7 February 2015

5 Quick And Easy Ways To Update Your Look For Spring/Summer 15

If your dwelling down under you're already well into your summer, so why not give your wardrobe a quick mid-season update? Northern Hemisphere ladies, with spring just around the corner, there's no need to wait until the sun begins to shine to update your wardrobe into spring mode. Here's five quick, easy and craaaaazily cheap ways to update your look for the Spring/Summer 2015 season. If your climate is still cold, don't fret, just add a coat and go!

1. Metallic Flash Tattoos
If you're like me, tattoos bring a certain synonym to mind: horror. But rest assured, these temporary metallic tattoos are anything but horrific. They inject a little bohemian Balinese luxe into your summer look, and, best of all, there are no needles required! **Round of applause** 

As lashing of these babies fill up accessory and fashion high street stores, they make a great alternative to jewellery to add some sparkle to your favorite swimwear a la Beyonce. Alternatively, layer jewellery over these glitzy patterns: the more the merrier! Now, there's just one question left: gold, silver, or both?

boho metallic flash tattoos beach

beyonce metallic flash tattoos

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 2. Tie a thick ribbon or fabric belt around your waist
Trends often come from the most unexpected places, this time, it's from the world of martial arts. Simply take your fave silk scarf, belt or even a thick piece of ribbon and tie around your waistline. New York Fashion Week showed this look was the new way to enhance your waistline, as BCBG, Tanya Taylor and Suno all showed themselves to be fans of this Oriental trend. 

Extra note: Tie around an undone vest jacket or trench coat for a brand new top or dress. Ta-da!

suno spring summer 2015 new york fashion week

BCBG spring summer 2015


3. Wrap & Tuck Your Shirt
If you have an oversized button up shirt, this one is totally free for you! Instead of buttoning up, simply wrap on side of your shirt over the other and top into high waist shorts, trousers or skirts. For smaller shirts, tuck in all the way round. For a true boyfriend fit, wrap and tuck in the front and leave loose in the back. 
wrap and tuck shirt trend

wrap tuck shirt trend


 4. Fringe It Up
With the re-birth of everything sartorially 70s, comes the fringe. Just one piece with this quirky texture will completely makeover your outfit. If you don't own anything with fringes, why not road-test the trend by cutting fringes into an old top, skirt or dress? But believe me, this is the one trend that I recommend truly investing in: it's here to stay!

fringe fashion trend

fringe suede jacket street style


 5. Rip It, Rip It Good
Are you loving all of the ripped boyfriend jeans on Pinterest at the moment? Me too! This Spring staple is best paired with leg lengthening nude heels. You can even create your own rips with a cheese grater!
ripped boyfriend jeans and nude heels
ripped boyfriend jeans and valentino rockstuds

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Which is your favorite?



  1. I love the tattoos and I can't get enough of fringes!
    Great inspo Rachel!

  2. Thanks for sharing all these great trends! Fringe is my favorite one. I have a fringed bag that I take everywhere! :)

  3. I love this post - I am really excited to try metallic tattoos this summer, the trends are spot on especially knotted waists xx

  4. Those metallic tattoos make me miss summer, I will definitely be trying that.

  5. I love metallic tatoo!

  6. Love those tatoos!


  7. Such a great post! the metallic tatoos are so lovely but quite expensive!

    GeorgiaJade | Beauty Fashion & Lifestyle

  8. These metallic tatoos look amazing! I need a pair of ripped jeans too!

  9. Hello Rachel! I have to say that I really, really enjoy reading your posts. First, you write so well and everything you post about is super interesting. I really liked the idea of the overlapping an oversized button-up shirt, super cool! I also like fringes so I need to look for something with fringes ( I have a little bag and a necklace right now) to wear this season. The metallic tattoos, as a matter of fact I just read a magazine that sported Vanessa Hudgens wearing a bunch of those. Like you, I am not into real tattoos but these temporary ones are chic and I would actually wear them! I am glad you liked my juicing post. I am actually starting my detox tomorrow morning so will see! I also make juice for my better half (have to keep him healthy!) and for my youngest daughter too. Have a great weekend sweet girl. Blessings to you always! XOXO, Jeannette

