27 March 2015

The Top 5 Street Style Model Mavens

Supermodels, it girls, call them what you want, but when these girls are not sipping Chai latte's with Alexander Wang or posting endless Instagram selfies, they are causing some serious turbulence in the street style world...
But who holds the crown for being the most stylist lady off the catwalk? 
24 March 2015

The Look: Paradise Found

"Wisdom begins in wonder", Socrates
21 March 2015

8 Fashion Week Accessory Trends You Can Wear Everyday

Although the latest fashion month may have been Autumn/Winter by name, it doesn't mean that we can't start injecting some of those high-trend accessories into our look right now.
 Whether you're in the Northern Hemisphere and heading into Spring (you rock that waist belt, girl!) or getting ready for Winter here in Australia and ready to warm up in some long leather gloves; there's a staple trend for everyone to wear come rain or shine.

17 March 2015
14 March 2015

8 Fashion & Beauty Hacks You Totally Need To Know About

Being a woman certainly has its perks. Number one: We smell better than men (Sorry boyf). Number two: We are apparently made of sugar and spice and everything nice (or maybe chocolate and foundation?) And number three: from experimenting with our looks, we seem to accumulate a hardback-book full of useful fashion and beauty tips that would make Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks look like a ten year olds English project. 

By the old mantra that knowledge is power, I thought I’d share my fashion and beauty tips and tricks that I have learned throughout the years.

1.Heat an eyelash curler with a hairdryer for extra hold.
I think I learn't this one from my older sister when I was about thirteen years old. The first few attempts resulted in my eyelids getting burnt, but after ten years of practice I’ve got the hang of it!
Simply heat your eyelash curlers for 10-15 seconds with a hairdryer and curl away. Layer on some mascara and repeat. The results are luscious. Warning: test the temperature of the curlers on your lips before curling away to avoid ouchies!

10 March 2015

The Look: The Stars Are Fire

outfit idea floral halter neck top mesh skirt
Mish-mashing it up in a floral, halter top and mesh skirt...
7 March 2015

Are Flats The New Heels?

are flats the new heels

(Photo from

 Once up on a time, a few seasons ago, heels were what distinguished the 'it girls' and fashionistas from all other mere mortals. From the classic Louboutin Pigalle Pump to Jimmy Choo's creations that were pointy and high in equal part, it seemed like every celebrity and street-style star was towering high. 
3 March 2015

The Look: Gone With The Wind

boho flowy dress styled with red velvet ankle bootsGoing easy breezy in a boho printed dress with velvet ankle boots and aviators.