Are Flats The New Heels?

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 Once up on a time, a few seasons ago, heels were what distinguished the 'it girls' and fashionistas from all other mere mortals. From the classic Louboutin Pigalle Pump to Jimmy Choo's creations that were pointy and high in equal part, it seemed like every celebrity and street-style star was towering high. 

And believe me, it wasn't always pretty. Who can forget the lovely bits that Paris Hilton stole from Barbie's closet in the mid-noughties? Need a reminder? Here, knock yourself out:

Sorry: rant over. As much as we all love those sky-high knock-outs in our closet, the past few seasons have seen designers opt for the flat shoe. No one can forget that trend-turning moment when Karl Lagerfeld sent models donning flats down the runway two years ago and judging by the A/W 2015 collections,the flat shoe is still one to watch:

H & M Studio
Vanessa Bruno
 Rick Owens

Looks comfy, ey? Fashionable flats are a tall girls besty and personally, I love getting the end of the night without numb toes. 

As the Paris Fashion Week pretties above show, flats can look just as put together  as heels! In my opinion, flats add a fourth dimension to your overall look, there is some sort of relaxed and sporty air that they portray. And when put with the prettiest of dresses, they give across a sporty, quirky vibe that is oh so Alexa Chung!

If you're a heels girl: don't fret! Heels will always be in style and the past months catwalk collections show heels to be as equal in style as their flatter  counterpart.

Dolce & Gabanna 

Let's face it: heels will NEVER go out of style!  They exude a timeless elegance and an air of class, not to mention that they make your legs look amazing!

So... is it fair to say that heels and flats are now equal on the style scale?

Let's hand it over to the girls...   Heels or flats?

'I can't concentrate in flats', Victoria Beckham

 Michelle Lau, blogger at 
'My Charlotte Olympia velvet slippers lend effortlessness and character to a special occasion dress without me feeling dowdy or too dressed-down. Plus, there’s something to be said about the confidence of a sophisticated flat rebelling in a room full of stilettos.' 

   Suzii K, Fashion Designer
"Heels - simply because "heels transform your body language and attitude they lift you physically and emotionally." - Christian Louboutin. They change the way you walk and correct/elongate your posture/stance, they make any outfit automatically that bit more stylish."

My personal opinion
Living in a tropical climate, flats are my go-to shoe. I think there is something really cool and quirky about popping on a pair of pool slides with a fancy dress or crisp, white shirt. Don't get me wrong though, I adore heels, I think they have the ability to enhance my confidence! So I go for my middle ground- the trusty flatform!

Your New Season Shoe Staples
Whether you are a heels or flats kinda girl, there's a staple shoe to suit everyone this season. Invest wisely, and it will last you well into seasons to come.
Splurge:Clockwise from top left, Diane Von Furstenburg, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Vince, Michael Kors
Save: Clockwise from top left, All from boohoo,  Megan Jelly, Zoe Trainers, Catherine Loafers, Liza Flat

Splurge:Clockwise from top left, Stuart Weitzman, Stuart Weitzman, Kurt Geiger
Save: Clockwise from top left, All from boohoo, Lauren Platforms, Hope BootEvie Heels

Are you a heels or flats girl?



  1. I agree, heels will never go out of style. But this time around, the spotlight is on flat shoes!

    Janelle | Styles & Prints

  2. I like flats tbh, I think they can really look pretty and classy, but heels are heels :)
    although these Paris Hilton's are such a failure hahaha :))) amazing post

    Long time no post- but I'm back, visit if you like :)
    I'll be thankful <3

  3. I love flats too...comfy and cool.... :D
    great post..... :)

  4. Well yeah! I like to combine both, depends on my mood, but let's just say that normcore trend made us think that comfort and chicness is possible!

    - Hannah's Heels

  5. I love shoes
    fallow for fallow?

  6. Although I like to wear high heels, flats are super comfy. Glad that there are designs that are making flats fashionable too.

