18 December 2015

The Perfect Party Dress For Your Body Shape

party dress for your body type
Get those glasses of wine at the ready, girls! The silly season is officially here! With Saint Nick arriving in just seven days, it's time to get into that party season spirit! Me? I'm totally wearing a Santa hat while I'm writing this!

Your social calendar is undoubtedly already filling up fast (am I right, Miss popular?) and let's be honest, that six day period between Christmas and New Years is made for lashings of mulled wine and impromptu giggles under the mistletoe.  

Is your wardrobe ready? If not, don't fret! I'm back with another 'dressing for your shape' series and this time, it's all about that perfect party dress...

It's been quite a while since my last 'dressing for your body shape' post, so I thought I'd refresh you on how to find out which type of 'fruit' you are.

Nope... I'm not totally insane: read on...
How To Determine Your Body Shape
pear shaped figureapple shaped figure
 hour glass body

 rectangle shape figure


 Pear Shape
As a fellow 'typical British' pear shape, it's safe to say that this is the shape that needs to be dressed well. It's all about drawing attention to that slim waist and  making those hips and legs look long and lean. 
Here are the shapes that will give you that rocking bod (which you already have, of course).... 

The Strapless Dress
Show off those slim shoulders and rock your bod in a strapless dress. For an extra flattering look, opt for a shape that cinches in at the waist and skims out over the hips.

strapless lbd

The Skater Dress
The skater dress is the pear shaped ladies BFF. With a cinched in waist and a flattering, a-line shape that skims beautifully over the hips; this dress shape was practically made for you!
lace skater dress

Wide Leg Jumpsuit
If you're looking to stand out among st a plethora of glitzy dresses, why not opt for a wide leg jumpsuit? As well as being ultra flattering on your larger legs, this totally ticks all those Seventies trend boxes! Now get ready for the best-dressed awards to roll in...

70s jumpsuit

Being top heavy can have it's advantages; draw attention to those ta-tas and away from that tum! Go for shapes that skim over the tummy, but still let you show off those perfect pins!

V Neck Dress
How low can you go? Just as far as your confidence will take you! A v neck dress shows off your best assets and elongates your neck. For an extra flattering style, a wrap dress will skim over your curves whilst creating the illusion of a cinched-in waist.
plus size model

Kimono Maxi Dress
If you're looking to be super on-trend, go for a kimono-style dress. The loose, airy sleeves will hide any bingo-wings, whilst looking pretty and feminine! Whilst dress shopping, try and find a dress with a waistline just below your bust. This will emphasize your bust, whilst drawing attention away from your waist. A maxi length will stop the dress from looking too smock-like.

Flared Sleeve Dress
Carry a bit of weight on your arms? Girl, it's all good... Get your Seventies groove on in a flared sleeve dress. This stunning bell shape will skim over and even-out any lumps and bumps. 
flare sleeve dress

You are one lucky lady: you have been blessed with the perfect, symmetrical figure that most of us mere mortals can only dream of! To enhance your bod, go for firm-fitting fabrics that enhance your waist. 
The Bodycon Dress
Draw attention to your saucy curves in a stunning, body-con number. Fancy sequins and other embellishments? Go for it!
bodycon dress

The Wrap Dress
You have that teeny waist, so draw attention to it! A wrap dress is the ultimate waist definer. Opt for a style with a leg slit for that extra injection of naughtiness!

The Co-Ords
No one can pull off co-ords like an hour glass girl! A slim-fitting top and pencil skirt will show off-those curves, while that teeny slither of skin draws attention to that waist.

With your model-esque, up and down, figure, you can rock everything. However, if you wish to enchance your curves, there are a few clever dressing techniques that you can put into play...

The Fluted Dress
Add some shape to your up-and-down figure with a fluted dress in a thick, sturdy fabric. I suggest opting for an artistically shaped piece to really win in the style stakes.

The Playsuit
With your long, slim limbs, a playsuit will look like it's come straight off the runway when you walk into that party! Add a waist belt for a cinched-in optical illusion. Then just wait to be scouted...Unless you already are Cara Delevigne. (If so, I'm a huge fan!) 

The Skater Dress
Although I may have mentioned earlier that the skater dress is the pear-shaped ladies best friend, it's equally as magical on rectangle-shaped beauties! The way it goes in at the waist and flares out at the hips will give you an instant butt job, sans surgical procedures.

Have you found your perfect party dress yet?



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  50. Definitely would class myself as Pear shaped, you have definitely helped me out so much Rach <3 thank you! as it's really hard to find a dress that will show off my smaller waist over my bigger hips! the strapless dress is right up my street! I LOVE IT <3

    Serene | I Am Serene L

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