29 December 2015

The Look: Spectrum

70s maxi dress'Try to be the rainbow in someone else's cloud', Maya Angalou
24 December 2015

5 Quick and Stylish Ways To Look Festive On Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring.... well, except me! Dresses and Skirts are flying through the air, while I try to decide how on earth to do my hair.

If you still need to inject some last minute Christmas Spirit into your look, you're in the right place! Scroll on for my five quick tips....

22 December 2015

The Look: I'll Never Be A Minimalist

 Color, print and shapes are seriously doing one big party in todays look. It's safe to say that I will never be a minimalist...
18 December 2015

The Perfect Party Dress For Your Body Shape

party dress for your body type
Get those glasses of wine at the ready, girls! The silly season is officially here! With Saint Nick arriving in just seven days, it's time to get into that party season spirit! Me? I'm totally wearing a Santa hat while I'm writing this!

Your social calendar is undoubtedly already filling up fast (am I right, Miss popular?) and let's be honest, that six day period between Christmas and New Years is made for lashings of mulled wine and impromptu giggles under the mistletoe.  

Is your wardrobe ready? If not, don't fret! I'm back with another 'dressing for your shape' series and this time, it's all about that perfect party dress...
15 December 2015

The Look: Up

lace up black top
  Lace up, button love for all sorts of strange ways of 'doing up' clothes have taken force together to create this look. The force is strong on this one...
11 December 2015

The Look: Rose Quartz & Serenity

If you have your finger firmly placed on the pulse of all things fashion, you will have heard that Pantone has announced two new colours as the hues of 2016.

Rose quartz and serenity

I don't mean to blow my own trumpet here **doo doo doo**, but I totally accidentally predicted the return of light blue. As a matter of fact, when 'New Chic'* contacted me and asked me to style some pieces from their collection, I was drawn to two pieces in this, cool duck egg tone (ok, it's not quite as lilac-y as Serenity, but close enough). Soothesayer or crazy coincidence? I've embellished it with accents of rose quartz and I'll let you be the judge...
8 December 2015

The Look: 3 Ways To Style A Statement Silver Necklace

beach co-ords
 You've seen them taking over Pinterest one shiny shot at a time. With the rise of the boho trend, statement silver necklaces are a quick and easy way to change up your look.

Today I'm styling up these statement silver necklace from T Mart. All lightweight and comfortable to wear, these boho beauties are a total steal and are all under $10 AUD! (Yep: you read that right!)
5 December 2015

5 Quirky Christmas Gifts For Her

Whether it's a friend, a girlfriend (hello boys ;) ) or your great Aunt Mildred, finding a Christmas gift for her can be quite a challenge! And let's be honest, do we really want to get her that necklace she might already have or yet another box of chocolates? Here's my list of five Christmas gifts for her with a difference...

27 November 2015

The Look: Modern Classics

The perfect balance between the trend and the wardrobe staple? The modern classic! Take classic jeans with a flared seventies twist, a nude bag and a black-wrap cami. Sprinkle on some ditzy, sterling silver, stacking rings and a boho pendant from Emma & Roe* and now we're talking!

24 November 2015

The Luxe For Less: 4 Shoe Trends Under $40!

Ladies: Raise your hand if you never feel like you have enough shoes!


As a matter of fact, researchers have found that the average woman owns 27 pairs of shoes,  while the average man owns 12. No wonder our other halves never understand our burning desire for just one more pair of lace up heels.

Luckily, owning this seasons hottest shoe styles comes at a surprisingly low price. Bargain site Banggood has more style steals then you can fit in your already-bulging shoe closet. **Forces the door shut**

Whether you've been eyeing up those Rockstuds or lusting over some thigh-high boots, there's no need to break the bank! Here's 4 shoe trends under $50 AUD ($36 USD, £24)...
20 November 2015

The Look: Oceana

'The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page', St Augustine
17 November 2015

The Look: Split

she in dressWhat do you get when you add up a maxi, shirt-dress, a floral border print and a button up? Clue: It doesn't come from your Nan's wardrobe! 

Although maxi, shirt-dresses may have been niche to the ultra-conservative at one point, add a slit here and a retro print there and you're left with something on that lovely balancing line between classy and naughty.
13 November 2015

The Luxe For Less: It's SO Fluffy!

