23 November 2014

Fashion's Frontier: The Future Zeitgeist

Upon opening my latest issue of Vogue Australia, I was struck by an incredibly beautiful, yet technologically alien-esque photo shoot by Nicole Bentley.

With an obvious blurring between the real and the technological, the material and the digital, it brought me to think of fashion, and indeed our overall culture's, obsession with technology taking over.

(Above: Bentley displays a literal depiction of fashion and culture blurring into the online and technological world)

We live in a world where knocking on your friends door for an opinion about an outfit has turned into a quick 'selfie' snap shared over social media. What would have previously been a mad mall rush for the latest trend to wear to your work Christmas party has transformed into a few clicks and a confirmation of your ASOS basket.

With this theme being so important in everyday culture, artists, film-makers and designers a-like have delved into this theme. Hopefully, it won't come to the point where designers are sending robots down the runway to showcase their newest designs, but, until then, let's enjoy this love affair of material culture and technological advances.

The Future Zeitgeist In Theory
In his 1962 essay 'The Gutenburg Galaxy: The Making of The Typographic Man', Marshall Mcluhan coined his theory of 'technological determinism', which, in short, is the belief that media technology shapes the way that we as a society and as individuals think. He also believes that humans adapt to the medium they are using. Even though this theory was written over 40 years before the creation of Facebook, I think we can safely say it's more then relevant today.

Ah.. the duck lip, well, it's all down to technological determinism! (Photo from

The Future of Film
How technology defines us as individuals is most effectively explored, in my opinion, in Spike Jonze's 2013 film 'Her'. Starring Scarlett Johannson (or her voice, should I say), as computer system Samantha, who begins a relationship with a lonely man, only to disappear when her intellectual abilities go beyond that of human capacity.

If you want a movie that makes you ask questions: watch this. 

The Love Of The Alienesque
Alongside modern days' love of all things technological, comes the idea of life on other planets, which, alongside computers, could exceed human intelligence. The fashion world embrace the alien-esque with open arms, with a 'new model army', which began to form in the noughties, of other-worldy looking women who challenge our preconceptions of traditional beauty.

Jemma Ward: The original 'alien'. (Photo from

No Front Row Ticket Needed
You no longer need to be Olivia Palermo's best friend to see the fashion week shows, as they happen, when they happen. Live online streaming means that high fashion is now more accessible, which, for fashion bloggers, is a total god-send!
 (Sorry, I had to)

The 2014/ 2015 Collections
And what does all this futuristic inspiration result in? This...

Gareth Pugh's collection was a marriage between 1920s art deco and the alien-robot. (Photo from
Proenza Schouler's look is like a Modern Day star wars. (Photo from
 Netherlands designer Zynanya Keizer created looks that wouldn't look out of place in Lady Gaga's wardrobe. (Photo from
Manish Arora sends his models to a girly-floral-nymph planet. (Photo from
Futuristic backpacker meets 90s roller disco?  Can you think of a better way to describe Hood By Air's latest creations? (Photo
Iridescent and almost florescent at Fyodor Golan. (Photo:

Ruby Rose is so alien she's almost unrecognizable in this new Viktor Luna campaign. (Photo:

Here's my top shopping picks:
 Skirt, Whistles
What's your opinion on this futuristic trend? Will you embrace it or leave it for the computers?

Rachel xoxo


  1. Woah! There is definitely some really funky stuff here! Every time I look at fashion shoots and photos of shows, I'm reminded that fashion is art and not function... haha. Thanks for sharing this, Rachel!

    Simplicity Relished

    1. I definitely agree- art and fashion are closer now then they are ever. And although most people would never wear the catwalk futuristic looks, we can still take aspects to inject into our wardrobes. Thanks for the comment sweetie :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. The names of the designers are under the photos :) xx

  3. Interesting, I love the movie HER

  4. OH nice !!


  5. Great post, well done! I'm not sure about futuristic trend. I only like some pieces. Have a great week!

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman - Instagram - Bloglovin

    1. Thanks Jasmine. Yeah, I think I like to take inspiration from the trend, but I'm not gonna convert to head to toe robot anytime soon!! xx

  6. Some stunning futuristic photography!

  7. I love everything about futuristic!

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  9. I'm a huge fan of the futuristic trend that seems to be arriving in waves over recent times. Ever since seeing Gemma Ward for the first time, I've been completely smitten with the trend.. and I doubt I'll ever change my mind on that one, so thanks for this fantastic post!! :)


    1. Gemma Ward is perfection :) Thanks for your lovely comment darling xx

  10. Hi Rachel! Thank you for your visit and congratulations fot this interesting post! I don't like very much this technological proposals, sorry. II like it much more than the classic. Have a nice day, kisses,

  11. Noooo why must that metallic skirt be so expensive?! I want it so so so much :(

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. I love the futuristic trend! I am all for trying something new but I am sure the way I will style it will be much more reserved. Great inspiration though! I love metallics and shine!


    1. Yeah I agree! Don't think I'll be going Lady Gaga anytime soon! xx

  13. i like the futuristc trend. the grey colors look so sophisticated!

  14. LOVE those shoes so sooo much!! Dream pair!


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