally? Yep. Come join the tight thrifty bandwagon with me as I show you 4 beach style looks under $50.
6 September 2016

The Look: Folds & Folk Style

folk style floral embroidered stripe shirt outfit with wrap skirt and oversized cat eye sunglasses in Kuranda girl drinking coconut

Bring on a flourish of trumpets for my latest trend obsession: folk style!

Embroidered Eastern European embellishments (try saying that fast 10 times) are my newest fashion love affair. Today, I team my newest folk style embroidered blouse, with a colour matched, folded skirt and go for a dippy-hippy adventure in Kuranda, Far North Queensland.
30 August 2016

3 Stylish Ways To Style A Lob (Long Bob)

 how to style a lob
If you told me I was going to cut my hair into a ‘bob’ 5 years ago, I would have laughed. Or cried. Then walked around in a swimming cap in fear that someone with scissors was watching. ‘Bobs’ belonged on that 55 year old lady round the block. She was predominately called Sue, she loved angora jumpers and she was about to go through a mid-life crisis. I mean… what kind of sexy hairstyle is named after a guy called Robert?

Fast forward a few years and I am loving my long bob! The lob is one heck of a do’! At that gorgeous, shoulder skimming length that’s super flattering, I’m officially on the ‘bob’ train. Although the long bob is far more versatile than ‘the Anna Wintour’ or ‘the Pob’ (god remember that?!), it can be a bit tricky to mix up your look, especially if you previously had long hair.

I’ve been experimenting with my mid-length tresses, and there’s actually loads of options when it comes to styling your lob! Today, I’m going to show you three cute ways to style your lob: the beachy waves, the fishtail braid and the half top knot.
23 August 2016

The Look: Tropical Tribal Prints

aztec print artisan plunging playsuit outfit for summer in the tropical Australian rainforest

"We never noticed the beauty because we were too busy trying to create it."

Direct from the Australian tropical rain forest, comes this punchy, tribal-print look.
16 August 2016

How To Find The Best Swimwear For Your Body Type

how to find the best swimsuit for your body shape apple shape pear shade hour glass shape
The thought of donning a swimsuit can make even the most confident of us ladies run to the hills.
Hello: I haven't done squats in 2 years! I hate my love handles. I'm too skinny.
**Finger snaps** Girlllll you better stop!

EVERYONE can rock a swimsuit, chances are you just haven't found the best swimwear for your body type yet.

I have to confess that I've had this post in the bag for a while now, and with the Northern Hemisphere still enjoying the heat and Australia about to head into Summer, I thought now would be the perfect time. Being in reverse climates/ constant Summer can be confusing!

So get ready for a little styling session and learn how to flaunt all that sexiness your mamma gave you in the right swimsuit for your body type!
9 August 2016

The Look: That Vintage Slip Dress

vintage floral slip dress over shirt 90s style with black ankle boots and Tony Bianco black clutch. Australia beach outfit
"She may be young, but she likes old things"

The vintage slip dress can be a little bit daunting. Lying in that strange fashion grey zone, it's both see through and can look like you've stolen it straight from your Nan. 

After re-discovering this saucy, vintage Dolce and Gabbana slip dress at the back of my closet, I was seriously determined to wear it. Layered over a white t-shirt and crochet skirt, it's perfect for giving a bit of 90s grunge to a Summer look. Just call me Courtney Luxe!

Well, as Macklemore said: 'I wear your grandmas clothes, I look incredible...'
2 August 2016

My Top Dreamy Spots in Far North Queensland

best places to visit in Far North Queensland

Far North Queensland, in any language, should literally translate to paradise. With sparkling aquamarine seas and serious natural wonders right on my door step, I couldn't imagine living anywhere more serene.

As many of you enter serious wanderlust territory when you see the backdrop of my outfit photos, I thought I'd share with you a few places around the Cairns area that a little bit off the beaten tourist track. Believe me when I say, these places are quite literally wanderlust on legs!

Here's my top beautiful places around Cairns, tropical North Queensland, that you just HAVE to visit!
26 July 2016

3 Ways To Style Black For Summer

Ladies: Raise your hands if you have a soft spot for anything black! Thought so!

Although I am a self-confessed walking rainbow, as I get older, black is becoming more and more appealing to me. But, living in a constant tropical paradise, black seems about as fitting to my climate as an Eskimo in a bikini.

As Summer is here for most of the world, and hopefully not too far away for my fellow ladies down under, I thought I'd share 3 vibrant ways to style black for Summer.

