24 November 2015

The Luxe For Less: 4 Shoe Trends Under $40!

Ladies: Raise your hand if you never feel like you have enough shoes!


As a matter of fact, researchers have found that the average woman owns 27 pairs of shoes,  while the average man owns 12. No wonder our other halves never understand our burning desire for just one more pair of lace up heels.

Luckily, owning this seasons hottest shoe styles comes at a surprisingly low price. Bargain site Banggood has more style steals then you can fit in your already-bulging shoe closet. **Forces the door shut**

Whether you've been eyeing up those Rockstuds or lusting over some thigh-high boots, there's no need to break the bank! Here's 4 shoe trends under $50 AUD ($36 USD, £24)...

The Rockstud Dupe
The Inspiration:

The Valentino Rockstud, RRP $1400

You've seen the Valentino Rockstuds on every single fashion week street style page. As well as being covered in statement studs, they also come with a hefty price tag.  If the Rockstuds have always been out of your reach, why not check out it's bargain little sisters, courtesy of Banggood?

'Oh my gosh babe I love your new Rockstuds'. Seriously: these have to be the best dupes I've ever seen! And with four colours to choose from at that price, you may just find yourself adding each one to your basket!

If just the thought of high heels turns you into a wobbling mess, you can still embrace the Rockstud style with these classic flats.

Well that's your shoes for the festive season sorted! This patent black pair is the perfect finishing touch to your classic LBD or funky embellished number.

If you want something Valentino-inspired, rather than an exact copy, these babies are for you! If you're heading into the Aussie summer, how beautiful will these lacey lovelies look with a tan?

The Thigh High
The Inspiration

 (Photo source:
Stuart Weitzman Thigh High Boots,  RRP $990

Northern hemisphere ladies: I can bet my bottom dollar your dreams have been haunted by these Stuart Weitzman babies! Luckily, you can keep your legs warm and your wallet full with these bargain alternatives from Bang good...

With a chunky heel and a soft, suedette design, these boots are a big-fat-tick in every 70s style box! 

Perfect for the ice-y weather, these flat boots will keep you nice and snug without you breaking your neck!

The closest to the Stuart Weitzman pair that haunts our dreams, this mirrored stiletto pair is a wallet-friendly alternative.

The perfect match for your boho print dress or chunky knit.

The Pointed Flats
 The inspiration: 

(Photo Source:
 Jimmy Choo 'Alina flat', RRP $800

Yay- flats we can feel glam in! **Round of applause!** The pointed flat adds a dressy and chic edge to any look, without hurting your poor tootsies! If you're heading into summer, show off those tanned legs and go barefoot. If the snow is starting to fall, layer over thick black tights for a comfortable evening look. At Banggood, these pointed pretties are all under $50 AUD..
 With a statement metal buckle, these flats are the perfect alternative to heels for an evening do.
Dorothy's classic glittery pumps have had a modern makeover! Do flats get any more festive appropriate than this? 

I can't get over how expensive these shoes look! The metal accents on the toe give them that cool Sophia Webster vibe.
The everyday wardrobe, all-year round basic. 

 The Mary Jane style flats are making a comeback. Get straight to the point with this lush, blue pair.

Nautical-style shoes isn't exactly mind-blowing when it comes to Summer, but with this pair of pointed-pretties, we will happily adhere to the stereotype.

The Fringe Shoes
The inspiration:

Fashion's obsession with the seventies can be summed up perfectly in a pair of suedette, fringe shoes. We've all seen the coveted Kate Spade beauties splattered all over our Insta feeds and now you can get yours for one seventh of the price!
 (Photo Source:
Kate Spade, RRP $379 

My personal favourite, these heeled stunners would look equally as stunner with denim shorts (Southern Hemisphere) as they would with ripped boyfriend jeans (Northern Hemisphere)

The perfect beach-to-bar basic for the Australian Summer!

 These super-retro babies look like a piece of Woodstock's gone by. Loving the plaited detailing with metal accents!
Winter calls for a pair of classic black boots! Why not opt for this fringe pair to funk it up a little?

