5 December 2015

5 Quirky Christmas Gifts For Her

Whether it's a friend, a girlfriend (hello boys ;) ) or your great Aunt Mildred, finding a Christmas gift for her can be quite a challenge! And let's be honest, do we really want to get her that necklace she might already have or yet another box of chocolates? Here's my list of five Christmas gifts for her with a difference...

1. The Perfect New Years Eve Dress
Us girls need absolutely no excuse to dress up; but if we had to find one, we'll blame it on the festive period. From dressy Christmas parties, to New Years gatherings; Crimbo is the perfect reason for the lady in your life to unleash her inner Princess. So instead of just buying her a dress, why not buy her the dress?

Luckily, Prom Times provide an array of stylish options to fit her style perfectly. 

The Little Black Dress
Timeless, sexy and sophisticated, her wardrobe will always need the addition of a new LBD! 
 This little black lace number will make a timeless and sophisticated addition to her wardrobe. With a belted a-line waist and a scalloped hem, your friend is sure to be the belle of the ball! 
This cheeky cut-out number can be dressed up with a black blazer for the office or combined with that perfect pair of black heels for that New Years Party. This versatile dress is anything but a one night stand. 

Tis the season to wear sequins... This blue beauty is sure to make an appearance every festive season for the next ten years! The cinched in waist is uber flattering too!
How pretty is this embroidered applique dress? With an Oceanic turquoise tone, your loved one easily rock this dress at a Summer event too!

One Shoulder   
The shape of the season, update your ladies' wardrobe with the hottest evening piece! 
Festive appropriate colour: check! Flattering: check! Classy: check! Need I say more? Grab this beautiful berry piece for your special lady today!
The little black dress gets a modern twist with this fitted, one-shoulder number. Although she may rock it for the festive season, this piece will last year event after event.

Not found the perfect New Years dress for her ? Check out Prom Times to find the perfect fit!

2. Polaroid Zip Mobile Photo Printer


This snazzy little device allows you to print your snaps straight from your smart phone! With all the retro appeal of a Polaroid camera and the technology of a smart phone, this is your Instagram addicted friend's dream pressie!

If $130 feels a bit hefty, why not group up with friends and family to chip in for this one-of-a-kind  gift!

3. The Special Personal Touch
The best gifts are the one's with that special, personal touch and thanks to Case App, this is easier than ever! 

The Swedish-based sight is a total mecca when it comes to gifts. You can design your loved one an I-phone or android case, or give their laptop or Mac a little makeover with a laptop skin.

Above: The laptop skin I designed via Case App.

You or your loved one can choose from one of the stunning pre-designs and add your own text and embellishments. Or if you are feeling really creative you can start from scratch! Bring back memories of a trip or special moment with the photo upload option. Either way, they say the gift is in the thought, and you can't get much more thoughtful than this!

Plus: get 20% off with the code THEDAILYCASE 

4.  The Ultimate Treat

If you don't have a blooming clue what to get her, do not fear, the gift card is here! Every woman loves to spoil herself and a Gift Card from designer outlet 'The Outnet', allows her to choose the designer goodies she wants!

Note to the boyfriends: I chose my own gift from the other half off this site for my both my birthday and Christmas! I pinky promise she will love it!

With a $50 gift card she can treat herself to...

MICHAEL Michael KorsChain-embellished stretch-jersey top

Marc by Marc Jacobs Large printed coated cotton cosmetics case 

Hunter OriginalOriginal Tall Gloss Wellington boots

**Wipes away drool** I think I've made my point!
 5. DIY Terrarium
A bit of greenery adds some vibrance to any room, so why not give her a DIY terrarium? This cute and quirky kit allows her to make her very own air plant! Cute or what?!

Have you started your Christmas shopping?



  1. Mobile photo printer would be a perfect gift for me, I like printing out the photos:)

  2. Aw some really great choices! Thanks for sharing, I'm in love with the blue boots!

  3. ooh love the gift ideas. I would have never thought about that mobile zip printer. but that is something that is in my mind now. def gonna get that.