 It all started with those seemingly childish fluffy pom-poms hanging off our handbags. 'What on earth is that?', asked the other half worrying that my sartorial influences now came from toddlers. 'Erm... if Fendi can do them, so can I, BABE!' #MenDontUnderstandFashion

Fast forward a few months and fashions love with everything fluffy and feathery has entered a new level. From my fave fluffy pom-pom earrings that I cannot take off, to the faux fur coats you guys are snuggling up in over in the Northern Hemisphere. Fashion has gone fluffy; and we love it! **Puts on Despicable Me Voice** 'It's SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!'

My long term homies will know my serious love for all types of creatures and it's for this reason that I DO not support real fur! Guys; the fake stuff looks just as good, as some poor Minx didn't have to give up it's life for you! As for feathers, I'm featuring products that only use meat bi-product materials. Ok; enough of this ethical mumbo jumbo...

Here's how to inject a bit of fluff into your look without breaking the bank, or the environment...

Northern Hemisphere

1. Fluffy Mittens, Jack Wills (Here)  2. Faux Fur Boots, TOMs (Here)  3. Pom Pom Hat, ASOS (Here)  4. Faux Fur Collar Coat, Missguided (Here)  5. Feather Bandeau Dress, Topshop (Here)  6. Feather Skirt, Nicole by Nicole Miller (Here)  7. Fluffy Bag, ASOS(Here)  8. Feather Embellished Sweater, She In (Here)

10 November 2015

The Daily Luxe x Banarsi Designs: The Ultimate Scarf Style Guide

 Whether you are surrounded by the crisp, orange leaves of Fall or are donning your bikini for the upcoming summer, a scarf is a quick and easy way to add a stylish element to your look.

Not sure how to style your new scarf? Whether you've opted for a patterned or plain number, I've got you covered!

Although I live in tropical Australia, I sweated my butt off styling these stunning Banarsi Design scarves for you Northern Hemispher-ers! Hey: Don't say I don't love you! Fellow Aussie's: I've provided Summer options for you too!

Scroll down for my styling tips for any outfit, any weather!
6 November 2015

Wanderlust: 5 Places You HAVE TO Visit in Far North Queensland

If I had a 10 cent coin for every time a reader asked 'oh my gosh, where was this photo taken?' I would be living like a Queen. Filling my readers with wanderlust for my tropical habitat puts a huge smile on my face. After all, I feel so blessed to be living in a dictionary definition of Paradise.

For all the readers who have ever loved looking at my photo shoot locations, I have listened and I am about to deliver: this one's for you! Get ready for a photographic tour of the natural wonder that is Far North Queensland.

Having first visited Cairns and it's surrounding areas as a backpacker in 2012, I quickly found myself falling deeply in love with the area. One evening, after a tour of the pristine Atherton Tablelands, I met my partner, a cairns local and ended up falling in love with him too (Eek- cheese alert much? CRINGE). The rest, as all corny novels say, is history...

All within a driving distance of the Cairns tourist hub, here's ten places you have to visit in Far North Queensland....
3 November 2015

The Look: Life Is Better At The Beach

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water'
30 October 2015

The Look: Burgundy Bliss

Bringing the Autumnal burgundy trend to the Australian tropics...
27 October 2015

DIY Boho Print Fringe Clutch

Ah.. fringe; you are certainly not going anywhere! And it doesn't take Anna Wintour to figure that out...

From fringed jackets to dresses, it seems like we can't get enough of this 70s trend in our wardrobes.

But what if I told you that you could get a brand new accessory for the price of just a few bits and bobs? Today, I put on my Captain Craft (who?) hat and created this bohemian print, fringe clutch bag. Yep, that's right: three trends in one!

And I've created this easy-to-follow tutorial so that you can get creative and make one too!

I'll admit; I'm not exactly the Nigella Lawson of the craft world! So if I can make this bad boy, so can you! And it takes barely any sewing.... Although you do have to use that needle and thread a teeny bit.

But for a free boho-print, fringe clutch? Yep, I'm in: needle wounds and all!
23 October 2015

The Look: Fringe Factor

Fashion trends come and go, but I am happily stuck in the seventies...
20 October 2015

The Look: Fairytale

 I've always come under the curse of the green eyed monster when it comes to long, thick, luscious locks. Why? Because, I simply can't grow them myself! Curse you naturally fine hair! Luckily, Irresistible Me came to the rescue and made my Rapunzel-esque fantasties come true. 
16 October 2015

The Perfect Coat For Your Body Shape

Ok; it's been a while since the last of my 'dressing for your body shape' posts. To be honest, if that post were a leaf, it would have fallen off the tree and decomposed by now. Anyway, coming directly to you from me in bed with the flu (I'm a poet and I didn't know it) is the latest of my body shape dressing guides.

