28 July 2015

The Look: And Amalgamate!

A good print is a guaranteed to liven up your look. With the beachy boho vibe still proving strong on the style stakes, will you be rocking animal prints, aztec or floral? Why limit yourself? After all, two prints are always better than one...
25 July 2015

How To Accept Your Physical 'Flaws'

 Let me you remind you of a scene it in a little film you may have heard of: 'Mean Girls'
Look familiar? It seems every girl has had these little mirror-hating moments. Whether it's a solo abusive session or a full blown group bash, our mirrors seem to bring out dark self-hating statements like a death eater sucking out a soul. Wow.. that was a nerdy metaphor!

All jokes aside, according to research gurus at The Guardian, plastic surgery procedures are rising on average 16% per year.  With a whopping one of five in these operations been affected by complications, it's seriously disturbing! After all, I'd rather have a small chest than a botched chest.

Ok, so I'm not exactly the Mother Teresa of body image, but I do think it's time that we stopped the self hatred and accepted ourselves for who we are; and that's sexy, independent women!

Let's bring on the self love!

21 July 2015

The Look: The Happy Blues

The blues: What comes to mind is either some cheesy jazz music that our nana's rocked out to or that not so nice feeling that strikes us in hard times. The colour blue has anything but negative connotations. Endless summers and rolling oceans; a sense of cool and an air of alleviation. Give me a blue pin-stripe jumpsuit and a sparkly azure necklace and I'm ready to seize the day.
17 July 2015

The Look: Dreaming Of The Aegean

Fernweh (n): A crave for travel; being homesick for where you've never been.

Having lived out of a suitcase for a thrillingly happy portion of my life, I feel the drive to just pack up, hop on a plane and be a bare-foot nomad.

Today the vibe of the Greek Islands is coming to me, through clean white and oceanic blue floral prints, topped with a whisper of dainty lace.

13 July 2015

5 Haute Hair Accessory Trends From Couture Fashion Week

Haute Couture may be known for its crazy won't-look-out-of-place-on-Lady-Gaga concoctions, but that doesn't mean it won't influence our everyday looks. Taken from the, erm, understated, side of Paris's latest fashion showcases, are the accessories, which, in comparison to some of the clothes, are relatively easy to wear in everyday life. 

And is it just me, or can hair accessories totally take your look to the next level? From flirty floral crowns, to glitzy and polished pieces, if we got any more princessy we would actually be running around screaming 'Let It Go'.

But it's ok to be a Princess, and with these five luscious accessory trends from Haute Couture fashion week (and my luxe on a budget options) we can truly give Cinderella a run for her money.
10 July 2015

The Look: The Perfect White Shirt

Trends may come and go with the seasons, but a simple, tailored, white shirt is forever. Perfect for layering, throwing on with your fave denim or even popping on over that cheeky bikini, the styling options that come hand-in-hand with this staple piece are endless.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing a very important common problem: the perfect white shirt is just too darn hard to find. 'This shirt is too see-through'. 'This shirt is too baggy.' Well, thanks to the lovely folks at Sumissara, I got the chance to design a shirt that's 'juuuust right'.
7 July 2015

The Look: Posies

Floral maxi: Check. Floral necklace: Check. Floral setting: Check. When it comes to florals, a core element of this season, the more is always the merrier...

4 July 2015

5 Resort 2016 Looks To Copy Now (On A Budget)


Warning: If you thought this was a post about hotel resorts you might as well hit that little x in the corner of your screen. Yay, you're still here! Today's style article is all about the Resort 2016 collections.

What exactly are 'Resort' Collections? Commonly also called 'cruise', 'high summer' and 'first summer', they basically act as a little taster for the larger collections that will be shown in the September Spring/Summer collections.

So, in other words, they are sort of like the entre before the main course.

After, quite suitably, drooling at many of these fashion 'tasting platters', I have assembled the five hottest looks you will need to copy, pronto!

But...Hello! I don't have a million dollars!
Girl... you're on 'The Daily Luxe' **finger snaps***, here we don't equate style with money and here's how to get the 5 hottest resort looks on a budget...