30 October 2015

The Look: Burgundy Bliss

Bringing the Autumnal burgundy trend to the Australian tropics...
27 October 2015

DIY Boho Print Fringe Clutch

Ah.. fringe; you are certainly not going anywhere! And it doesn't take Anna Wintour to figure that out...

From fringed jackets to dresses, it seems like we can't get enough of this 70s trend in our wardrobes.

But what if I told you that you could get a brand new accessory for the price of just a few bits and bobs? Today, I put on my Captain Craft (who?) hat and created this bohemian print, fringe clutch bag. Yep, that's right: three trends in one!

And I've created this easy-to-follow tutorial so that you can get creative and make one too!

I'll admit; I'm not exactly the Nigella Lawson of the craft world! So if I can make this bad boy, so can you! And it takes barely any sewing.... Although you do have to use that needle and thread a teeny bit.

But for a free boho-print, fringe clutch? Yep, I'm in: needle wounds and all!
23 October 2015

The Look: Fringe Factor

Fashion trends come and go, but I am happily stuck in the seventies...
20 October 2015

The Look: Fairytale

 I've always come under the curse of the green eyed monster when it comes to long, thick, luscious locks. Why? Because, I simply can't grow them myself! Curse you naturally fine hair! Luckily, Irresistible Me came to the rescue and made my Rapunzel-esque fantasties come true. 
16 October 2015

The Perfect Coat For Your Body Shape

Ok; it's been a while since the last of my 'dressing for your body shape' posts. To be honest, if that post were a leaf, it would have fallen off the tree and decomposed by now. Anyway, coming directly to you from me in bed with the flu (I'm a poet and I didn't know it) is the latest of my body shape dressing guides.

With most of my Northern-Hemisphere readers well and truly stuck into Autumn/Fall, I thought it would be fitting to do a guide to finding your perfect coat.

Aussie readers: Don't worry, I'll have a swimwear 'dressing for your body shape' piece up before you can say hakuenamatata.

So if you want to find the perfect  new season jacket to flaunt that bod, keep scrolling scrolling scrolling.... **Insert Limp Biscuit tune here**
13 October 2015

The Look: Shape Shifter

bustier style
 In the world of trousers, it's time for the skinny and the slim leg to step aside: the palazzo is here in all its voluminous glory.  Such an niche shape may seem daunting for some, but rocking the palazzo is all about playing with juxtaposing volumes. Today I'm playing the shape-shifter in a skinny-meets peplum bustier and over-sized pants.

Want to experiment playing with volume in your wardrobe? You know I got you covered! Read on for my 5 top tips...
9 October 2015

The Look: Inland Nautical

stripe skirt
 Why wait until you're at sea to rock blue and white stripes? I added a seemingly boat-ish floppy hat and a high neck top and headed to the driest place that I could find... The Aussie bush.
6 October 2015

The Look: Apache Groove

Pocahontas gets time transported to the hippy era. Let's take a trip down fairy lane...
2 October 2015

The Perfect Hat For Your Style

If an outfit was a cupcake, a stylish hat would be the cherry on the top. Something that was once quite plan, slightly tasty, but still plain, has been transformed into a work of art that's almost too good to eat. Ok...that's enough cake metaphors for now, otherwise, my fridge will get a serious raiding!

The last few months have seen my hat collection quadruple in size. I have to admit that until recently, I didn't actually own any hats; but now my inner Mary Poppins has come out singing. The dated 'posh old lady at a tea party' hat-wearing stereotypes have been replaced with something far more modern and effortless.

And that's exactly how a hat should make your outfit look: Effortless.

If you're unsure of what type of hat you should be adding to your wardrobe, read on....

And ♫you can leave your hat on♫.....