23 November 2014

Fashion's Frontier: The Future Zeitgeist

Upon opening my latest issue of Vogue Australia, I was struck by an incredibly beautiful, yet technologically alien-esque photo shoot by Nicole Bentley.

With an obvious blurring between the real and the technological, the material and the digital, it brought me to think of fashion, and indeed our overall culture's, obsession with technology taking over.
21 November 2014

The Look: Tropical Sunset

Dress: Mink Pink
Necklace: Lovisa
Sunglasses: Dress Link

It sounds strange, but this dress, to me, is on just the right side of tacky. As Karl Lagerfeld once said 'trendy is the last stage before tacky' and I think this dress sums up that statement. With chains, a crazy pattern and a bodycon shape, any more details would of made me look like a Mexican stripper. But I love it! 

Pairing it with a bohemian chunky necklace makes it more hippy, less strippy. I'm not normally a 'bodycon' type of girl as I have quite a curvy figure but I just adored the crazy pattern on this one; it's like the entire 'Saved By The Bell' TV series immortalized on one crazy dress.

These pictures were once again taken by my lovely boyfriend on our trip to Magnetic Island. We 4WD'd up a dirt track to a private beach on the west side of the island to experience this magnificent sunset. 

To put a smile on your face, here's some little cuties we saw on our trip:

17 November 2014

The Look: Underwater Wonderland

Beneath the Ocean in North Queensland, Australia, comes a uniquely breathtaking, majestic universe...

As we get older, we learn to face up things we fear. This weekend, on my 24th Birthday: I faced two of them... 
Number one: Being underwater. A few years ago I had a scuba diving accident that turned my love and admiration of being underwater to something that haunted me at night. The stunning Great Barrier Reef helped me to overcome this fear. It feels like you have been transported to a dream world; it's so peaceful and everyday worries of the real world just seem to drift away. On Friday I also fully submerged myself underwater for the first time since my accident and took these underwater pool shots; which brings me to my second, 'fear'. Not so much a fear, but a huge discomfort, is my body in a bikini, having struggled with body image for most of my adult life. Never when I first started this blog did I imagine posting pictures of myself in my favorite swimwear, but I thought 'what the heck! You only live once!'

Enough about me.... I bet you guys want to hear all about the stunning little corner of the world in which these pictures were took. 

For my birthday my partner Jake took me to Magnetic Island, a beautiful tropical island in North Queensland off the coast of Townsville. Think tropical sandy beaches, stunning koala-dotted hinterland and the reef just a short boat ride away. It's an absolute mecca for animal lovers: I saw wild koalas, rock wallabies and even petted the cutest little possums. 
To sum it up in one word: paradise!

Where's your favourite holiday destination?

11 November 2014

#NoMakeup #TheTruth

It’s 7PM on a Thursday afternoon and I sit down to enjoy a relaxing dinner with some guests.

‘Are you feeling alright Rachel?’, I hear.


‘Oh, its just that you look sick.’

My face drops.

‘Nope, I’m just not wearing any makeup’, I respond, attempting to sound as un-resentful and bitch-free as possible.

Newsflash: I’ve been at home all day writing, I have not left the house. Since when was it some sort of tedious crime to not wear makeup?

I scrunch up my face on the inside and eat my potatoes, my confidence feeling a little bit withered in the meantime. 

I know I’m not exactly a supermodel without makeup; I have pretty bad acne scars, looming dark circles and, as a natural blonde, my eyebrows and eyelashes cease to impress without cosmetic help.

analyne mccord no makeup

Above: 90210 star Analynne McCord knows the problems of being naturally light haired.(Photo from

But I find myself getting constantly reminded of how I fall beneath the bar when I bear all.

Surely it’s not just me….

I did some research and the results are pretty appalling: forum upon forum of young women facing the exact same problem.

An anonymous commenter on Vogue’s forum admits that: ‘Once I went to work with nothing on and my boss came up to me and said, "You look absolutely terrible. What's wrong with you?" (And believe me, it wasn't in a concerned sort of way...)’

Whether these comments are out of concern or out of poor evil; they leave us feeling like someone’s stabbed a little at our self-confidence.

Take, for example, mega-blogger Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller) whose makeup free look was harshly referred to as f*** ugly by a male associate.

Apologies, world: we cannot all be Adriana Lima.

adriana lima no makeup

(Photo from

What makes this issue a hundred times worse is the recent rise in #nomakeup selfies in the past couple of years. Remember all those selfies that were done for breast cancer? (An amazing cause!)  How many ‘no makeup’ selfies did you scroll through where you could spot a slick of mascara or a dab of foundation here or there?


Surely, as a cause for a female-beneficial charity, we should have felt brave enough to bare all to help our fellow sisters?

Why not?

Because we would have been judged. 

Our masks are down and we fear those questions: ‘did you sleep last night’, ‘are you hungover’ or ‘are you sick’.

Because, although many of these may have been out of pure concern, they still make us feel like our natural beauty falls inadequate. 

