Gone are the days where the ball gown is the epitome of elegance, it's time to embrace the new work-play staple: The culotte. Add a pair of classic drop earrings and you're ready to go!

Blazers: we all know they are infinitely cool, whether dressed up or thrown nonchalantly over a casual get up. And unless you live in some sort of fashion-repelling cave, you will have noticed that they make street style lists worldwide.

So whether you want to munch on croissants in Paris or hang out at Times Square, here's my favorite street style stars from around the globe rocking this modern style staple. AND, more importantly, here's your budget guide for stealing their looks.

Fashion week... I miss you already! Despite not having a crazy-expensive designer wardrobe, I tried to look the part and fully embraced my personal style in the process. I got a ton of compliments; showing that you can look luxurious on a little budget (like mine!). So here's my outfits from the last two days of fashion week (take me back, pronto!)

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, you have been one incredible week! After a trillion photos, meeting a bucketful of industry lovelies and beating my poor feet to blisters in numerous pairs of high heels; I'm feeling strangely reflective in my post-first fashion week stupor.

Choosing an outfit for fashion week can be daunting. Especially if, like me, you are relatively new to the industry and this is your first year at fashion week. 

This time last year I was standing backstage at the Swarovski fashion show. As the lights began to dim and the exquisitely dressed models lined up, everyone was pumped. 'This is my career', I said to myself, 'next year I will be here as a guest.'

The LBD, as we know it, is an overdone icon. Although it's inevitably a style staple, (who wouldn't want a perfect black dress?!) after it has featured in every glossy mag known to exist numerous times, it is safe to say that is over-hyped.