All it takes it takes is one black playsuit (with an oh-so-lush choker neckline...)
19 July 2016

8 Steps To Beach Beautiful

how to look good on the beach

The beach= my happy place. Turquoise shores golden & rays are, quite literally, a symphony to the mind. But unfortunately, the most relaxing place in the world can see our body insecurities thrashing upon our confidence like a tidal wave.

"Darn...if only I'd done those 50 million sit ups, maybe I'd look like Candice Swanepoel's little sis..."

I'll stop you right there! There are so many things you can do on the week/month/day to look like a total goddess upon the sands.

Get out your faux tan and fave sunnies, as I share my 10 steps to beach beautiful...

Disclaimer: I know I am not the biggest beach beauty in the world, but without these tips, I would look like a wig-donning Shrek.
12 July 2016

That Boho Beach Outfit

boho beach outfit
 Boho and the beach go together like sequins and December. Here I come with another boho beach outfit, brought from another slice of Australian paradise.

Make easy-breezy, printed wrap skirts and choker tops your Summer uniform. Wear with fake tan, a smile, and a bucketful of self confidence!
5 July 2016

10 Ways To Feel More Beautiful Everyday

ways to feel more beautiful 
We all deserve to feel more beautiful. 

There's a tiny part of my brain snickering right now. She is that girl that called me fat when I was 15, she is that voice of self doubt that tells me 'you're not good enough', she is my anxiety and depression, she is every single nasty thing anyone has ever said to me.

I shut her off and laugh. And you should too!

'Beauty' is a term that's really drilled into us from a young age. And by drilled I mean hammered, stapled and nailed to us.

But what exactly is beauty? I like to think of it as something that's not just physical, but something that's inside.  It's happiness. It's self assurance. It's being as physically healthy and beautiful as you can naturally be.

I look back on photos of myself from five years ago and I can just see how darn miserable I looked. Suffering from extreme depression, low self-esteem, I was overweight, unhappy and stuck in an ultimate rut! I would have never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would finally feel beautiful.

But this isn't about me and my violin-themed 'sad story'; it's about you!

I found ways to feel incredibly beautiful without that nose job I planned when I was 14, without crazy diets, without becoming 'Instagram famous'!

Today, I'm going to share those techniques with you...

28 June 2016

The Look: Black Maxi Dress With A Twist

black maxi dress summer

A black maxi dress= your new Summer best friend. Although fashion magazines, your Mum and apparently the whole bloomin' internet seem to disagree. **Puts on Regina George voice** 'duh... black is for Winter.'

Sorry to break it to you love, but this popular colour, or should I say lack of, is totally Summer appropriate. Just make it a black maxi dress and add funky details such as a semi-sheer skirt or cute buttons and it's as playful and cute as a floral, lace-y, sun dress (without the twee!)
21 June 2016

Boho Blouse: The Easy Way To NAIL Boho Chic

Boho Blouse: The easy way to nail boho chic
boho blouse

If there's one item you need to invest in this Summer, it's the boho blouse. Flowy, festival-y and all round pretty, it's the one piece you need to truly nail the over-riding 70s trend.

If you've been reading The Daily Luxe for a while now, you will know that beach boho is practically my middle name. So surprise, surprise...I've got yet another dippy-hippy look to share with you! Predictable? Me?

Today, I show you how I styled my blouse and share my top styling tops on how to rock the boho blouse! 
14 June 2016

The Look: Sandy Dresses & Sandy Shores

nude beach dress

 Kick off your heels and wander barefoot along the sun-kissed, sandy shores.

Hitting my sandy habitat in this easy-breezy trapeze dress, topped with lashings of natural stone jewellery.
10 June 2016

The Look: Extra Long Sleeves

extra long sleeves trend

If you've been coming to 'The Daily Luxe' for sometime, you will know that I'm as much as a sucker for a flare as Disco Stu. 

But recently, the flare has taken a slightly longer and less voluminous direction: the extra long sleeve. From knuckle grazers, to finger-tip skimmers, these extra long blouses are the item to invest in this summer.

Read on for all this long, flowy goodness and my top tips on how to style extra long sleeves...
7 June 2016

10 Wanderlust-y Beach Looks To Rock

best beach looks 2016
'SUMMER!!!', the entire Northern Hemisphere screams in unison.

Summer style will always be my fave; effortlessly chic maxis, cute cut offs and enough boho luxe to fill a whole darn swimming pool!