The truth is, without makeup, most of us are Katy Perry’s:

katy perry no makeup

 (Photo from

Yes: we have bags under our eyes, maybe a few wrinkles here and there and OF COURSE our eyes are not as beautifully defined as when we are donning half a ton of eyeliner.

But we are still full-of-life, sexy women.

Own it!

P.S: If this post was too rant-y for you, here's a topless picture of Ryan Reynolds! Enjoy!
ryan reynolds topless

8 November 2014

The Look: Casually Embellished

Who on earth made up that silly fashion 'rule' that sequins and embellishments should be left until after dark?

Lets scrap that.

Sequins and embellishments can be casual.

Today I dressed down my super-embellished pearl and sequin cami with a scuba blue skater skirt and Birkenstock sandals. The casual fabric and blocked colour of the skirt turned a shirt that would be considered very dressy into something that's suitable for the day time.

Here's a few tips and tricks on how to wear embellished items during the day:

  •  Tuck an embellished shirt into a high-waisted skirt, trousers, shorts or jeans.
  • Limit the rest of your items to solid, block colours.
  • Wear flats, sneakers or sandals.
  • Mix and match with casual textures- such as denim, scuba and knit.
  • Wear heels, even if you would normally consider them 'casual'.
  • Wear patterned items with an embellished items.
  • Wear dressy jewellery.
  • Pair your look with immaculate hair and makeup- think undone and beachy.

What do you think about wearing embellished pieces during the day?

3 November 2014

Quiz: Your Perfect Skirt

Fact: Skirts were invented over 12,000 years ago.

How strange is it to think of our Neanderthal sisters rocking a skirt to their cave dances? (Fancy dress inspo, much?) Less obscure, is the stunning Roman women trying to catch the attention of the star gladiator in their cute tunic skirts.

It's safe to say that skirts remain one of the oldest garments ever worn by the female species and, throughout time, has been used to shape and enhance the female form.

But is your skirt making the most of your figure?

Here's my guide to selecting the perfect skirt to flaunt your stuff in.

Shake it off! Shake it off! Wooo-oooo-hooo!
The Midi Skirt

DO IT: Bottom Heavy Beauties

Not too long, but not too short, this magical length is a pair-shaped girls go to garment this season. Go for a high waist A-line shape to show off that tiny waist. This shape also skims beautifully over your curves, not diminishing them, but keeping them smooth and even. WARNING: Don't go TOO flouncy or full-skirted or it will have an opposing effect, keep the look quite slimlined. Bootylicious Bey looks ready to kick some style ass in this sexy skirt.


DO IT: Slim and Lean Ladies
Interestingly, this shape also works well on slim ladies with a straight up-and-down figure, as the A-line shape adds volume to your booty! Jessica Alba adds curves with a feminine A-line number.  


Petite Lucy Hale is totally swamped by this midi skirt and it makes her legs look totally stump-like and in-proportionate. If your petite and don't want to give the midi a miss, try going for a high-waist shape to elongate the legs. Also: make sure you shop for a skirt that is specifically for petite figures; or get a good friend that can sew to hem your midi for you so it falls just at the top of the calf.


The Assymetric Mini Skirt

DO IT: Petite Pretties

Under 5ft 4? This one's a sure fire hit for you! Slitted numbers or assymetric details will elongate the top of the legs: now you really can look like Naomi! Tall and slim sisters: you can rock this shape too: as the beautiful Karolina Kurkova proves above.


APPROACH WITH CAUTION: Bottom Heavy Beauties

Speaking frankly as a pear shaped sister: my assymetric mini skirts seldom see daylight. Why? They cling in all the wrong places and the slits/ weird hemlines further draw attention to my thunder thighs. But there is a cheat.... skorts! They have the cute detailing of an assymetric mini, but have the added support of shorts underneath and are sans the cling factor!


The Fluted Skirt

DO IT: Boyish Babes
If you want to add a little booty tooch, you don't need expensive implants: hear that, Niki Minaj? A fluted skirt adds volume and detailing around the butt and upper thigh area. Just check out the ass on Olivia Palermo!

Skirt: Forever 21

The Bodycon Skirt
DO IT: Hourglass Hunnies!
Girl: You have a heavenly figure so why not flaunt it in a cute bodycon?! The tight fit shows off that tiny waist and honors your curves in all their glory. 


A little bottom heavy? Try a longer, fitted pencil body con skirt for extra coverage with equal sex appeal! See Kim Kardashian for evidence that this works, big time! 


The Skater Skirt
Suitable for all!
This baby is the bread of the fashion world: it's fab for all body types and is timeless! However, like all bread some is more suitable for some than others.

DO IT: Apple Angels

If you have a bit of a tummy, choose a high-waist skater skirt to gently skim over your curves, whilst balancing out your bottom half. Choose a super flouncy one to echo Lena Dunham's retro vibe!


DO IT: Petite Pretties
As always: high waist is the way! Keep it short to elongate those legs a la Ariana Grande.
FIND OUT NOW!! Take my quiz below to find out what skirt style YOU should be wearing: