3 November 2015

The Look: Life Is Better At The Beach

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water'


Playsuit: Style Moi (Get It Here)
Hat: Sportsgirl (Similar Here)
Bag: Cotton On (Similar Here)
Sandals: Rubi Shoes 
Necklace: Lovisa

The beach is somewhere I go to clear my mind. As soon as my toes become engrossed in the sand and I hear the waves lushly lapping on the shore, all my anxiety seems to just float away. With my 25th birthday coming closer and closer, I find myself questioning what it is I want out of life. When I was 18 and naive, I set out a series of goals I wanted to complete by certain age landmarks. With the last few days of 24 around the corner, I still haven't landed myself on the career ladder. 

My boyfriend says I'm crazy beating myself up over this one seemingly insignificant thing in my life. At 24, I have a first class degree, I have traveled the world, moved to the other side of it and currently live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. 

It makes me question;

Is having a 'perfect' job everything, or should you just concentrate on enjoying life? Do we work to live or live to work?

And that's where the beach comes in. Why does a huge career matter? Why would I want to swap my laid-back beachy lifestyle in paradise to be stressed out of my mind? Seaside or stressful breakdown?

**Ponders for ten minutes**

Ok... that's my deep, dear-diary-style-stuff done for the day. For this lovely walk in paradise, I wore my new printed Style Moi play suit. I just adore the gypsy-esque pattern in lush pink and turquoise tones. I highlighted these summery tones with my statement stone and rose gold necklace.

I picked up this little fringe bag for a whole $10 from Cotton On. It's so crazy that you can get something so beautiful for the price of a pina colada. 

 Maybe I should pack up my things, grab my boyf and be a wandering gypsy for the rest of my life? I could go on a quest to find the most stunning tropical locations in the world. I'll take my laptop and blog myself around every continent. 

A girl can dream



  1. Wish I could go to the beach right now! <3

  2. so much better at the beach! love the hat

    BLOG | Taislany

  3. Love reading your post.
    Excited for your birthday.

  4. I enjoyed this post a lot. Great job!


  5. Congrats on your impending 25th! I can say this has been my favorite age thus far (and it's not over yet!) I think all your ponderings are quite normal for women our age. Are we doing the right thing? Are we sure this is what we want? I think the key is that nobody ever really knows. So many people get so caught up in having a good resume or trying to get somewhere else that they don't appreciate life in the present moment. All of us are guilty of that at some point. I'm down to be a gypsy.. let me know ;)


  6. Even though you didn't do the things you though you would think about all those amazing things that you have done! Those are some amazing things to be proud of! Life is about enjoying every moment and you are enjoying it and doing fantastic! The beach is a perfect place to clear your mind and your outfit is so perfect to enjoy the beach while still looking amazing!


  7. Quit pondering Rachel! You've already come to the perfect conclusion - your laid-back beachy lifestyle is there to be enjoyed, everything else will fall into place at the right time :) You look lovely in these photos by the way (of course!) and I especially like the black fringed bag.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  8. I completely agree. It's easy to beat ourselves up when we think we aren't where we should be in life but that is part of the journey! Being happy as we work towards things we want is the main thing because at the end of the day if we don't love what we are doing, even a successful career won't give us the happiness we want. You look great and loved the post! Thanks for sharing!

    Marah |

  9. I love beaches..Love your dress babe !

    Have a nice day!

  10. I think the perfect work mix is different for everyone, although it's nice to have something to look forward to after a hard day's work, like going to the beach. The playsuit is lovely :)

    Velvet Blush

  11. amazing place, this playsuit fab
    would you like to pass from my blog?
    I wish you an happy day
    a big kiss
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  12. Love your outfit dear beautiful shots :)


  13. You recently, I have listened to the audio book of Rich Dad Poor Dad, and the author has triggered me in one point "Not to work for money, but let it work for you" Sometimes, I feel like I am carrying the heavy weights on my shoulders and I feel like I really wanna go on a vacay and clear my mind!

  14. That's a gorgeous playsuit <3 I love this outfit, especially the fringed bag!

    Kisses <3

  15. Wow! You look absolutely beautiful! I really love the playsuit, so pretty!WritingMonique

  16. Amazing post. Well done! Keep going

    Please check my last post blog
    Many kisses
    Lady Fur

  17. Hopefully you'll find a job that you enjoy, although I do think there isn't the one perfect job, they all have their pluses and minuses. Being by the beach must be amazing

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

  18. I definitely think enjoying life is so important! Love the beach shots and your cute outfit!

  19. I love this dear!

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  20. Love this look on you! You look like you enjoyed yourself at the beach <3

  21. I am happiest at the beach which is why whenever I move it is always on the seaside haha! I adore your lipstick here it looks gorgeous with your outift hun xxx

  22. Love it! The photos are amazing!

  23. The beach does make troubles disappear :)

  24. I know exactly how you feel! I always make such high goals for myself and feel crushed when I don't complete them all. The worst I felt was when I turned 20. There was so much I wanted to accomplish before then that I didn't and I suddenly felt old and wanted to redo my teen years. I still make goals for myself, but I try to make them more manageable now. I don't want to waste my whole adulthood feeling unaccomplished and behind.

