27 November 2015

The Look: Modern Classics

The perfect balance between the trend and the wardrobe staple? The modern classic! Take classic jeans with a flared seventies twist, a nude bag and a black-wrap cami. Sprinkle on some ditzy, sterling silver, stacking rings and a boho pendant from Emma & Roe* and now we're talking!

24 November 2015

The Luxe For Less: 4 Shoe Trends Under $40!

Ladies: Raise your hand if you never feel like you have enough shoes!


As a matter of fact, researchers have found that the average woman owns 27 pairs of shoes,  while the average man owns 12. No wonder our other halves never understand our burning desire for just one more pair of lace up heels.

Luckily, owning this seasons hottest shoe styles comes at a surprisingly low price. Bargain site Banggood has more style steals then you can fit in your already-bulging shoe closet. **Forces the door shut**

Whether you've been eyeing up those Rockstuds or lusting over some thigh-high boots, there's no need to break the bank! Here's 4 shoe trends under $50 AUD ($36 USD, £24)...
20 November 2015

The Look: Oceana

'The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page', St Augustine
17 November 2015

The Look: Split

she in dressWhat do you get when you add up a maxi, shirt-dress, a floral border print and a button up? Clue: It doesn't come from your Nan's wardrobe! 

Although maxi, shirt-dresses may have been niche to the ultra-conservative at one point, add a slit here and a retro print there and you're left with something on that lovely balancing line between classy and naughty.
13 November 2015

The Luxe For Less: It's SO Fluffy!

 It all started with those seemingly childish fluffy pom-poms hanging off our handbags. 'What on earth is that?', asked the other half worrying that my sartorial influences now came from toddlers. 'Erm... if Fendi can do them, so can I, BABE!' #MenDontUnderstandFashion

Fast forward a few months and fashions love with everything fluffy and feathery has entered a new level. From my fave fluffy pom-pom earrings that I cannot take off, to the faux fur coats you guys are snuggling up in over in the Northern Hemisphere. Fashion has gone fluffy; and we love it! **Puts on Despicable Me Voice** 'It's SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!'

My long term homies will know my serious love for all types of creatures and it's for this reason that I DO not support real fur! Guys; the fake stuff looks just as good, as some poor Minx didn't have to give up it's life for you! As for feathers, I'm featuring products that only use meat bi-product materials. Ok; enough of this ethical mumbo jumbo...

Here's how to inject a bit of fluff into your look without breaking the bank, or the environment...

Northern Hemisphere

1. Fluffy Mittens, Jack Wills (Here)  2. Faux Fur Boots, TOMs (Here)  3. Pom Pom Hat, ASOS (Here)  4. Faux Fur Collar Coat, Missguided (Here)  5. Feather Bandeau Dress, Topshop (Here)  6. Feather Skirt, Nicole by Nicole Miller (Here)  7. Fluffy Bag, ASOS(Here)  8. Feather Embellished Sweater, She In (Here)

10 November 2015

The Daily Luxe x Banarsi Designs: The Ultimate Scarf Style Guide

 Whether you are surrounded by the crisp, orange leaves of Fall or are donning your bikini for the upcoming summer, a scarf is a quick and easy way to add a stylish element to your look.

Not sure how to style your new scarf? Whether you've opted for a patterned or plain number, I've got you covered!

Although I live in tropical Australia, I sweated my butt off styling these stunning Banarsi Design scarves for you Northern Hemispher-ers! Hey: Don't say I don't love you! Fellow Aussie's: I've provided Summer options for you too!

Scroll down for my styling tips for any outfit, any weather!
6 November 2015

Wanderlust: 5 Places You HAVE TO Visit in Far North Queensland

If I had a 10 cent coin for every time a reader asked 'oh my gosh, where was this photo taken?' I would be living like a Queen. Filling my readers with wanderlust for my tropical habitat puts a huge smile on my face. After all, I feel so blessed to be living in a dictionary definition of Paradise.

For all the readers who have ever loved looking at my photo shoot locations, I have listened and I am about to deliver: this one's for you! Get ready for a photographic tour of the natural wonder that is Far North Queensland.

Having first visited Cairns and it's surrounding areas as a backpacker in 2012, I quickly found myself falling deeply in love with the area. One evening, after a tour of the pristine Atherton Tablelands, I met my partner, a cairns local and ended up falling in love with him too (Eek- cheese alert much? CRINGE). The rest, as all corny novels say, is history...

All within a driving distance of the Cairns tourist hub, here's ten places you have to visit in Far North Queensland....
3 November 2015

The Look: Life Is Better At The Beach

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water'