8 December 2015

The Look: 3 Ways To Style A Statement Silver Necklace

beach co-ords
 You've seen them taking over Pinterest one shiny shot at a time. With the rise of the boho trend, statement silver necklaces are a quick and easy way to change up your look.

Today I'm styling up these statement silver necklace from T Mart. All lightweight and comfortable to wear, these boho beauties are a total steal and are all under $10 AUD! (Yep: you read that right!)

Beachy Bliss
The thought of December may not typically bring images of blue seas and beachy days, but hey; this is Australia! If you're dwelling in this topsy-turvy land, up your boho game and add a chunky, coin necklace on top of your beachy two piece. If you're feeling extra confident, why not add this beauty to your hot swimwear look? Quick: Before post-Chrismas tummy sets in!
white crochet co-ords

statement silver boho necklace
boho beach fashion 
Necklace: T Mart (Get It Here)
Co-ords: Zaful (Get It Here)
Sunglasses: Tory Burch (Get It Here)
Sandals: Lee Cooper 

For this beachy look, I rocked my brand-spanking-new Zaful co-ords, which have fast become one of my top wardrobe picks!  With intricate, crochet border detailing and shorts that are a super-flattering length, this white duo is rocking my world. **Insert Michael Jackson Song Here**

I topped my co-ords with this statement T-Mart coin necklace, which although appears quite weighty, is perfectly light enough to frolic around the beach in.  Plus: the burnished silver shade multiplies my tan ten fold.  Who needs San Tropez?

Denim Does It
Ahhh...denim; the all-season, all-trend go to piece! For this look, grab that timeless denim dress you know and love and funk it up with a statement, silver necklace. If the thought of a denim dress literally gives you pneumonia, layer up warm underneath.
bardot denim dress

denim statement necklace

denim wrap shirt dress

denim dress
 Necklace: T Mart (Get it here)
Dress: Bardot
Clutch: Camilla
Hat: Choies (Get it here)

This dress is my fail-safe 'oh-my-gosh-I-dont-know-what-to-wear' piece. I added a pop of Summer with this turquoise stone statement necklace. Two colour pops are always better than one and I brought out this stunning shade further with the snake print clutch. 

I know I've said it before, but a hat instantly makes a look more polished. This lush Choies fedora adds a cool edge without screaming 'closet hipster.'

 Beat The Chill
Brrr-ave the chill and step outdoors in a statement-necklace-topped chunky turtleneck. I sweated so hard to photograph this Northern-Hemisphere appropriate look for you guys, but it was totally worth it! There is something so elegant and quirky about a statement necklace adorning a turtleneck. Simply choose one with accents to compliment your skirt or pants, tuck the chain under your turtleneck and you're ready to go!
turtleneck style

grey turtleneck

chunky sweater skirt

jumper statement necklace
Necklace: T Mart (Get it here)
Jumper: Style Moi
Skirt: The Fifth Label
Boots: ASOS
Clutch: Tony Bianco 

What was painfully sweaty for me will undoubtedly be nice and snug for those of you headed into Winter. Silver necklaces on grey garments is my new go-to look; there is something just so subtle and elegant about the contrast and textures, without being too bawdy with colors.

The pearls and black stone accents on this statement necklace make it perfect to combine with a black skirt and boots. If you're in snowy Europe, I seriously suggest five layers of tights and two long-sleeved thermals underneath this look. I don't want to sound like your mother, but frostbite looks darn scary!

How do you style your statement necklaces?



  1. Loved how you have styled the statement necklaces - the co-ord outfit looks like the Chloe spring/summer 2015, really suits you! x

  2. Me encanta el look, es genial. Un besito y te espero en mi blog guapa.

  3. Your outfits are so cute and I love your necklace :) xx

  4. Amazing style,you look so lovely dear!!!

  5. you did in the perfect way dear :-)

  6. Gorgeous different styles, Rachel! Those necklaces are really versatile!


  7. Okay so I gotta admit that I am a little biased seeing as I am sat in whilst it pours with rain and wind outside, that my favourite is the jumper accessorised but really I want to be you in a cute two piece on the beach haha! Gorgeous hun xxx

  8. Wonderful post and photos my dear, this statement necklace looks so gorgeous on you and it really enhances every look!
    PS: Amazing eyes you have :)

  9. Great post dear! Gorgeous photos

  10. love how you styled all three statement necklaces. you look amazing

  11. Cute outfits! Love the Zaful co-ords! Would love to be at the beach today. I like white christmases, but all we have in Portland is rain and mud right now. yuck!

    xo, mikéla /

  12. Great post, such beautiful pictures, amazing necklaces i love the most, thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!


