30 June 2015

The Look: Haven (And a giveaway)

It's time to grab your travel bucket lists? Why? Because paradise actually exists. With baby powder white sand twirled amongst turquoise tides, it's not surprising that Whitehaven beach has been voted the most picturesque beach down under. Wearing a suitably summery, pastel blue, maxi dress and shimmering flash tattoos, I relaxed on the whitest sands and truly entered haven.

27 June 2015

The Look: Bohemian Nights

It’s official: the wardrobe of your mums crazy youth is actually the in-thing. After a boho influx was presented on the runways, it seems that every fashionista is after her fair fix of crochet, retro florals and flares. But why limit this trend to the daytime? Pair down the colours, work your textures and add some statement gold to take the bohemian vibe to a whole new evening territory.
22 June 2015

10 Ways To Style A Bustier

Bustiers, bralettes, corsets: whatever you call them, these sexy underwear-as-outerwear pieces are so understated when it comes to hitting it high in the style stakes. Although the idea of wearing something so 'revealing' could scare the pants off you, there are so many styling options that make this piece heavenly for layering.

Whether you're in scorching Europe and ready to bare all, or want to wear your fave summer bustier for the Aussie winter, here's 10 clever styling ideas that will blow your mind.... (Boom! My mind just blew- see...)
19 June 2015

The Look: Classy St Mawes

Trends: they come and go with the seasons, but some pieces are forever. Today's look juxtaposes a very 70s-trend-led look of fringing and lace with a classic leather and Swarovski timepiece from Daniel Wellington*.

15 June 2015

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend: Angara

(Photo from
It’s 1953 in downtown Los Angeles and the cameras are in clear focus in the 20th Century Fox Studios. The camera pans down to display a sparkling sight that would soon become engraved in feminine history. Marilyn Monroe is literally dripping in diamonds. ‘Square-cut or pear-shaped, these rocks don’t loose their shape… diamonds are a girls best friend.’
Fast forward 60 years and this sparkly mantra still runs strong. Timeless, delicate and everlasting; the perfect piece of gemstone and diamond jewellery can last a girl a lifetime. 

Angara, trans, ‘the fire within’ provides classic, handcrafted gemstone jewellery at shimmering prices and today ‘The Daily Luxe’ is gonna get a whole lot more sparkly…

Don’t know which gemstone to choose? Read on for the ultimate guide to choosing the right piece for your personality…
14 June 2015

The Look: Chevron Duo

There's some kind of off-duty model, effortlessness that comes alongside throwing on a pair of co-ords.

Number one: That tiny little slither of skin that makes them all the more bit sexier and summer-friendly then a dress.

Number two: The two piece base makes them a must-have layering basic.

Number three: Versace, DVF, Giambattista Valli... Need I say more?!

When vintage-inspired boutique Rose Gal asked me to choose a piece from their website, my heart jumped as soon as I saw this chevron two piece. Finally: A monochrome print that I don't actually have in my wardrobe... Until now!
8 June 2015

Recycled Swimwear & The Age Of Eco Chic

With #green becoming the fastest growing movement of the insta-generation, it's time to embrace sustainability in all it's chicness. Gone are the days where sustainable= NOT fashion forward. Today I bring you a (slightly cringey) eco-inspired editorial taken by little, old (unphotogenic) me, alongside 'Naja'; the sustainable swimwear line made from 100% recycled bottles. How crazy is that?
5 June 2015

The Look: Rust and Rubble

There is something so earthy and warm about wearing terracotta shades and judging by the lashings of rust at Australian Fashion Week, this colour is going right to the top of the trend stakes.
2 June 2015

Summer Denim Looks..... From 30 Degrees to 5 Degrees

Living down under and having an international audience can be a wee bit baffling when it comes to seasons. As many of you lovely Europeans and American's are excitedly whipping out your swimwear, the southern regions of where I live are covered in snow. Confusing? Yes-sir-ree!

Although I'm currently a Southern Hemisphere-dweller, June will always equate to me with the start of Summer. I shall always be a Brit chic at heart! Plus: I live in the tropics, so, from a British point of view, it's always summer.

Whether in good old Blighty or here in Aus, the denim trend rules, with 70s shapes and ripped boyfriend jeans winning the stakes alike. So, wherever you may be, and whether it's snowy or sweaty, you can do denim and here's how....

This is how to wear denim at 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 degrees (Celsius that is!)