With most of my Northern-Hemisphere readers well and truly stuck into Autumn/Fall, I thought it would be fitting to do a guide to finding your perfect coat.

Aussie readers: Don't worry, I'll have a swimwear 'dressing for your body shape' piece up before you can say hakuenamatata.

So if you want to find the perfect  new season jacket to flaunt that bod, keep scrolling scrolling scrolling.... **Insert Limp Biscuit tune here**
13 October 2015

The Look: Shape Shifter

bustier style
 In the world of trousers, it's time for the skinny and the slim leg to step aside: the palazzo is here in all its voluminous glory.  Such an niche shape may seem daunting for some, but rocking the palazzo is all about playing with juxtaposing volumes. Today I'm playing the shape-shifter in a skinny-meets peplum bustier and over-sized pants.

Want to experiment playing with volume in your wardrobe? You know I got you covered! Read on for my 5 top tips...
9 October 2015

The Look: Inland Nautical

stripe skirt
 Why wait until you're at sea to rock blue and white stripes? I added a seemingly boat-ish floppy hat and a high neck top and headed to the driest place that I could find... The Aussie bush.
6 October 2015

The Look: Apache Groove

Pocahontas gets time transported to the hippy era. Let's take a trip down fairy lane...
2 October 2015

The Perfect Hat For Your Style

If an outfit was a cupcake, a stylish hat would be the cherry on the top. Something that was once quite plan, slightly tasty, but still plain, has been transformed into a work of art that's almost too good to eat. Ok...that's enough cake metaphors for now, otherwise, my fridge will get a serious raiding!

The last few months have seen my hat collection quadruple in size. I have to admit that until recently, I didn't actually own any hats; but now my inner Mary Poppins has come out singing. The dated 'posh old lady at a tea party' hat-wearing stereotypes have been replaced with something far more modern and effortless.

And that's exactly how a hat should make your outfit look: Effortless.

If you're unsure of what type of hat you should be adding to your wardrobe, read on....

And ♫you can leave your hat on♫.....
29 September 2015

The Look: A Million Miles From Coachella

If you've been glued to fashion week coverage like a dry leaf to wet cement, I'm with you! New trends are on the way, but there is one current trend that is truly here to stay; and that's 70s Bohemia. If you want to keep your look simple, embrace the dippy-hippy vibe through retro accessories and funky-printed pieces. If you'd wear it to Coachella, then you're on the right track... And me? Well, I dress like I'm off to Coachella every single day...
25 September 2015

The Ultimate London Fashion Week Cheat Sheet

 London fashion week was one heck of an eclectic rainbow and as if we expected anything less from the sartorially-brave Brits! And as a Brit myself, I know that these collections will be inspiring my wardrobe for seasons to come. I'll just have to wait for them to hit the high street first (#cheapandchic). ASOS: I'm looking at you.....

If you weren't one of the lucky ladies who saw the LFW shows first hand (jealous of you buggers), fear not!  Rachel is here with a brand new cheat sheet! After the success of my New York Fashion Week Cheat Sheet, I thought it was only fair to share the goods from England; in cheat form, of course! Each show is rounded up in three words and three pictures. Grab your umbrella, cos it's about to start raining men trends!
22 September 2015

The Look: Serenity

'Looking at the beauty in the world is the first step of purifying the mind', Amit Ray
19 September 2015

The Ultimate New York Fashion Week Cheat Sheet

NYFW 2015

New York; That's a wrap! What an incredible week it has been, from Tommy Hilfiger's lush, traveler chic, to the pieces that will be soon glistening on the red carpet from Marchesa. One things for sure, the Big Apple never let's us down when it comes to diversity.

And I was totally there for all of it....not. I followed along eagerly via social media, watching the new Spring-Summer 2016 trends sweep in like warm fronts across the tropics. Am I ready for a full-on London Fashion Week stalking? HELL YES!