  10. Amazing selection ^^


  11. lovely trendy suggestions to spruce up your look! i love the flash tattoos and fringe right now! everything you listed is great idea I'm going to try to incorporate into my looks! x
    - Andrea

  12. I absolutely love ripped jeans, belts and metallic tattoos! Can't wait for summer!!!

  13. I love metallic tattoos, I'm going to wear some on my holiday :) I quite like the shirts tucked in look too, very cute!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  14. Those golden tattoos are fantastic. I'll definitely be wanting those for festival fashion :)
    Rebecca // xx

  15. I'm loving and will be rocking all of these trends! Great post!

  16. Love your blog! Honestly, I don't think I will ever get over flash tattoos. If that's how real tattoos looked, I might even consider getting one! :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  17. Great post! Love those tips, speccialy the metallic flash tatoos. :)

  18. Great tips! I love these ideas!
    Melanie @

  19. Wrap and tuck shirts look so cute and I really love the metallic tattoos I need to get some xxx

  20. I love the ripped jeans look and the wrap and tuck shirt is so unique

  21. Oh I love the wrap and tuck look, so stylish and avant-garde! :) xo~ Lena

  22. Oh my god your style is impecable <33
    Good pictures too :DD can't wait for your next one!

  23. Hello Dear ! This post is great! :) You have an amazing blog ! :)
    Maybe we can follow each other ? :)

  24. Amazing ss15 trends, love those metallic tattoos and fringes :)

  25. I really love these metallic tattoos. I think it would be really sexy with a strappy dress.
    Bright Shiny Day

  26. I love these ideas, especially the Flash tattoos, belt and wrapped shirt <3

    Serene xoxo

  27. I love the Flash tattoos. Perfect for the summer mood!

  28. Lovely post and images! Have an awesome new week!

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  29. Such a great post. Ripped jeans are my favorite.

  30. Hi Rachel! My favorite is the metallic tattoos that I have noticed springing up lately. I am also in love with ripped denim! I love my favorite pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. Great post! I'd love for you to check out my new blog,

    x Kellie

  31. I think I'm gonna get some metal tattoos for when I go on holiday, they look fab!

    Corinne x

  32. Oh yes! These are all great ideas! I haven't tried out the metallic tattoos yet. I'm so pale that i'm afraid I'll look ridiculous :D

    I'm so glad you featured a photo of Joanna Hillman under the ripped jeans section-- she's such a babe!


  33. Definitely love the ripped jeans trend, although being shorter I have a tough time finding jeans with rips at the correct height! I love the metallic tattoos but now so sure I could pull them off! Such a great list!!


  34. Hello my dear Rachel!! Gosh, can I just say I loveeeed each and every single trend you mentioned? I personally have yet to try the metallic tattoos, but gosh, I am already excited! I need to place an order soon to be able to get them on time though :p And fringe..that's what i've been literally living in these days :p

  35. Wow, I really love posts like your, great job, Rachel :) And what about trends I like ripped jeans (which you can make it on your own) and metallic tattoos, they look amazing on tan skin (aww, I can't wait for the summer ;))

  36. Lovely post!

  37. Like the metallic tatoes!

    x Mieke

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  38. hey there :) cool post !its pretty!

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  39. Amazing tips and looks! =)

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  40. Such great tips! Thanks for sharing, love!
    Also, thanks much for stopping by! I appreciated your comment very much! You’re the best!
    Much love, Vanessa

  41. Stunning post dear!


  42. Great post! I'm definitely going to try that wrap shirt look!

    Clothes & Quotes

  43. I adore the metallic flash tattoos, I'm so tempted to look into those for spring/summer. I'm undecided on ripped denim though, I'm never sure about that one!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice 


  44. We're in love with flash tattoos and they really are such a fun way to get into the spring spirit. Loving roughed up jeans too of course and such cute styles!

    xx 365Hangers

  45. So beautiful suggestions Rachel!!! Have a nice day, kisses (and thank you for your visit),

    Eniwhere Fashion
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  46. have a nice evening!

  47. Great ideas! I'm especially loving the ripped jeans!
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

  48. i love all the golds and burnt oranges recently! :) so pretty x x


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