18 April 2015

MBFWA: The 10 Shows That Stole Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, you have been one incredible week! After a trillion photos, meeting a bucketful of industry lovelies and beating my poor feet to blisters in numerous pairs of high heels; I'm feeling strangely reflective in my post-first fashion week stupor.

 I went to 34 shows. Yep, I'll admit it, I counted! And although I undeniably went koo-koo, ohmygoshitssoamazing at all of them, there's ten collections that truly stood out. Whether it be for their wear-ability, their insane atmosphere or just their quirky wow factor, here's ten shows that stole fashion week:

P.S I took the photos myself with my new camera- super proud!

1. Jennifer Kate

Was memorable for... its innovative use of fabrics and it's wearability. Get in my closet NOW!

 I never thought I would find myself coveting burnt orange... until I witnessed Jennifer Kate. Set in the small, gallery-like mezzanine, models floated through snowflake-like specs of piled paper in feminine toned leather and suede pieces.
What made the pieces so wearable were the classic, yet fashion-forward shapes. Some memorable pieces I have my eye on are a burnt orange bow crop-top and midi-skirt, which was sat on the perfect line between quirky and glamorous. Jennifer Kate's eclectic coloured pieces convinced me that the two piece co-ord trend is here to stay.

2. Bondi Bather
 Was memorable for... its ability to have me grinning non-stop.

'Hello kitty, you're so pretty!' The Hello Kitty music blared out of the deck, the jamming DJ rocking Hello Kitty Print. Who was sitting in the front row? HELLO KITTY! Duh! As someone who went through a little (ok, I admit it: huuge) Hello Kitty phase, this show delightfully pleased my inner 12 year old.

Hello Kitty meets Victoria's Secret? It shouldn't have worked but it somehow delightfully did and I enjoyed watching the refreshingly curvy models strut their stuff as I gobbled on fro-yo. With jagged angel wings, endless Hello Kitty motifs and a whole lotta swimsuit shapes, this show lifted my mood to a sky-high level.

But somehow I will never understand why Timomatic was in the front row? (Translation to international readers: reality TV formed, male pop star with the cringiest of names).

3. Maticevski

Was memorable for... its stunning, avant-garde drama. 

Some of the most entertaining shows to witness live are those which straddle the line between art and fashion. Enter Maticevski: a modern interpretation of avant-garde da da-ism met with up and coming trends such as ruffles, trenches and full-circle skirts.

 They truly presented structured modernism in a 100% creative way. The only question I would ask is: where on earth could I wear this?

4. Joanna Johnson

Was memorable for... its old school Hollywood glamour.

This finale show certainly did not dissapoint. Welcoming obvious comparisons to Baz Luhrman's 'The Great Gatsby', Joanna Johnson was 1920s glamor that had just enough of a fashion element not to look costumy.

You could hear the literal gasp as the finale dress started the runway circuit. And who could blame the audience? Wouldn't you love to get married in this? I put this one on reserve Joanna!

5. Dyspnea

Was memorable for... showing you all the crazy stuff you have floating around your head.

 I'd heard crazy, fluffy awesome things about this brand. And as I read the card on my seat, my excitement grew ten-fold. The collection is 'what Lolita and Ariel would wear in a slow-motion pillow fight in your pink gelly crystal castle’.

You guessed it: DYSPNEA, trans: a short of breath, was all rainbows, unicorns and fluffy pink pom poms. My inner Disney Princess was like 'oh yeah' and I was left wanting rose prints and brocades. Maybe I'll leave the pom-poms to the hardcore girly girls then...

6. Michael Lo Sordo

Was memorable for... the stunning, fine details.

As the models glided past the single rows of guests, the human eye could pick up the incredible artistry and detailing in these exquisite pieces; every fine pleat and ruffle.

This was indeed an art exhibition, for the artistry Lo Sordo presented once again enforced his incredible talent for molding fabric. Lush berry and crisp white tones enhanced the expensive-looking pleats, ruffles and layers. It was like sitting in a fairytale made of fabric.

7. CS Edit x Kirrily Johnson

Was memorable for... its commercial nature
The collection was Cooper St's first creative collaboration with renowned designer Kirrily Johnston. It featured lush, soft nude tones that whispered a Grecian vibe, whilst high ruffle necks and burnt orange prints injected a certain 70s vibe.

I could bet my bottom dollar that there's a piece for every fashionista in this collection. For the minimalists, there is a selection of lush white shirts and pinstripe pieces. Whereas the more bohemian lady can select from geometric 70s prints and flowy Grecian dresses.

This was certainly a high street collection was a drop of high-fashion mixed in if I've ever seen it. I'll be checking out Cooper St, credit card at the ready, when this collection drops in October.

8.  Kate Sylvester
 Was memorable for... Prints and textures

 Kate's 'Romeo X Juliet' collection was a modern exploration of the many juxtapositions that appear in Shakespeare's classic love story. A prime example of this is the punky leather midi skirt above that was contrasted with an innocent floral print.
 Once again, a sense of 70s bohemia was evident in the collection. Shirt dresses and tie belts anyone?

