14 August 2015

How Does Personal Style Vary Around The World?

 Yesterday was my third birthday. No, I wasn't born in 2012, (gosh I would be a typing genius if I was), yesterday marks three years since I was came to Australia. After learning that it wasn't all kangaroos and shrimps on the barby, the differences between Australian and English style became more and more apparent. As a matter of fact, as a blogger, the most common question I get asked is how the styles vary between these two opposite sides of the world. 

And it's not just these two countries; different places around the world have become synonymous with their own 'typical' style traits. Building on my multi-continental travel experiences and with the help of my good friend Google, here's a little look at how personal style varies around the globe.

What better way to start than on the home turf? Before I migrated to the land of the koalas (believe me, there isn't actually one on every tree), I expected Australian style to be that laid back surfer kind of vibe you associate with their famous surf label 'Billabong'. I could not have been more wrong.

Fashionista's of Oz take a laid back, minimalist approach to personal style; with a focus on luxury and high quality basics. Think the perfect pair of ripped boyfriend jeans, combined with the perfect white shirt, with an over-sized black blazer thrown nonchalantly over the shoulders.

Despite being waaay more sunny than the good old UK, Australians tend to stick to a more muted and monochromal palatte.  To be honest, whilst attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, I felt like my colourful abode made me stick out like a (very British) sore thumb! On glancing at my fashion week photos, my mum even asked: 'Rachel, why is everyone at the Ellery show wearing black?'. Well, Mum; style is incredibly different here. As opposed to expressing yourself through vibrant patterns and mish-mashing like in the UK, expression here is done more through fabric choices, cuts and shapes. As a matter of fact, I would describe Aussie style as a more polished version of Scandanavian style.
Of course, this depends on where in Australia you are judging. After all, this huuuuge country is practically the size of Europe. Up in the tropics, the average person tends to dress pretty 'bogan' in some nice mauled thongs and a beat-up vest. So I look like a total nob tourist when I'm sauntering down the streets in pretty printed maxi dresses, fringe and heels.

The Style Icons

Tash and Elle of 'They All Hate Us

Sarah Donaldson of 'Harper And Harley'

 Margaret Zhang of 'Shine By Three"

Taking inspiration and hugely uplifting vibes from the traditional sari dressing, modern Indian street style is all about warm, vibrant colours and ethnic-inspired prints. Denim is truly embraced and fashionistas rock a conglomeration of Eastern and Western style garments. Oversized costume jewellery is key: the more embellished, the better!

Some women still prefer to rock the traditional sari in beautiful striking colors with intricate embellished details.

The Style Icons
Sonam Kapoor- Actress

 Ruki Sheikh of 'Republic of Chic'

Aishwarya Rai, Bollywood Actress

Let's be honest, Italy is the nation that comes to mind when we think of stylish. Known for their polished and glamorous approach to dressing, Italian women have a certain skill for throwing together a conglomeration of understated casual and glam designer pieces.

If there's one thing Italy can do better than any other country, it's suiting. Just take a look at Chiara Ferragni in her chic shorts and blazer combos, or the vibrant Anna Della Russo rocking some sort of clashing print over-sized blazer combo.

Although Italian style is incredibly eclectic, I think it's the confidence and attitude of the Italian women that makes them so darn stylish. A bit of feminine glamour and whole lotta good tailoring doesn't hurt either.

Style Icons
Chiara Ferragni of 'The Blonde Salad'

Anna Dello Russo

Giovanna Battaglia, ex Vogue Edior

London is known for it's iconic and quirky style and I must admit that I miss the way that, in the UK, anything really goes when it comes to fashion. Clashing prints? Check! Throwing in some vintage pieces? You got it! The Brit's are truly known for that eclectic sense of style that isn't scared to push style boundaries.
Layering is key when it comes to British style; you never know when it's going to rain! Bright colours and floral prints are absolutely everywhere. And guess what? Wearing wellies with that sun dress is totally acceptable!

It's strange how in the UK, wearing vintage and thrift shop items is seen as stylish (and it should be), despite this being 'frowned upon' in other countries. In short, anything goes; and you create your own style!

Style Icons
Alexa Chung

Susie Bubble

Poppy Delevigne


The lovely foursome of Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland have more in common than just their geographical location. They are all known for their clean-cut, minimalist fashion.
Scandinavian style is the love-child of creativity and practicality. Discreet colours, and pared-down patterns are made up for in complex shapes and textures. It's all about that perfect pair of jeans, that oversized sweater, and those boxy silk tees.
Simple style means more comfort! The Scandinavian's have truly got it right!

Style Icons
Kenza Zouiten of 'Kenzas'

Sandra Hagelstam of '5 Inches And Up'

Elsa Hosk, Model

How would you describe your countries style? Let me know in the comments below :)


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