  13. Hello,

    So beautiful ! :D


  14. I love the denim pairing, the dress is so lovely as well! I pair mine with jumpers as it's getting quite cold here :)

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  15. They all look so pretty. Denim does it is my favourite, I really like the dress :) x

  16. I love the first necklace a lot. It's so pretty! I am also very jealous of that weather though! So much better than the rain I get daily!

    X Marjolein

  17. Stunning styling! Love how you experimented with the necklace! Amazing post


  18. Yessssss, Rachel, yes! My faovurite way has to be the last one; nothing beats cosy AND chic!

    May | THE MAYDEN

  19. love the way you styled those necklaces. I gravitate more towards #3. that's exactly how I would dress.


  20. I Love this post because it tell a story in a sense. You styled this necklace very well, and each look is so different. I feel like it's important to switch things up a bit.

    Only The Brave Blog

  21. U live in the most gorgeous place! I know I've said this before, but I seriously hope to visit Australia one day. Just wish it wasn't so far from Canada:p. Really love how you styled the statement necklace! I never use to be a big fan when I was younger, but just love them now!

  22. Your necklace is so cute, love these looks

  23. All the looks are amazing but the first one is my favourite. Lovely necklace beautiful.

  24. Love this statement necklace, my favorite look would be the first one, with white crop top.


  25. Great ways to style a statement necklace! Love all of your outfits!
    Fashion Soup

  26. Nice necklaces. I guess they're not so light, I guess they weight something but they're nice. Rich in symbols.

  27. Beautiful outfits! I love wearing statement-necklaces every single day, they make every outfit a bit more special.

    Laura from

  28. Love the denim dress & the turtleneck jumper! You look beautiful in all three, Rachel!

  29. Amazing pics!!!!!

  30. I love the first look a lot! Really nice.

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  31. Wow these necklaces are really cool and super cheap! I especially love the first one! Great post.


    Aurelie |

  32. This statement necklace is sooo gorgeous!

    kisses Adela Acanski

  33. This is such a fun post! I love silver necklaces and statement necklaces don't seem to be going out of style any time soon. The first outfit with the white lacy jumpsuit is really pretty and looks great on the ocean! Also, love the other two looks, especially the denim wrap dress. Tried to buy one of these, but sadly it was sold out and never arrived!

    Love, Mary

  34. Beautiful pictures and such wonder ways of styling a statement necklace. Thank you for the inspirations! :) I adore the turtle neck sweater with the unique.

  35. Such cool looks!! Thanks for sharing! xo

  36. I think I like the second look best!


  37. great styling, the jeans dress and the silver necklace go amazing together!

  38. you look super fab! so beautiful set
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    I wish you an happy day
    a big kiss
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  39. I'm usually a gold kinda girl but I'm loving these silver necklaces! Love all of these looks, especially the beach shots! So gorgeous!

  40. Thanks so much for braving the heat to sport that sweater for us in the colder temps. I love a nice statement necklace with a sweater and it looked great in the other options too - especially denim!


  41. All the three outfits are so amazing!:)

  42. I must say you know it very well to wear statement necklaces and I love especially the first look! I have to admit I didn't wear statement necklaces since a longer time but when I see you tasteful combinations I know this is a fail :) Therefore thanks for the inspirations!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  43. Love the looks! My favorite is the first one

  44. Absolutely gorgeous! Loving the detail in that white two piece and the knitted turtle neck is beautiful! Great style lady.

    XO, Jessi

  45. Ooh I really love the second statement necklace with the turquoise embellishment in the center. but I'm also drawn to the third one because it sort of looks like a bird :D

  46. I love this necklace with this look babe! You look gorgeous!!

    xx Julianna

  47. I love how you styled the statement necklace...beautiful looks!

  48. You look so pretty! I really need this style in my life :-) xx

  49. The necklace looks perfect with sleeveless top and sweater too!

  50. I loved this post! Each look is so different and unique, but complements the sweater perfectly! You look stunning in every shot babe!

    Molly |

  51. Great style! Love those three necklaces!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  52. I love how statement necklaces can dress up any outfit. I love all your combinations but the first one is my fav. It makes me wish I was on holiday haha

  53. I really love the first look! The tropical boho vibe always reminds me of you! You paired that beautiful statement necklace with the outfit, and sandals so well!

  54. These necklaces are fabulous statement pieces! I really like the three looks; my favorite is the second one.


  55. Beautiful statement necklaces and beautiful you!! :))

  56. Woww you are more than gorgeous Rachel! Beautiful locations, pictures and that necklace is adorable! Great combos!

  57. I love all the styling in this post, I wish I had your confidence :)

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  59. The denim one if definitely my favourite, however they're all lovely :)


  60. That place is amazing and very good pictures, have a good day.


  61. beautiful photos, such a cool and unique look,

  62. Very nice blog, love it!

    plastikiniai langai


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