Top: Gift from a friend
Pants: Local Boutique
Heels: Local Boutique
Earrings: Lovisa
Bangle: From a market in Greece
Clutch: Keepsake The Label

Photography by Matthew Barlow. Also a huge thanks to Haruko Kurihara who helped with the lighting.

 If you have never seen 'The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants' go and watch it- pronto! This top/dress is much like the baggy, old jeans on that movie; being constantly being passed between friends. The top was first bought by a friend, who, convinced it didn't suit her, donated it to another friend. That said friend then thought that it wasn't quite her style and it ended up in my wardrobe.

Thanks guys! Although it is probably a dress on a girl who is shorter than myself, I prefer to wear it as a top. And what better way to glam it up then with skinny pleather pants and heels. Speaking of these heels, I absolutely adore them, and they were kind to my wallet too: I scored them for just $5!

I am also totally obsessed with these Lovisa studs, that actually contain real flowers! Cool, hey?

What's the best piece you've ever recieved from a friend?

AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I will be dressing up as Elsa from Frozen.


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    Photography by Matthew Barlow.

    You can't beat a wide brimmed, felt hat.

    Even on my suck-iest of bad hair days, I throw this baby on and everyone is none the wiser. 

    Today, I layered my fave kimono over a faux leather crop with a berry denim bodycon skirt. As well as being this seasons most coveted item, a kimono is also a easy and quick was to add some class to an otherwise skimpy crop-top combo. 

    I am by no means any sort of model, but my 'poses' during this shoot were met by 'you've been practicing haven't you?' Erm..... 'no'... I lie. I guess I've got used to shooting with professional photographers who aren't my other half just mucking around with our digital underwater camera. On my first shoot, I was as awkward as a granny on stilts but now I can honestly say that I feel 100% relaxed!

     Saying this, I am NOT a model: I am a regular 5 ft 7 size 10-12 girl who eats too much ice cream... And it's for this reason that I WILL NOT 'skinny edit' my pictures. I have been guilty of it  in the past and I feel a little bit ashamed... if Kim Kardashian and Beyonce can love their hips and butt, I can learn to too!

    On another note, at the end of the shoot it started to rain and I soon realize that a wet felt hat has an eeringly similar smell to a sea-salt drenched dog. But at least my hair didn't get wet!!

    How do you style your kimono?

    Rachel xxx

    Hello, my name's Rachel and I'm a shopoholic.

    **chorus of readers** 'Hello Rachel'

    If you've ever bought something only for it to collect dust at the back of your wardrobe raise your hand.

    Thought so....

    As a matter of fact, shopping is scientifically proven to lift your mood (ha- told you other half!) Interestingly, the boffins at the University of Minnisota say that when we shop, the positive feelings of finding that perfect pair of shoes creates a 'rose coloured glass effect' meaning that the seemingly gorgeous handbag you spent your earnings on maybe wasn't as great as you thought after all.

    That brings me to that phrase we are all far too familiar with: impulse buying. If you've ever bought something because it was cheap or just to lift your mood, chances are it won't be making a regular appearance in your daily attire.  So before you buy that fashion must-have, stop and think about a few things.

    1. Does It Flatter Your Body Type?
    Strapless bustiers are hot at the moment; but that doesn't mean you should invest in one if, for example, you have wide shoulders that you are self conscious of. If you have a lot of cellulite, those super short hot pants will just sit and gain dust (believe me, I'm looking at all those shorts in my wardrobe and shaking my head right now). Don't invest in trends if you won't wear them, even if it feels like every street-style super star is rocking them!

    2. Where Will You Wear It?
    There's no point buying an occasion dress without an occasion (even if it is on sale!) Don't buy an outfit for a specific event too far in advance because by the time the event comes round it will either be... A: Out of fashion or B: You've found something better. And just how many occasions can you wear a full-length red chiffon gown to? (Unless you're Blake Lively of course!)

    3. Does It Correspond With Other Items?
    We've all bought that cheeky top that doesn't match any skirt/shorts/trousers in our wardrobe. When trying on an item, it's important to think 'what could I wear this with'. Keep in mind rise (is it crop or long?), colour and pattern. Think up possible outfits in your head and then buy away!

    4. Quick Trend or Timeless Basic?
    This is where I go MAJORLY wrong. Do as the French do and invest most money in timeless staples like high quality t-shirts, jeans, trench coat a black blazer and a flawless hand bag. Of course buy trend pieces, but stick to the high street for these items that will go out of fashion in a few seasons: your wallet will thank you!

    5. Does It Fit Properly?
    Those five dollar leggings were such a bargain right...? Oh, apart from the fact they give you a massive camel toe! Try before you buy and be brutal when it comes to fit. Badly fitting clothes look cheap and do not flatter ANY figure.

    6. Does It Look Cheap? 
    Even if your new dress did cost a few pretty pennies you don't want it to look so! Check for signs of quality that give away a cheap item: Do the seams match? Is the print flawless even on pockets? Does the lining show? Also beware of cheap looking fabric: the enemy of all fashionistas.

    7. Will It Make You Feel Confident?
    You should be able to open your wardrobe, choose anything and feel like a million bucks! Even if an item is at the height of fashion, don't don it if you don't feel beautiful! After all, confidence never goes out of style.