This show also wins the award for most wearable hair and makeup. I will be rocking this up-down feminine do for seasons to come. 

9. Steven Khalil
Was memorable for... it's timeless, feminine beauty
 I bet if I did some sort of survey, 99% of women love anything inherently glitzy and girly. Steven Khalil's evening gowns were sequined, beaded and ruffled to perfection. The collection was dotted with more casual items, like this super sparkly midnight-hued jumper. Lush!
Modern shapes and textures were cleverly mixed with classic fabrics and embellishment techniques from the 1920s and 1940s. One things for sure, these gowns are timeless.

10. Manning Cartell
Was memorable for... sheer atmosphere
 Manning Cartell was an experience. Before entering the stunning, sandy-floored room, guests were treated to champagne and canapes downstairs.
 The set was dotted with icicle-like lights, highlighing Manning Cartell's stunning variety of prints and textures that adorned a number of classic shapes.
 The collection was all about the prints. My personal favorite was a baroque-style wallpaper print in shades of monochrome and bright turquoise.  Classic denim pieces were given a 70s makeover with soft fringe details. This collection was the perfect pairing of timeless and trend-led.
Clothes aside, I will never know how I got into the front row for this show, which was one of the most popular of the entire week. However, I was incredibly lucky that I did.

Bring on the next fashion week



  1. So many beautiful collections! The Joanna Johnson gown is stunning :)

  2. A lot of these looks are amazing and creative, splendid collections!

  3. Interesting post! These models show the beautiful things!

    With love, Nastya Deutsch ♡

  4. wow, some of this show had amazing display!

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  5. Wow I can't believe you went to 34 shows haha that's dedication! I went to fashion week this year in Copenhagen and only made it to like 5 shows, that was enough chaos for me! I love that grey sweater dress with the modern structuralism I could totally see myself wearing it in Copenhagen!

    Danika Maia

  6. Great post!
    Everything is so pretty and gorgeous!!!

  7. so glad you had an amazing time at fashion week! i adore a lot of these styles, i particularly love the jennifer kate collections and the stephen khalil! that wedding dress!!! SWOON!
    amazing! xo

  8. Amazing show and beautiful dress.



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  11. what a great post! i really loved number 3 and 9! such gorgeous pieces!


  12. Hello Rachel! I went ahead and read the previous posts I missed from you and I want to let you that I am more than excited and happy for everything you got to experience during such amazing week. I don't believe that there is such thing as luck or coincidence. What I believe is that life brings to us what we, ourselves, cultivate in our hearts and minds. We are all deserving of great things in our life but it is our faith and "knowing that we can get it" what bring them to us. Sitting in the front row was an opportunity that was meant to be for you just because you are an amazing human being and you believe in you. Continue enjoying the journey always thinking big. The sky is your limit! I loved everything you wore to attend the fashion shows and I also enjoyed looking at all the different fashion shows pictures you shared and amazing runway looks. Have a blessed week my friend. XOXO, Jeannette

  13. so lovely dear! Thanks for sharing and have an amazing new week!

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  14. Great experience, amazing fashion shows!!!!
    xo Paola
    My Facebook

  15. These are such beautiful images, love fashion week xx

  16. Such a great round up for Fashion Week Rachel, Absolutely love Dyspnea! I love collections with white and lace and cut out detailing such a great great range <3

    Serene xoxo

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  24. These look like some incredible fashion shows

  25. Oh, Rachel, it must have been exciting yet exhausting. 34 shows, wow! Thanks for sharing. I'm totally in love with the princess weddind dress. Have a wonderful week!

    Jasmine ♥
    For a Real Woman

  26. Oh you are so lucky! So many unique styles and such beauty and allure!

    xo Bry

  27. Oh you are so lucky! So many unique styles and such beauty and allure!

    xo Bry

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  31. 34 shows is so impressive, I'm not surprised you counted - that's quite the achievement haha! Joanna Johnson's final showstopper is incredible, I gasped from behind my screen too.. and Dyspnea has now stolen my heart - the pieces you've shown on your blog are so ethereal and delicate :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  32. Happy Monday, darling!! Those Fashion Week pictures are amazing! Love the last one - a dream outfit!
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  36. Rachel, whoaaa! I am totally envious of you right now!! 32 fashion shows!! My my!! Hahaha!! Amazing!! And now, looking at your list, my favourite one was definitely Manning Cartell one, and the wedding one!! Especially the wedding one though!! Those gowns are gorgeous!!!! <3

  37. So amazing post, it feels like I was there with you! I wish I could have...

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    Corinne x

  39. The third collection is my favorite! I love structured statement pieces!


  40. I love that burnt orange matching set too! Also the wedding dress was quite beautiful and I loved the whole vibe of the last collection.


  41. These photographs are purely stunning!

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  42. Hi Rachel,
    what a wonderful collection, thanks for sharing!! I love the red dresses!!!
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  43. I see why you love Maticevski's show. OMG I am looking at it and I am in awe. I am loving all of these shows, but that show is my absolute favorite. Amazing post.

    Kay of Pure & Complex


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