14 March 2015

8 Fashion & Beauty Hacks You Totally Need To Know About

Being a woman certainly has its perks. Number one: We smell better than men (Sorry boyf). Number two: We are apparently made of sugar and spice and everything nice (or maybe chocolate and foundation?) And number three: from experimenting with our looks, we seem to accumulate a hardback-book full of useful fashion and beauty tips that would make Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks look like a ten year olds English project. 

By the old mantra that knowledge is power, I thought I’d share my fashion and beauty tips and tricks that I have learned throughout the years.

1.Heat an eyelash curler with a hairdryer for extra hold.
I think I learn't this one from my older sister when I was about thirteen years old. The first few attempts resulted in my eyelids getting burnt, but after ten years of practice I’ve got the hang of it!
Simply heat your eyelash curlers for 10-15 seconds with a hairdryer and curl away. Layer on some mascara and repeat. The results are luscious. Warning: test the temperature of the curlers on your lips before curling away to avoid ouchies!

2. Use homemade rose water for a gentle, but effective toner.

Rose water makes an insanely beautiful and effective toner; and guess what: it is 100% natural! I first tried making my own rose water toner after my incredibly sensitive skin reacted to a drug-store aisle’s worth of toners. Rose water absorbs oil and shrinks pores, all without drying out your skin to kingdom come.

It’s very simple to make too. Simply boil a bunch worth of rose petals (they can be droopy) in a cups worth of water and leave to simmer for an hour. Strain out the petals and store in the fridge.

See, now you can recycle the now-drooping roses that your other half got you! Beware of pesticides though, I would stick to organic roses. Luckily, we have roses growing in our garden.

3. Get rid of grease marks in clothing with hairspray.
Whether from sun cream or a portion of chips, we have all felt the frustration of getting a big, greasy blob on the centre of our fave tee. But now getting rid of it is easier than ever! Simply spray hairspray on the stain, leave for a couple of hours and then wash the garment. Stain gone! Quite disturbing that we put this grease-absorbing super concoction onto our hair…

4. Use perfume papers in your underwear drawer.

Next time you’re shopping for a new fragrance, keep the little perfume-soaked paper tabs and pop them in your underwear drawer. The result? Undies that smell better than the inside of a shower gel tube. Note to your boyfriend: you’re welcome!

5. Roll t-shirts for extra wardrobe space.

Whether you store in drawers or shelves, rolling your tees will majorly increase your storage space. Meaning you can buy more clothes- yay! Plus: you can see which shirt is which really easily, which beats flipping through a trillion folded tees to find that one shirt that will go with your skirt. Folding is so noughties, girl!

6. Stop shorts from riding up by sewing felt on the inner seams.
All babes with junk in the trunk would have felt the embarrassment of their shorts riding up while they’re walking. I found this tip after trawling through google, oh, why do my shorts like to roll so high? Simply sew a strip of felt on the inside of the shorts on the seam that creases and rides up, this makes them more sturdy and less likely to scrunch up into your bottom.

7.Get rid of lint balls with a razor
Some fabrics like to somehow produce little balls on their surface over time. Before you throw out that dress, why not try shaving it? Simply lightly run a razor along the surface of the fabric to eliminate those pesky little bobbles.

8. Keep flats smelling sweet with insoles
Maybe this only happens in hot countries, but wearing ballet flats or sneakers without socks can result in them smelling a little funky over time. To stop this, simply buy a pair of odor eating insoles, cut to the size of your feet and pop in each pair of shoes as you wear them.

 Do you have any fashion and beauty hacks?



  1. Never heard of hairspray for grease so that's really handy and defo need to get some cheap razors as a lint roller thats a fab idea xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. Great tips! That first one is my fave and will be trying soon! :)

  3. Great post! ♥

  4. Homemade rose water is great for a perfect skin!
    I'm following you back!

  5. Awesome tips! Such a great post! Thank you for sharing & have a wonderful weekend!
    Red Reticule | Three Faces of a Woman

  6. Awesome tips!


  7. So many nice tips! My Mom puts soap in the drawers! I'll try the hairspray tip, hate those marks!

  8. These tips are great, love the paper with perfume samples one to keep your clothes smelling great :D!!!!

    Serene xoxo

  9. Great tips...especially number 6! I've never heard that one before. I'll have to give that hairspray tip a try for sure.
    Thanks for sharing. :-)

  10. Ok, so we're using all of these tips, so amazing, but especially excite to try the rose water toner. That sounds amazing and so easy to make. Thanks so much!!

    xx 365Hangers

  11. Great tips! I want to make rosewater

  12. WOW! You're a wiz! These tips are lifesavers! Bookmarked! :D

    ♥ | | xoxo

  13. These are great tips! Thank you so much for sharing!

    - Deniz

  14. These are all great tips, I do use scented papers in my drawers and LOVE the tip about the eye lash curler, now if I could find one that would stop breaking.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  15. Yea! It was need to know. Thanks for posting.

  16. These are such great tips! I'm book marking this!
    Melanie @

  17. it is always great to find new tricks like these, thanks for sharing!

  18. Woahhh all of these tips are so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing 'em. xx Naomi in Wonderland

  19. Great tips.
    Thank you for sharing.

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  20. Love the shaving fabric tip!!! Love it. And definitely want to make my own rose water!



    My Closet Life Blog

  21. Ooh, I shouldn't have thrown away all those perfume papers. Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love the first one. When I was in school my friend told me about it and I tried it but put the hairdryer on when the curler was on my face, so it dried my skin out and when I told my skin she laughed and said you just heat it up before. Awkward!

    Corinne x

  23. Interesting tips, I'll definitely try the perfume papers and the razor as a lint roller. Tip #5 is also useful if you're packing for a holiday, you will be surprise with the amount of clothes that you can fit in your luggage, I do it all the time. Have a nice day Rachel. :) xo

  24. I absolutely love these tips! I'm bookmarking it for future reference.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  25. Great tips! I love the razor trick and felt for the shorts! Thanks!

  26. oOo I didn't know that about eyelash curlers! Will have to give that a try!


  27. My god, Rachel!! Those are some amazing tips you've given. At this given point of time, can I confess that I wasn't aware of 6 out of 8 of the tips!!! Dang it!! I feel like I live in a cave! :p Well...not anymore! Coz I've read your tips! I am definitely gonna be trying the rose water toner!!! :)

  28. Oh my gosh! These are such great tips. I think I can benefit from each and every one!
    xo Bry

  29. Nice tips, great post!

  30. Happy Monday! Glad I stopped by! I’m SO inspired by this! Such great tips from a fab girl like you!!!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  31. Amazing tips, darling!! <3
    Thank you so much ;)
    Kisses from Ukraine,

  32. Thanks for following – it's a pleasure for me that I already followed you back on bloglovin <3

    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  33. Great tips!
    wanna try to made the hand made water rose! :D

  34. love these hacks!!! Esp the perfume samples in underware draw!

  35. Oh nice post !!


  36. Using hairspray to rid of grease marks is pretty genius! Who knew it was that simple. Thank you for sharing these useful hacks :)

  37. Thank you for sharing these life hacks! I've been doing #5 ever since... I've never tried #1 though, but I've known about it for so long.

    Janelle | Styles & Prints

  38. oh this is an amazzing post, I learned so much! Thanks for the great tips, I didn't even know that about rose water! And loving the tip for the underwear drawer!


  39. I really need to try those tips. Starting with the razor one.

    Mrs in London | lifestyle | fashion | travel

  40. Nice artistic fashion play. Keep it us!


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