11 November 2014

#NoMakeup #TheTruth

It’s 7PM on a Thursday afternoon and I sit down to enjoy a relaxing dinner with some guests.

‘Are you feeling alright Rachel?’, I hear.


‘Oh, its just that you look sick.’

My face drops.

‘Nope, I’m just not wearing any makeup’, I respond, attempting to sound as un-resentful and bitch-free as possible.

Newsflash: I’ve been at home all day writing, I have not left the house. Since when was it some sort of tedious crime to not wear makeup?

I scrunch up my face on the inside and eat my potatoes, my confidence feeling a little bit withered in the meantime. 

I know I’m not exactly a supermodel without makeup; I have pretty bad acne scars, looming dark circles and, as a natural blonde, my eyebrows and eyelashes cease to impress without cosmetic help.

analyne mccord no makeup

Above: 90210 star Analynne McCord knows the problems of being naturally light haired.(Photo from

But I find myself getting constantly reminded of how I fall beneath the bar when I bear all.

Surely it’s not just me….

I did some research and the results are pretty appalling: forum upon forum of young women facing the exact same problem.

An anonymous commenter on Vogue’s forum admits that: ‘Once I went to work with nothing on and my boss came up to me and said, "You look absolutely terrible. What's wrong with you?" (And believe me, it wasn't in a concerned sort of way...)’

Whether these comments are out of concern or out of poor evil; they leave us feeling like someone’s stabbed a little at our self-confidence.

Take, for example, mega-blogger Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) whose makeup free look was harshly referred to as f*** ugly by a male associate.

Apologies, world: we cannot all be Adriana Lima.

adriana lima no makeup

(Photo from

What makes this issue a hundred times worse is the recent rise in #nomakeup selfies in the past couple of years. Remember all those selfies that were done for breast cancer? (An amazing cause!)  How many ‘no makeup’ selfies did you scroll through where you could spot a slick of mascara or a dab of foundation here or there?


Surely, as a cause for a female-beneficial charity, we should have felt brave enough to bare all to help our fellow sisters?

Why not?

Because we would have been judged. 

Our masks are down and we fear those questions: ‘did you sleep last night’, ‘are you hungover’ or ‘are you sick’.

Because, although many of these may have been out of pure concern, they still make us feel like our natural beauty falls inadequate. 

The truth is, without makeup, most of us are Katy Perry’s:

katy perry no makeup

 (Photo from

Yes: we have bags under our eyes, maybe a few wrinkles here and there and OF COURSE our eyes are not as beautifully defined as when we are donning half a ton of eyeliner.

But we are still full-of-life, sexy women.

Own it!

P.S: If this post was too rant-y for you, here's a topless picture of Ryan Reynolds! Enjoy!
ryan reynolds topless



  1. Definitely agree - own it! You're not here to impress people!


  2. Yup! Never be scared to show your bare self ;) It's the most beautiful! Great post <3

  3. I love natural looks, that's why I rarely use makeup. I know that makeup makes you look more beautiful and maybe flawless, but I think you must be at ease. No matter what other people say. I think that celebs that shared makeup free selfies were very brave, because they are exposed to criticism.

    Jasmine ♥
    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

    1. Yeah doing complicated makeup takes such a long time! I love the celeb makeup free selfies- it's nice to know that they are human too and also very naturally beautiful xxx

  4. This was a fantastic post to read and full of honesty! I know that feeling of people looking concerned at you when not wearing makeup and the story of the woman posted on the Vogue forum is awful - how terrible for her! Thanks for sharing and have a fabulous week of makeup.. or no makeup, it's your choice! :)


    1. Thank you lovely! I Know- what an awful boss xxx

  5. Interesting post!!!!! Have a nice day! Kisses (and thank you for your visit),

  6. love yourrrr look an the photos! !!
    kisses from dimitris xx

  7. WHAT. What the anonymous commenter on Vogue said was insane- I'd probably die of shock if my boss said something like that to me. That's just plain evil. I wonder where she worked that it's so unacceptable? Though I definitely agree with your sentiment- it sometimes annoys me how much makeup helps improve my face. If I don't wear mascara I feel almost naked, and I cringe at the idea of waking up bare faced next to the guy I'm seeing. Which is so sad :/

    Also, can we talk about how Beyonce still looks friggen flawless without makeup? Sigh. That woman.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. I know right?! I would have probably stormed out or something, it's totally disgusting. I'm the same- I feel like I actually look a bit like a boiled egg without makeup :P Beyonce is actual perfection... not fair! xxx

  8. A.Lima stay amazing ^^


  9. I do not wear make up most of the days and I think all women should dare a face with no make up

  10. Love these natural looks
    Vibes from Miami,

  11. Aw this is great. I actually have a hard time leaving the house with absolutely nothing on my face (other than sunscreen)! What a good reminder to not place our value in how polished our faces look!

    Simplicity Relished

    1. Me too Daisy, I can't even go to the corner store without mascara! I agree, I wish a bare face was more common... xx

  12. I like this post! Congrats!! :)


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