**This post was sponsored by Banggood**

Which shoes will you be rocking?



  1. never enough shoes! and when you think you might have enough, neeeh, there's a new gorgeous pair :)
    Great post!

  2. I can never pull off those pointed shoes but those thigh high boots! All of them looks amazing!

    Joyce // Joycentricity

  3. Ok I definately don't own 27 pairs of shoes - you know what this lol! Love your blog xx

  4. Amazing, I've heard so many good things about Banggood and it's clear to see why
    I'm obsessed with rockstuds, and those dupes are incredible!

    What Raj Wants

  5. Love these! Such great ideas for affordable shoes! Who doesn't love that!


  6. Hey there! what a fun post! You showcased some of my favorites here... planning to get the flat pointy metallics and the fringe sandals for spring!

    Love, Mary

  7. I'm loving all the styles here... I've heard that fact about the number of shoes a woman has vs. men... SO funny!! I am always up for a fabulous pair of kicks!!

    All the Cute
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  8. Great shoes dear!

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  11. I absolutely love those flats and the over the knee boots. They are both just stylish. Loving all of your choices. Happy Holidays.

    Kia / KTS

  12. Oh wow so many delicious options. Can it be that I don't have any of these styles yet??? Thank you for this intro and budget friendly options :)


  13. Oh! It's so funny because in my latest post I'm featuring a new pair of shoes that is actaully a cheaper version of the Valentino Rockstuds!!! Haha, yay for budget friendly options! ;) You did an awesome job with these trendy selections, dear Rachel!

  14. Nice tips Rachel!!!! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

    Eniwhere Fashion
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  15. These shoe trends are so pretty! I've been wanting to get some fringe shoes...I love this style!

  16. OMG I feel this I had a major shoe clear out recently which was pretty sad, and pete just has like ten pairs I am like that is NOT enough haha! Love the rockstud heels so pretty and a big thigh high fan xxx

  17. Thanks for posting this! I'm totally considering OTK boots, but really don't want to splurge on Stuart Weitzman when I know the boots are soooo out of my comfort zone!
    I love the alternatives to the Rockstuds...but I think those are definitely worth splurging on! :)

  18. Hands raised HIGH! I love shoes and each one tells a different story. You can really change an entire look just by changing your shoes. Love all the different selections, I want them ALL!

    Only The Brave Blog

  19. My hand is raised! Love that suede metal buckle flat even though boots are probably a better choice with the colder weather :P

  20. This is such a great post, I have always wanted those Valentino ones

  21. So many great shoes!

  22. Very beautiful and glam, I'd like them all! *_*

  23. Great picks, love the rockstud dupes!!
    Have a lovely day :)
    Rosanna x
    Rose's Rooftop

  24. A girl can never have enough shoes. I'm loving your picks.


  25. ohmyyyy these are really good! :)


  26. Always love a good look for less!

  27. This is really great!

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  28. Amazing choices!!!Love the Valentino Rockstud .-)

  29. Rockstud are my favorite!!!! Great selection!!!!

  30. 27? Ha, I have way less. But after taking a look at your selection, I am not positive it will stay that way. So many pretty things!

    Linda, Libra, Loca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

  31. I love the Valentino style shoe so much! and it is so right, everywhere you go you can find one that looks just like it for less! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous selection :) xx

  32. You found such pretty and affordable shoes! I want the OTK boots! Thanks for sharing all these options to look stylish, Rachel!


  33. The rockstuds are fab but I also like pointed flats! The pair that I have are starting to look a bit worn so I might have to buy new ones soon.


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  36. I actually own only 6 pairs! I need more shoes! I love these trends. Really like the Valentino studs, but I'll probably check out the cheaper alternatives!

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    Looks great and nice to know it's way cheaper

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    Ivona from

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    I love rockstud shoes!

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  43. Love it!

  44. Rock stud dupes look great! I have been searching for one for so long however I haven't had a chance to find one that I like however these are fab :) x

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    I really like the rockstud!!
    Camy xx

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  47. Nice tips and cool selection! Love it!


    Aurelie |


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