Want a quick catch up on all the trends? You may remember my Fashion Week cheat sheets from last season.... New luxe-r? Here's every big show in three photos and three words (and in alphabetic order- Just call me The Oxford Dictionary ;) )




15 September 2015

The Look: Sand

suede dress
“Every time we walk along a beach some ancient urge disturbs us so that we find ourselves shedding shoes and garments or scavenging among seaweed and whitened timbers like the homesick refugees of a long war.” – Loren Eiseley
11 September 2015

The Luxe For Less: The Lace-Up Trend

Raise your hand if you love a good bargain.... Thought so and you're in luck. If you're a regular reader you will know my blog's slogan: 'you don't need a million dollars to look a million bucks.' And I have taken this to a new level with my new regular feature: 'The Luxe For Less'. In this regular trend reporting feature, I will be bringing the latest catwalk and street style trends direct to your screen and, more importantly, show you how to get these looks on a shoe-string budget! 

Who approves? Oh yes!

Today's 'Luxe For Less' is all about that saucy lace-up trend. With fashion still freeze-frozen in a 70s time machine (that I want to stay in forever), the eyelet lace-up embellishment has taken over everything from shoes to dresses. So let's get laced up (sorry: dad joke) in this trend and get our luxury fash fix for less!

7 September 2015

The Look: Fantasea

'Either you stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out into the ocean', Christopher Reeve
3 September 2015

The Look: Wanderlust & A Daily Luxe

The ingredients for a happy life: a smile, a bucketful of dreams, a sprinkle of wanderlust and a daily luxe.
29 August 2015

6 Jewellery Trends You Totally Need To Invest In

You don't need to be Steven Hawking to know that sometimes all it takes is a piece of jewellery to transform an outfit from dud to lush. Today I've rounded up the six hottest jewellery trends of the season for you to enjoy. Shine bright like a diamond!
28 August 2015

The Look: Diamonds & Denim


If double denim still has awkward connotations of Britney and Justin circa 2001, it's time to change your perspective. Double denim doesn't have to scream 'nerd' or 'tradie', simply choose your colours and textures wisely, and the results are surprisingly sharp. Up the glam factor by adding some statement diamante pieces, as diamonds and denim are the perfect fashion oxymoron.
25 August 2015

Cruelty Free Beauty: Does Price= Better Quality? I Put 3 Blushers To The Test...

When premium beauty supplier Luxola contacted me about trying out some of their blushers, I couldn't resist. After all, evolutionists have proven that having that flushed glow is a sign of fertility and attractiveness. Ok... science lesson over.

I don't mean to blow my own trumpet here, but I get asked about my cheekbones a lot and I always feel truly complimented when people ask my what products I use. The truth is, I like to experiment with a lot of different makeup products, as long as they are not tested on animals. 

But does a more expensive product always guarantee a show-stopping result? Or are we just paying extra for a whole lotta nothing? I put this theory to the test...
21 August 2015

The Look: Striped Suedette

Suedette: Just ask your mum about it.... Chances are, she had the exact same pieces in her wardrobe in the 70s: mine did. Today I'm going all out hippy with this off-the-shoulder crop and suedette dream team. Top it off by a dream catcher pendant and I'm ready to dance around in the sunshine. 

Let's embrace the age of Aquarius!
18 August 2015

Dress Codes De-Coded

I wonder if the Cinderella's invitation to the ball came with a dress code? If so, I would bet my bottom dollar that she turned to her fairy godmother, confused as hell, asking : 'what does white tie mean?' ''

Today I'm playing your fairy godmother and de-coding those bizarre-sounding dress codes we dread seeing on invitations. And who says you need to have a movie stars budget to look like one? Sherry London provides a (Princess) Aurora of affordable luxe dresses, all under $100. Here at 'The Daily Luxe', I always say: 'you don't actually need a million dollars to look like a million bucks'.

14 August 2015

How Does Personal Style Vary Around The World?

 Yesterday was my third birthday. No, I wasn't born in 2012, (gosh I would be a typing genius if I was), yesterday marks three years since I was came to Australia. After learning that it wasn't all kangaroos and shrimps on the barby, the differences between Australian and English style became more and more apparent. As a matter of fact, as a blogger, the most common question I get asked is how the styles vary between these two opposite sides of the world. 

And it's not just these two countries; different places around the world have become synonymous with their own 'typical' style traits. Building on my multi-continental travel experiences and with the help of my good friend Google, here's a little look at how personal style varies around the globe.
11 August 2015

The Look: Earth

 Known as a colour that is 'hard to pull off', it seems ironic that khaki was originally designed to blend into the crowd. Add a sharp belted dress, a patterned silk scarf and a vintage leather bag for a look that says anything but wallflower.
7 August 2015

6 Ways To Wear Suede

Personally, I am all for nostalgia. Whether it's listening to 'Two Become One'  on repeat or in my outfit choices; there's always something very interesting about taking elements of the past and bringing them into the present.