Today, it's time to get your wanderlust hats on! I'm sharing 10 perfectly-salty beach looks for you to copy this Summer! Plus: my luxe for less shopping options so that you can get that Pinterest-worthy look for under $100.

Just try not to get on a plane after you read this! (Especially if you're headed into Aussie Winter)
3 June 2016

The Look: That Retro Thing

flared sleeve style

Weekend expeditions to volcanic lakes, hippy villages and retro cafes are made for quirky retro looks. Today, I channeled my 1970s spirit child and went hippy in flared sleeves, statement stripes and this oh-so-stunning beaded Native American Necklace*.
31 May 2016

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia: My Style (Days 5 and 6)

Mercedes-benz fashion week australia street style
Fashion Week down under is like walking into an issue of 'Harpers Bazaar.' Beautiful people twirling in designer dresses, huge photographers and PR mavens whose names are about as hard to say as that Peter Piper tongue twister.

Here's my little corner of that magazine: my street style looks from days 5 and 6 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. 

Bargain hunters, get your happy faces at the ready, this post includes one of my most photographed looks: a $18 playsuit*
27 May 2016

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia: My Style (Days 3 & 4)

MBFWA street style

Fashion week is always a mixed bag. Some people are inspired by what they see on the runway and some are more wowed by what they see on the guests.

To put it simply, if fashion week was a three course meal, street style would be the tasty dessert. Today I share with you my looks from days 3 and 4 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, which includes a suitably chocolate- hued top (nom nom nom)...
24 May 2016

MBFWA: The 2017 Resort Collections

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2016
Current diagnosis: Fashion week withdrawal.

Six days, 33 shows and a whole lot of beautiful clothes later, all I can say is: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, you have been a corker!

Today I bring you my report on the top-notch Australian Resort collections and let me say that my shopping list has truly grown to approximately the size of 'War & Peace'.

From the very avant-garde, to the fun and flirty, this is the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017 Resort Collections...
17 May 2016

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia: My Street Style

MBFWA street style

Fashion week: a plethora of stunning clothes, new faces, old friends, endless flashing lights and blistered toes. If only the glasses of champagne and front row views could be forever...**sighs**.

With Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia in full swing, it's safe to say that MBWA: You have totally upped your game! **Aussie Aussie Aussie! Oy oy oy!** With stunning resort collections from designer collections including Zhivago and Ginger & Smart and a saucy catwalk appearance from Bella Hadid, there is a whole lot of tales to tell...

But as I sit with blistered feet and an on-coming surge of slumber, I thought I'd share my Fashion Week looks for the first few days of MBFWA....
13 May 2016

The Look: Pastels in Paradise

pastel playsuit beach

Bright hues and punchy patterns are inevitably what we automatically reach for when the sun is out and the beach is on!  Today I am here to show you that pastels are just as red hot.

Set against the serene, turquoise backdrop of Fitzroy Island, this grey-lilac romper* is a softer scream of Summer.

Read on for more of this stunning Lookbook playsuit*, as well as a cheeky styling tip from yours truly!

10 May 2016

10 Ah-mazing Outfits With Adidas Superstars

how to wear Adidas Superstars

Let me tell you about my current drool-worthy pair of shoes I can't get enough of...

- They go with everything
- They are sooo comfy
- They look super chic

Tell me Rachel, what are these magical unicorn-esque shoes?

If you have been reading my blog lately, you would have seen that I have jumped on this street style trend wagon with my hands in the air screaming 'hallelujah!'. Trans. I wear them all the time.

And if you've bagged yourself a pair of Superstars, or any other stylish sneaker, you're in luck! I've been around the world of the net and found 10 crazily stunning outfits with sneakers aka trainers. (Where's my British gone?)

Just a quick message to your feet: You're welcome!
6 May 2016

How To Get The Perfect Fake Tan

fake tan tips 

 Living in tropical Australia, one of the most common things I get asked about is my tan. I'll tell you now: it's fake.

As a matter of fact, I am the biggest (and safest) anti-UV granny when it comes to real tanning. I wear SPF 50 and take shade under the palms when I visit my beachy paradises.

Growing up in the UK, the slightest slither of sun would see my pasty, white bod laying face down on a sun bed. Now I live in one of the hottest and sunniest places in the Western world and I'm always covered in sun block. Why? 1 in 3 Australian women will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. 

Fortunately, getting a tan can be easy, safe and is waaay faster then a 2 week wrinkle-causing bake out! 

Today I share with you my top tips to get that perfect sunkissed glow, whilst flouncing around paradise in my Black lace swimsuit* from Lookbook Store.