  7. There are a lot of gorgeous flats now!!! Anyway, sometimes I need heels...:)


  8. Flats are where it's at!

  9. Me crazy shoes, I do not care to be heels or flats !! Beautiful post!

  10. Twój blog mnie zachwyca! Jest naprawdę genialny. Życzę powodzenia w dalszym blogowaniu!
    Jeśli masz ochotę zajrzyj na moją stronę.

  11. Great post! I like heels and flats but being 5'2" makes me lean toward heels because I need the height. :)

  12. I love heels a lot, but flats are so comfy... hahaha.

    XO naomi @ Naomi in Wonderland

  13. Nice shoes, most of them. And the clothing on the models too.

  14. Flats are definitely the new heels for me and they seem to be a lot more luxe lately, I like pointed ones xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  15. Hello Rachel, I have to confess that I will always be a heel girl however, wearing a cool pair of flats shoes can work for me especially if I know I will be up and standing a lot. That is why wedges are great. Like you said they are the in-between the heavenly heels and the earthy flats:-) Great post Rachel as always. Have a wonderful evening! XOXO, Jeannette

  16. I honestly think flats will be huge for spring/summer, although I don't think heels will ever go out of style! I do love heels, but I have a huge soft spot for my flats too as they can look stylish and they are comfy too!!

  17. Deep in my heart I am a heels girl, 100%. However, like you said, it's a pain always having numb feet at the end of the night. Especially living in NY, I walk and ride the subway everywhere and believe me--heels get really tiring really quickly. Not to mention the fact that I'm always 20 minutes later so I always have to walk quickly to make up time!


  18. Love heels and flats!


  19. I love flats.
    It is comfy and very light to walk on.

    Check my new post.

  20. I'm tall but I don't feel right without some heel - even just 2'

    Jenn from

  21. Honestly i prefer heels but this selection is so cool!

  22. this was a very interesting post! I go for flats for everyday but heels when I know I won't be doing too much walking! :)

    Metallic Paws

  23. I'm very much a heels-kind-of-girl myself, I couldn't agree more with Christian Louboutin's quote you've shared in this post. Having said that, when in warmer climates, there's no way I could wear heels for long - the flat sandals come out to play! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  24. I am a big fan of the kitten heel or a heel that is no more then 2.5 inches. Not just for comfort or walking but being almost 5'8" I do not need towering heels to make me over 6 feet, no thanks.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  25. I wear mostly flats! What can I say, I prefer shorter men!

  26. Swooning over this! Lovely post, wishing you an even lovelier Sunday! Xo.

    Evolution of Glam

  27. Heels are the best accessoire of feminity but flats are so modern!

  28. I adore the black and white ones in the first pic!

  29. I love heels, but I usually go for flats for the comfort!

    Corinne x

  30. Oh my gosh Paris' heels were shockers.
    I love flats because I am so tall, I hate towering over everyone.

  31. I wish they were!

  32. I like this trend but I prefer the heels.

  33. I love both flats and heels and I think it'll be one of the most comfortable trends for a couple of last years;)
    Margo Raffaelli

  34. I love a good flat sometimes, but when I really want to boost up the damage control in the world I'd go for my trusty heels :D heheheh <3

    Great post lovely xoxox

  35. Great selection of flat shoes there, want all of them. I love the outdoors so I prefer wearing flats, not really comfortable in wearing heels especially for long distance walking hehe :) Have a nice day! xo

  36. I love wearing flats too! But I wish I would be like 5'4 or 5'5 something lol When are you moving to UK? :)

  37. Love this post dear!

  38. I love heels but I love comfort too! Amazing selection, loving that Dolce & Gabbana's outfit! =)


  39. Flats are definitely my favorite...they're cute and comfortable! :)

  40. Such a beautiful post! Love flats but a girl does look better in heels! :)
    Wishing you a Happy Monday!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  41. love both!!



  42. We adore flats but could never 100% trade them in for our heels. It would be too hard, they serve their own purpose. But boy are there some sneakers and flats we can't get enough of!!

    xx 365Hangers

  43. Heels are here to stay but this is the season for flats

  44. I wear flats most of the time, so I'm happy that there are more cute styles to choose from now :)

  45. I love these looks!
    Melanie @

  46. I love those first black and white flats. xx

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