Five HOT Sunglasses Trends For Your Face Shape

In 1929 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, sunglasses were born. With dark lenses to protect the wearing from the suns harmful UV glare, this new commodity seldom saw it's style status that we know today. Fast forward almost a hundred years and sunglasses are as much a style expression as they are a protective necessity. After all, celebrities and fashionistas alike where them when there is a foot of snow and no sun in sight!

Sunglasses are a fun and easy way to bring your wardrobe right into Spring- Summer 2015, and with the runways jam-packed with sizzling new eye-wear, how do you know which one's to spend your hard earned dollars on? Girlllll... it's all about your face shape! And with fabulous fashion-forward pieces from, investing in new season sunnies doesn't have to break the bank.

'Erm... what's my face shape?', I hear you ask. Grab a mirror pronto and compare your face to these drawings:
Got it? Awesome! Now onto Spring-Summer 2015's 5 hottest sunny trends (no sun required)!

1. Cat Eye

Fendi S/S 2015 RTW 
Photo from

 Defined by a flick at the top-outer corners, the cat eye was a sure-fire hit at Fendi. 

And luckily, these feline-inspired sunnies are suitable for all face shapes!

If you have a round or square face, you want to select cat-eye sunglasses that counter-act this fullness. Go for a wider, fuller, bottom-heavy shape to create angles: hello cheek bones! Try these beautiful bargain sunnies below:

2. Pop Of Colour
If you're over classic black or tortoiseshell sunnies, the Catwalk provided a rainbow of  choices. Nina Ricci and Preen opted for coloured frames, while Rebecca Minkoff went all-out-quirky and showcased sunglasses with contrasting-colored lenses. Anyone fancy the 3d ride at Disneyland? Jokes aside, coloured sunnies are great to wear contrasting to your outfit, as a random pop of colour or as a perfect synchronization to your favorite handbag.

If you have a round face, opt for a contrasting square or rectangular shape. Like these fiery red babies:

Heart or triangle face beauties should opt for a classic Wayfarer shape, the long, rectangular shape of these slims the forehead and draws attention to those Reese Witherspoon cheek bones! Try these cute pink sunglasses with Nina Ricci style ombre detailing:

Ladies with long faces should opt for aviator styles, as their wideness will make your face appear shorter. Check out these aviators with sea-blue lenses:

Got a square face? Balance this out with a round frame. These colourful oversized babies are your new BFF: 

Oval shaped girls: don't worry, I didn't forget about you! You can wear any of the above styles due to the perfect symmetry of your face. You lucky devil!

3. Oversized
There's always being something so timeless and elegant about oversized sunglasses. Perhaps it's the way they give off an air of keeping away the paparazzi? 3.1 Phillip Lim, Christian Dior and Karen walker presented a more abstract form of the classic shape, whereas Gucci sticks to the classic oversized look.

Round, oval and long faces would look stunning in over-sized square sunglasses. This will balance out your facial proportions to perfection. These beauties are polarised too:

Heart or triangle ladies: balance out your facial proportions with bottom-heavy shapes. This style works great for Square shaped and oval too! Plus, the matte black frames are super on-trend!

4. Half-Rim

My personal favorite Spring/Summer eye wear trend has to be the half rim. Defined by half a frame, these retro, quirky sunnies are summers must have! Go for a half-rim wayfarer a la 3.1 Phillip Lim or if you're feeling really daring, try Miu Miu's crazy red shades.

Long face femmes: this shape is for you! The lack of bottom frame means more emphasis on the width of the shades, which, in turn, makes your face look shorter. If you have a square face these cool blue sunnies will draw emphasis to your stiking jawline! Heart and Triangle face ladies: the slight, up-turned shape of these will draw attention to your amazing cheekbones! P.S. Oval face beauties can wear these too:

If you have a round face stick to rectangular half-rim shapes. These super-retro sunnies would look amazing on ladies with a long face shape too:
Sunglasses: $69

 5. Aviator


Valentino S/S 2015 Resort

Johnathan Saunders S/S 2015

Aviators aren't just for secret agents and pilots! These cute sunnies are classic and will go with any outfit. Valentino showcased a classic shape with a curved twist and Johnathan Saunders went for blue translucant leses.

Aviator sunglasses are best suited for ladies with square faces, as they balance your strong jawline. Oval shaped faces look great in this classic shape too. Go for coloured lenses like Johnathan Saunders with the sunnies below:
Or these sunglasses will go with absolutely everything:

All above sunglasses are from Eye Glass Discounter. They also provide prescription sunglasses and on-trend bargainous glasses. Check them out here.

Which sunglasses style will you be rocking?



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  2. I love sunglasses. And thank you for including which shapes would be best for your face shape. I find some blogs tend to neglect other face shapes. So cheers! :)


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  5. This is a fantastic idea for a post, I've never before thought of wearing sunglasses suited to my face shape and more simply the design I like, along with which look good against my hair and skin colour combination! Have a great week :)

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  6. Sunglasses are some of my favorite accessories! I love the shapes & colors!

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  8. Hello Rachel! Wonderful post! I To be honest with you it is super hard for me to figure out what kind of face I have? Can you tell me if you don't mind? I like wearing oversized sunglasses and the aviator type. Well written post and super informative. Loved it. I love visiting your blog because I always learn something from it so thank you very much. I also love to see you wearing cute outfits like you always do. Great selection of sunnies and I couldn't believe the prices! Have a blessed week my sweet friend! XOXO, Jeannette

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  38. It must just be me, but I cannot pull of the half rimmed sunglasses to save my life! I love their look but I always end up looking crazy. For me, it's all about an oversized cat eye or an extremely oversized round frame!


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