    Bookmark this page and next time you're shopping and are unsure of whether to buy, take this quiz:



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  • 'BACKSTREETS BACK ALL RIGHT', du du du du du du du du du du dummmm...

    Well, now that we've got that over with....

    Clutch: Valley Girl
    Watch: Lovisa

    Photos by Sean O'Dea

    Denim is the one thing a girl needs to dress down a Saturday night dress and make it quirky. For this look, I layered dress over dress for some warm-weather friendly layering (sorry Northern-Hemisphere readers!) I  named this post 'Backstreets Back' as not just a lame excuse to include the Backstreet Boys on my blog (although it was half the reason), but also because the look was shot in a back alley- believe me: it looks better than it smelt!!


    A good pair of jeans never go out of style, except maybe your dads 70s bell-bottoms, which I officially give you permission to lock away in a dark, dark, place.....

    Denim is the dictionary definition of versatile and can be worn with absolutely anything, but how do you know if you are rocking the right pair to make the most of your figure? Tune in for my fail-proof guide to new season jean-age and take my cheeky quiz at the end to find your dream denim best friends.

    High Waist Jeans
    Every long-torsoed chica needs a pair of these in every colour! They give the illusion of longer legs, balancing out and shortening your mid section and giving you Naomi's legs. This also makes them a great option for petite women!

    Kim Kardashian's high waist jeans lengthen her legs, balancing out her lower and upper halves and adding to her awesome hour-glass figure. This shape is also great for showing off a teeny waist.



    Bottom heavy Jessica Simpson should have avoided fussy detailing around the thigh area making it appear larger. Although the bottom of her jeans are a great fit, as the boot cut balances out her legs, Jessica should have left the crazy belts at home and gone for a regular rise shape.


    Boyfriend Jeans
    These are a slim or athletic ladies best bet! Choose a pair with rips around the thighs if you want to add curves or rock off-duty model with a super-baggy pair.

    Super tiny Megan Fox adds curves with rips and faded colouring around her thigh area. The petite beauty also knows that tapered jeans are great for adding height! 


     I think Kristen Stewart borrowed R-Patz's ENTIRE wardrobe! Balance out boyfriend jeans with a fitted top to ensure you look curvy, not like a bin bag!


    Straight Leg Jeans
    Straight leg jeans are perfect for any figure! They are especially fabulous at disguising chunky calves and slimming down big thighs and booties. If you wanna look like you've dropped a dress size, choose a dark indigo colour. 

    Mandy Moore looks dressed-down gorgeous in simple straight-leg jeans.

    Rebel Wilson rocks her curves in flattering black denim. 


    Mom Jeans
    Mums? Boyfriends? What's next, dads? Let's hope not! The denim cut that would have been deemed 'nerdy' in previous years is actually pretty flattering. They sit nicely on curvy ladies, flattening the stomach with a high-waist, whilst keeping your figure stream-lined.  

    Mom jeans look amazing on Miley! They are the perfect fit for her quirky, retro inspired outfit and actually add curves to the uber-slim pop star.



    Mischa Barton's awful moms jeans look is nothing to do with her figure, it's to do with the frumpy bag, shoes and short sleeved jacket she's matched them with. 


    Take The Quiz



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  • Ally Fashion has fast become one of my favorite stores since I moved to Australia. One word: bargains! Think all your favorite trends at 'oh my gosh, really' prices. Here's my top picks for this month: two piece blue leaf-print number is right at the top of my wish list. The combination of strong, angular structures and the flattering cinched waistline makes it perfect for a night out. The peplum top would also look amazing worn casually with a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. How much of a bargain is this crochet- embellished pastel crop beauty? The Bohemian vibe is huge this Aussie spring and I want to add extra traveler-chic with this cute aztec backpack.

    Best of all, Ally is offering my readers 10 percent off! That's even more of a bargain! Just click here and enter the code iloveally


    Photography by the amazing Matthew Barlow: thanks for such a creative and fun shoot! Check out his work here- you know you want to! 

    Also special shout out to my friend Amber Wooley for helping out with the lighting- lord knows how pale I would have looked without that fancy reflector thing!

    Dress: Ice (Similar)
    Sunnies: Mink Pink (Similar)
    Necklace: Lovisa (Similar)
    Belt: Vintage (Similar)
    Clutch: Anna Sui (Similar)
    Clogs: Big W (Similar)

    There's nothing better then a garment that has a story behind it and the tale behind this pretty, chalky dress is certainly not reflective of the modern fairy-tale vibes that come from this shoot (however, it would be cool if I did find it at the end of a rainbow).

    I was munching on a good old falafel kebab on my lunch break and being the clumsy oath I am, I managed to drop it all down my suede Topshop shorts. The whole 'stitch in time saves nine' mantra playing on repeat in my head, I scrubbed it down with some soap and water in the loos. Low and behold it didn't dry, and, well, I didn't want to return to work looking like I'd had some sort of accident. I ran into ice and bought a maxi skirt and it was three for ten dollars (what?) so I ended up buying this dress and a cobalt blue number for a few pretty pennies. It's safe to say the shop assistant did look at me like the crazy lady who had wet herself in a shopping centre. Guess I won't go in there for a while...

    I combined this duck-egg dress with a vintage chain belt and floral Anna Sui bag to add to the vintage-dolls house vibe. It just shows, vintage items are not the only items that have stories behind them....

    What is the weirdest way you've acquired a garment?