30 May 2015

The Look: All About That Flare

Each season seems to provide that new 'tricky trend.' Hello flares, I'm talking about you! Although I confess that I was a little skeptical about flared sleeves at first, seeing my second 'Ellery' show at Australian Fashion Week literally got me craving that over-sized flared sleeve in my wardrobe. Luckily, Zaful provided me with a bargain-hunters blissful alternative...

27 May 2015

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

**Sings** Everybody.... rock your body! Rock your body right! Backstreets 'The Luxe' is back alright!

Ladies: it's time for round two of my series on finding your personal style! (You can check out my first post here).  This time, it's all about dressing for your figure and flaunting what your mamma gave ya! Cos honey... we all have those individual and unique features and assets and it's time to ROCK THEM!
22 May 2015

The Look: Are We Out Of The Woods Yet?

Embracing the 70s trend with a casual, modern edge in the Tropical Australian Rainforest. Florals, fringe and tree hugging permitted.
18 May 2015

4 Lazy Day Hairstyles & Redken Diamond Oil International GIVEAWAY!

Here's a shocking fact for you: women spend a whopping 55 minutes a day on their hair! **Gasp**

Who would rather spend 5? Yes, I thought so...

Although my life is literally ran by fashion (as is anyone's who works in this industry), there are some days that I prefer to take an, erm... understated approach (trans: lazy) to hair styling. So I've composed a list of my four fave hair creations for you to feast yours eyes on. (Albeit photos of my mug is hardly a feast...)

HAIR CARE, on the other hand, is a totally different matter. Healthy hair means happy me and I've become accustomed to a daily blow drying treatment with Redken Diamond Oil. And the good news? I have 3 bottles to giveaway to you guys!

Scroll down to the bottom of the post for the giveaway. Good luck :)

1. The Full-Head Braid

14 May 2015

The Look: That Quilted Jacket

The wonderful fashion-fairy godmothers from 'The Shopping Bag' sent me this incredible quilted jacket. Timeless, classic and with just the right amount of quirk... I'm looking forward to wearing this baby for the balmy Aussie nights.
11 May 2015

5 Steps To Finding Your Personal Style

As a fashion blogger, a common question I often get asked is ‘how would you describe your personal style?’ I’m not gonna lie, at first I answered this query with a confused, raised-eyebrow look. **Insert emoji with confused face here** Translation: I knew what my personal style was, my mouth just couldn’t put it into a few, simple words. 

If you were to ask me now I would say modern bohemian with a sprinkling of timelessness. Although my slightly-cringey description of my personal style now seems as clear as some sort of recipe, it wasn’t always this way. Personal style is something that develops with age and continues to develop throughout our lives. 

But one things for sure; personal style is all about expression. It’s our personality, tastes and vibes expressed through fashion as a form. It makes us feel confident. It makes us feel unique.

‘But what is MY personal style?’ I hear you girrrlll! Keep reading for five simple steps to help you develop your own personal style.

8 May 2015

The Look: Ariel

Once upon a time Mermaids remained in story books and Disney blockbusters. Inject the little mermaid into your wardrobe with a split and flared jumpsuit. This is fantasy, meets boho, meets classic Grecian...
4 May 2015

The Look: A Haute Harvest

Overalls: they would appear under 'tricky trend' in the fashion dictionary alongside their saucy vintage sisters harem pants. I LOVE a good challenge and threw on this stunning black pair, added a plain tee and statement necklace and went time traveling to the pioneering days...
1 May 2015

5 Reasons Your Man Will Never Understand Your New Purchase

As I was carefully hiding another purchase at the back of the wardrobe, I was hoping he wouldn't come into the room.

I've always been a master of the excuses: 'babe, it's not new, I've had it for aaages', 'it was so cheap' or everyone's personal favorite: 'erm... I needed it?'

 (Image from
Above: me on a good day

It's safe to say that our other halves will NOT understand the point of our newest ASOS haul.

As I sit and ponder (and make excuses for my shopping habits) I was wondering, why? Why do a lot of women find the need to have a wardrobe brimming with the latest trends, when their male counterpart is just as happy in their 5 year old jeans and tee combo.

Surely it's scientific.

After hours of academic research (called Google), here's five reasons your man will never understand your new purchase.