    The ocean is definitely my happy place as well. Seaside and Cannon Beach are two of my absolutely favorite places to be. I never feel more alive than when I am at the ocean. These something about sand and salt water that just makes me so genuinely happy. I feel complete.

    Hope you have a wonderful 25th birthday hun! Enjoy it to its fullest! Every year is a blessing :)

    xo, mikéla /

  25. wow you look great, wanna be there right now
    Posts online about Bangkok, Amsterdam, Rio...

  26. Loving this! So beach babe chic :)

    Anna xx

  27. Beautiful pics, beautiful post. Your questions to yourself are so valid. At 25, I was rising the ranks in my corporate career and turned into a massive workaholic. I wish I knew then, what I know now...about taking care of myself along the way. It sounds like you are focused on both, which is terrific and will lead you toward success.

  28. I love the beach too and if given the chance, i would buy a resthouse near the beach. It's just refreshing and feels vacation everyday. Anyway, advance happy birthday. I can see that you've more to accomplish. Wishing you more blessings :)
    PS. I love your outfit and the shooting place! :)

    Have a nice day!


  29. Really pretty look :) I love beach so much! I miss my vacations at beach ToT

    I'm a new reader ere.
    Maybe we can follow each other?
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  30. Beautiful photos dear!

  31. Life sure is better at the beach. Even though I prefer fall, I kinda miss summer now that I have seen your outfit. You look great!


  32. Amazing pics!

  33. Gorgeous pictures! Lovely playsuit! xxx

  34. Sounds like for your the beach is the same as for me the Bavarian landscape including the Alps :) I understand your questions as I'm very familiar with this kind of questions! I think each time of the life has the own challenges ... now in the mid of 40 for me it is most important enjoying live, having amazing encounters and do as far as possible what I like. I recognised I have most inner peace when I have time for the things I like and that these things are mostly not that expensive or complicate as walking, reading and writing belong to them :) I'm convinced you will find your way as you are not only conscious but also clever! And I like your super beautiful dress!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  35. Wonderful pics, great scenery, perfect boho look!!!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  36. Life sure is better at the beach! Amazing pics! =)
    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  37. It is so cold lately that seeing this is so refreshing! Love the area and the look is so chic! Nice photos and very inspiring next time I go on holiday. xx

  38. LOVE thislook! Your necklace is absolutely perfect with the romper. And I love that burguny hat and fringed bag!!

    xx freshfizzle

  39. Hello my beautiful friend! I have one sentence for you: DO whatever it is you heart tells you to do. We were created to soar and to achieve greatness but greatness means something different for everyone. Greatness is a personal matter and what may be great for you may not mean anything to someone else in the planet. Do you know what I mean? This is why we can't listen to anyone but ourselves. Stay centered, grounded, and ask God for guidance and I promise you that your inner wisdom will allow you to feel and see the signs that life will start bringing to you. But you must be very open and aware so that you can take proper action. You have a huge purpose in this life Rachel and to be happy you must follow and do what gives you peace, happiness and fills you with lots of Love. To give you some hope... I am turning 46 in two weeks and it wasn't until last year that I finally discovered my true purpose.... and even though I wish I had discovered it sooner I am thankful that I am having the opportunity to live it now. I am still trying to figure things out but getting there. I have been through a lot in my life but I don't regret any of it because all, as it was, makes me who I am today and I strongly believe that it was also part of my divine purpose. It is important to remember that life is an opportunity for us to experience whatever we want to experience, to be whatever we want to be, to love and be loved unconditionally, to be fearless, to make mistakes and learn from them and the list goes on and on so my beautiful friend, live fearlessly and don't STOP! I believe in you but you MUST believe in yourself too. You are super talented (I love how you write and everything you do), you are beautiful, kind, and an extraordinary human being and I have no doubts that you are going to do amazing on anything and everything you set your mind, heart and soul to do. And to get to where you want to be you must know exactly what you want so you can precisely ask for it. We can't hit a target if can't se it... so my beautiful friend take a deep breath and while standing in front of that beautiful ocean that you are so blessed to have so close to you, ask for guidance and repeat to yourself: I am great, I am amazing, I am magnificent and I have within me the same divine force that created this beautiful ocean that is so perfect and I KNOW I am going to be very successful one day. You look Mega beautiful in all the pictures, like a goddess! I am always here for you Rachel! Sending you lots of love and wisdom:-) XOXO, Jeannette

    lovely look, love love!

  41. I really love your fashion sense!
    You always look amazing so all of your outfits are lovely.♥

    Have an awesome day!

  42. Gorgeous photos, this really does look like paradise and your playsuit is lovely!
    I couldn't agree more, sometimes its so easy to concentrate on the things we don't have though that we miss out on enjoying what we do have
    It sounds to me like you've accomplished so much, and achieved great success and you should be really proud!
    Although, blogging around the world sounds like a fabulous solution too

    What Raj Wants

  43. Yes.The beach is a suitable place to clear mind.

  44. Woow beautiful pics!

  45. Gorgeous and FABULOUS!!!


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