You may remember the suede trend from the 90s; maybe your mum forced you to wear it, but hey: at least you were stylish! Your childhood may have included 'Blue suede shoes' accompanied by your grandads foot tap or maybe you caught a glimpse of an old photo of your mum in her 70s suede get up. Whatever it was, the return of suede into our wardrobes comes with a sense of nostalgia.

So rummage through those thrift shop bins, visit all the vintage fairs or maybe even raid your mums closet to get your suede fix. Whether faux or real, black or brown, suede is all about the style choices you make. Here's six ways to wear the fabric of the season...
4 August 2015

The Look: Wrapped Up And Feeling Good

 If you had said the phrase 'body con' to me a couple of months ago, I would have screwed my face up. Linked in my mind to some sort of Kim-Kardashian stereotype, I was convinced that the body con shape was best left to skinny minnies and was the kind of garment that brought on tuts and head shakes from old grannies on the street. Thanks to this incredibly flattering, classy and cute-meets-quirky two piece from 'The Kewl Shop', my mind has been changed.
28 July 2015

The Look: And Amalgamate!

A good print is a guaranteed to liven up your look. With the beachy boho vibe still proving strong on the style stakes, will you be rocking animal prints, aztec or floral? Why limit yourself? After all, two prints are always better than one...
25 July 2015

How To Accept Your Physical 'Flaws'

 Let me you remind you of a scene it in a little film you may have heard of: 'Mean Girls'
Look familiar? It seems every girl has had these little mirror-hating moments. Whether it's a solo abusive session or a full blown group bash, our mirrors seem to bring out dark self-hating statements like a death eater sucking out a soul. Wow.. that was a nerdy metaphor!

All jokes aside, according to research gurus at The Guardian, plastic surgery procedures are rising on average 16% per year.  With a whopping one of five in these operations been affected by complications, it's seriously disturbing! After all, I'd rather have a small chest than a botched chest.

Ok, so I'm not exactly the Mother Teresa of body image, but I do think it's time that we stopped the self hatred and accepted ourselves for who we are; and that's sexy, independent women!

Let's bring on the self love!

21 July 2015

The Look: The Happy Blues

The blues: What comes to mind is either some cheesy jazz music that our nana's rocked out to or that not so nice feeling that strikes us in hard times. The colour blue has anything but negative connotations. Endless summers and rolling oceans; a sense of cool and an air of alleviation. Give me a blue pin-stripe jumpsuit and a sparkly azure necklace and I'm ready to seize the day.
17 July 2015

The Look: Dreaming Of The Aegean

Fernweh (n): A crave for travel; being homesick for where you've never been.

Having lived out of a suitcase for a thrillingly happy portion of my life, I feel the drive to just pack up, hop on a plane and be a bare-foot nomad.

Today the vibe of the Greek Islands is coming to me, through clean white and oceanic blue floral prints, topped with a whisper of dainty lace.

13 July 2015

5 Haute Hair Accessory Trends From Couture Fashion Week

Haute Couture may be known for its crazy won't-look-out-of-place-on-Lady-Gaga concoctions, but that doesn't mean it won't influence our everyday looks. Taken from the, erm, understated, side of Paris's latest fashion showcases, are the accessories, which, in comparison to some of the clothes, are relatively easy to wear in everyday life. 

And is it just me, or can hair accessories totally take your look to the next level? From flirty floral crowns, to glitzy and polished pieces, if we got any more princessy we would actually be running around screaming 'Let It Go'.

But it's ok to be a Princess, and with these five luscious accessory trends from Haute Couture fashion week (and my luxe on a budget options) we can truly give Cinderella a run for her money.
10 July 2015

The Look: The Perfect White Shirt

Trends may come and go with the seasons, but a simple, tailored, white shirt is forever. Perfect for layering, throwing on with your fave denim or even popping on over that cheeky bikini, the styling options that come hand-in-hand with this staple piece are endless.

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were discussing a very important common problem: the perfect white shirt is just too darn hard to find. 'This shirt is too see-through'. 'This shirt is too baggy.' Well, thanks to the lovely folks at Sumissara, I got the chance to design a shirt that's 'juuuust right'.