27 May 2015

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

**Sings** Everybody.... rock your body! Rock your body right! Backstreets 'The Luxe' is back alright!

Ladies: it's time for round two of my series on finding your personal style! (You can check out my first post here).  This time, it's all about dressing for your figure and flaunting what your mamma gave ya! Cos honey... we all have those individual and unique features and assets and it's time to ROCK THEM!

What's My Shape?
Although there is inevitably a huge array of body shape variations (that would take me months of text to cover), scientists and celebrity stylists alike have cleverly pin-pointed four shapes that focus on your proportions.  

 It's time to enter the fashion fruit bowl..... (nom nom nom)

(Photo from 

.... Feeling fruity? Maybe you are An Apple Shape?
These busty babes are characterized by a body ratio that is top heavy.

Do you:
  • Tend to carry your weight around your tummy?
  • Have a small waist to hip ratio? (i.e. your waist is larger than your hips and booty)
  • Wear a smaller size in trousers than in tops?

....Are you all about that bass? Maybe you are A Pear Shape?
And your body's too Bootilicious for you babe... (ok, no more song puns I promise) Welcome to the pear shape club (with meeee!)

Do you:
  • Have a large breast to hip ratio. (i.e. your hips are much wider than your breasts and tummy)
  • Tend to carry your weight on your thighs and booty?
  • Consider your waistline as your smallest part?
  • Wear a larger size in trousers than in tops?
 ... Got a Monroe-esque bikini bod? Maybe you are An Hour Glass Shape?
Your breast and hip ratio are equal and you are cinched in by that teeny waist.

Do you:
  • Wear the same size in tops and trousers?
  • Have equally wide breasts and hips?
  • Consider your waistline your smallest part?
....  These fruity figs seem unrelatable to you? Maybe you are A Rectangle Shape?

Do you:
  • Wear the same size in all clothes?
  • Hold your weight equally all-over your body?
  • Have equal/ similar body measurements in your breasts, waist and hips?

So, first things first... choose your shape...

(Photo from
Perfect Pear as perfectly demonstrated by Miss Bootilicious herself.

(Photo from imgarcade,com)
The Hourglass hottie a la Halle

(Photo from 
The Alluring Apple like the original 'Pretty Woman'

(Photo from cleo, 
 The Ravishing Rectangle like beautiful Kiera.

An important note: Some of you guys may be thinking that these ladies are all very slim: true! And sadly, I apologise... But rest assured that body shape isn't about dress size, it's all about those proportions girrlllllllll! Hopefully one day the internet will supply pictures of celebs above a size 12 in bikinis that are not purposefully insulting :(

 Anyhow, there's my wee body image rant over. Here's the nitty gritty!

Although all four body shapes are incredibly different (like cheese and chocolate, you might say!), the rules of dressing have the same motive:
Draw attention to you best assets!

Apple Shape

Ah.. apples! You guys have those wonderful slim legs ad hips that us pear shapes could only dream of... So, let's draw attention to those pins!

Your tummy is where you store those cheeky treats, so the secret here is to not draw attention to this area in order to balance out your top heavy bod. So highlight those shoulders!

  • Flowy tops
  • Off-shoulder shapes.
  • Swing coats, tops and dresses.
  • High waist A-line and skater skirts.
  • Low rise, straight leg jeans or trousers
  • Wear tops and dresses that start to flow out from just under the bust.

  • Body con tops and dresses.
  • Midriff tops.
  • High waist bodycon or pencil skirts.
  • Waist belts

Try These

Pear Shape

Girlllll you have a seriously envious waist: THIS is where you want to draw the attention to. By dressing like a superstar, you can balance out that heavy lower half. 

  •  Fit and flare dresses.
  • Crop tops
  • High waist skater and A-line skirts
  • Wide leg belted pants
  • Embellished necklines and tops
  • Layer up on the top half
  • Waist belts

  • Short shorts
  • Baggy or swing tops
  • Trumpet skirts
  • Low rise trousers or jeans
  • Babydoll or smock shapes
  • Bodycon skirts

Try These

Hour Glass Shape
Hey sexy lady, you have all the right curves in all the right places and it's time to show 'em off! Cinch in  that tiny waist and let those perfectly proportioned curves do the talking.

  • Wrap dresses
  • Waist belts
  • Body con shapes
  • Crop tops
  • Tight fitting tops and dresses
  • Skater dresses and skirts
  • Pencil skirts
  • Cut-out waists

  • Baggy dresses and tops
  • Babydoll/ smock shapes
  • Crop jackets/ layers   

Try These

Rectangle Shape
Well, aren't you one lucky pup? Why, you ask? Because you can wear anything! 

However, to create the illusion of sexy curves, it's important to highlight your waist as your most cinched in part. How do you do that? Read on...


  • Add volume with A-line, skater and trumpet skirts.
  • Waist belts
  • High waist shorts, trousers and skirts
  • Cut outs 
  • Wide leg pants
  • Crop tops
  • Bodycon skirts and dresses

  •  Combine baggy tops and bottoms.

Try This

Now you know the ins and outs of your body shape, it's time to rock it!



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