  4. Thank you for sharing, these are all great gift ideas! My favorite is that photo printer, I've never seen it before and I would be so happy to get it! Hope you have a great day!

    xo, Esther

  5. Amazing gift ideas! The dresses are stunning


  6. The Little Black Dress is beautiful and the blue one is just beautiful, I really like the detailing. Stunning dresses! Laura x

  7. Great selection of gifts :) I love the Micheal Kors top so muchhh lol x

  8. Thank you for sharing so beautiful ideas!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. Great inspiration!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase

  10. Wonderful selection!

  11. Amazing post :)

  12. Hi Rachel! Super cute picks here. I love those dresses. I totally forgot I need to start thinking about New Year's Eve dresses! :)

  13. Great picks! I especially love the polaroid printer :)


  14. beautiful dresses, i love it.

  15. A personalized case would be a great present! I'm not sure about the LBD though---I'm so picky with my clothes I can't imagine letting someone else choose a dress for me :P

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  16. I LOVE that mobile photo printer <3

    X Marjolein

  17. Thanks for sharing such cute ideas!

  18. Amazing, love these dresses you shared here!!!

  19. Great gift ideas

  20. A gift card is a great idea.
    Lovin the dresses as well

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  21. Oooh I really like that terrarium! It looks like the perfect touch of green to brighten up a space :D

  22. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  23. These gifts are all so unique and your friends are so lucky to receive one of these from you! I love the terrarium! That is so fun!!!

    Love, Mary

  24. Perfect list! :)


  25. I have taken a slight break from blogging to focus on school but I am gradually stepping my feet back in the waters and of course yours was the first blog I chose to visit!!! Love all of these creative options, especially the photo printer from Urban? HOW COOL. Love your CaseApp Daily Luxe design. Perfection my friend.


  26. Those LBDs are so pretty! I especially like the first two. Have a great week!


  27. LOVING your gift guide!! Excellent ideas, lovely!

    All the Cute
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  28. Okay wow this is one of the best gift guides I've seen! I love your dress suggestions, the personalized gift card (because sometimes it's just best to let us pick what we want!) and the DIY terrarium is SO cute!!! I think I'm going to snag that polaroid printer from Urban Outfitters for myself <3

  29. Gifts with a personal touch is definitely what I love. That sequins dress is gorgeous. /Madison xx
    Stylish Foodie 2.0

  30. Hello beautiful Rachel. Thanks for sharing this wonderful Christmas gifts ideas! I personally love gift cards just because I end up with an excuse to go shopping and have some me time:-) I want you to know that I have been thinking about you lately keeping you in my thoughts and daily intentions. Stay strong my sweet friend... try not to think too much and visualize, visualize and visualize. I am going through a very challenging time myself and I am trying my hardest to not get pulled by negative thoughts. I just let go (try to relax like if I was injected with anesthesia) and hold on to the believe that everything is going to be ok. I am with you my friend:-) Love and blessings! Jeannette

  31. These gifts are definitely a lot of fun. I have to say I am loving the blue lace dress a lot. Just feminine and fun all at the same time.

    Kia / KTS

  32. Oh, I'm absolutely on board for dressing up the entire time come the festive season (and uh, every other time of year! haha) - your first LBD selection is gorgeous. Great suggestion of gifting an Outnet giftcard by the way, I hadn't thought of that before!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  33. Wonderful post and gift ideas my dear! I would love a new lbd :))
    Have a great week!

  34. Great gift ideas! Love the terrarium! Hope you have a fantastic week doll!

  35. Great gift ideas! Love those LBDs! Gorgeous!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  36. The pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing:)

  37. Wishing someone would gift me a new years eve dress!! Love the picks!

  38. These gifts are amazing...I love the lace black dress...very pretty!

  39. I really like this list! I'm glad you picked items that are interesting and not the usual thing you'd see on one of these gift guides. Love that bright blue cocktail dress and the photo printer.


  40. I love ur xmas Gifts for her and ur own design from case app! So unique. I actually really love receiving gift cards and I know some people think it's a lame gift, but It's probably one of my favs to receive besides just money of course:p

  41. I need this Polaroid printer in my life. The one shoulder dresses are really cute!

  42. Most of all I loved the idea with little black dress and hunter boots:) However, doubtfully boyfriend or husband will guess size of a dress or a pattern:(

  43. Very nice blog, love it!

    plastikiniai langai


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