29 August 2015

6 Jewellery Trends You Totally Need To Invest In

You don't need to be Steven Hawking to know that sometimes all it takes is a piece of jewellery to transform an outfit from dud to lush. Today I've rounded up the six hottest jewellery trends of the season for you to enjoy. Shine bright like a diamond!
28 August 2015

The Look: Diamonds & Denim


If double denim still has awkward connotations of Britney and Justin circa 2001, it's time to change your perspective. Double denim doesn't have to scream 'nerd' or 'tradie', simply choose your colours and textures wisely, and the results are surprisingly sharp. Up the glam factor by adding some statement diamante pieces, as diamonds and denim are the perfect fashion oxymoron.
25 August 2015

Cruelty Free Beauty: Does Price= Better Quality? I Put 3 Blushers To The Test...

When premium beauty supplier Luxola contacted me about trying out some of their blushers, I couldn't resist. After all, evolutionists have proven that having that flushed glow is a sign of fertility and attractiveness. Ok... science lesson over.

I don't mean to blow my own trumpet here, but I get asked about my cheekbones a lot and I always feel truly complimented when people ask my what products I use. The truth is, I like to experiment with a lot of different makeup products, as long as they are not tested on animals. 

But does a more expensive product always guarantee a show-stopping result? Or are we just paying extra for a whole lotta nothing? I put this theory to the test...
21 August 2015

The Look: Striped Suedette

Suedette: Just ask your mum about it.... Chances are, she had the exact same pieces in her wardrobe in the 70s: mine did. Today I'm going all out hippy with this off-the-shoulder crop and suedette dream team. Top it off by a dream catcher pendant and I'm ready to dance around in the sunshine. 

Let's embrace the age of Aquarius!
18 August 2015

Dress Codes De-Coded

I wonder if the Cinderella's invitation to the ball came with a dress code? If so, I would bet my bottom dollar that she turned to her fairy godmother, confused as hell, asking : 'what does white tie mean?' ''

Today I'm playing your fairy godmother and de-coding those bizarre-sounding dress codes we dread seeing on invitations. And who says you need to have a movie stars budget to look like one? Sherry London provides a (Princess) Aurora of affordable luxe dresses, all under $100. Here at 'The Daily Luxe', I always say: 'you don't actually need a million dollars to look like a million bucks'.

14 August 2015

How Does Personal Style Vary Around The World?

 Yesterday was my third birthday. No, I wasn't born in 2012, (gosh I would be a typing genius if I was), yesterday marks three years since I was came to Australia. After learning that it wasn't all kangaroos and shrimps on the barby, the differences between Australian and English style became more and more apparent. As a matter of fact, as a blogger, the most common question I get asked is how the styles vary between these two opposite sides of the world. 

And it's not just these two countries; different places around the world have become synonymous with their own 'typical' style traits. Building on my multi-continental travel experiences and with the help of my good friend Google, here's a little look at how personal style varies around the globe.
11 August 2015

The Look: Earth

 Known as a colour that is 'hard to pull off', it seems ironic that khaki was originally designed to blend into the crowd. Add a sharp belted dress, a patterned silk scarf and a vintage leather bag for a look that says anything but wallflower.
7 August 2015

6 Ways To Wear Suede

Personally, I am all for nostalgia. Whether it's listening to 'Two Become One'  on repeat or in my outfit choices; there's always something very interesting about taking elements of the past and bringing them into the present.

You may remember the suede trend from the 90s; maybe your mum forced you to wear it, but hey: at least you were stylish! Your childhood may have included 'Blue suede shoes' accompanied by your grandads foot tap or maybe you caught a glimpse of an old photo of your mum in her 70s suede get up. Whatever it was, the return of suede into our wardrobes comes with a sense of nostalgia.

So rummage through those thrift shop bins, visit all the vintage fairs or maybe even raid your mums closet to get your suede fix. Whether faux or real, black or brown, suede is all about the style choices you make. Here's six ways to wear the fabric of the season...
4 August 2015

The Look: Wrapped Up And Feeling Good

 If you had said the phrase 'body con' to me a couple of months ago, I would have screwed my face up. Linked in my mind to some sort of Kim-Kardashian stereotype, I was convinced that the body con shape was best left to skinny minnies and was the kind of garment that brought on tuts and head shakes from old grannies on the street. Thanks to this incredibly flattering, classy and cute-meets-quirky two piece from 'The Kewl Shop', my mind has been changed.